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Your Election Opening Thread

I already voted during early voting, which I never have done for presidential elections. I actually like going to the polls on election day. I think I was so tired of hearing about the election, I decided to just get it over with. In any event, I have never had to stand in a line as long to vote for anything. 

I want to thank CNN for bleeping out the word b*%%& at this election rally performance by Jay-Z, unfortunately they left in H(*%. Yep. Yep. Yep. 

Happy Black Woman has an interesting post called Be the President of Your Own Life

I quit the internet for about 96 hours. 



There is an US. There is a THEM: Solidarity is NOT an Excuse to be Stupid

Black women and girls, if you don’t remember anything that I have blogged in 5 plus years, remember this: There is an US. There is a THEM. And that’s OKAY.

There are some people who have no problem with certain members of the Black community making high profile statements are are direct attacks on the health, safety, and wellbeing of Black girls, but the moment Black folks with common sense rise up to condemn these predators and shut ‘em down - spectators who like to sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing start howling. They start whining about “civility.”

What is civil about girls being sexually assaulted? What is civil about violence against Black women and girls. What is civil about the practice of FAR TOO MANY Black men and boys getting one girl in an isolated location and “running a train” ( a euphemism for GANG RAPE)? Where is the civility in telling Black girls that they should not be entitled to  the protection of the laws against sexual exploitation of children because the man or boy exploiting them is more valuable than they are?  

Folks claim that they don’t like to see Black people fight in public.  They demand Black Unity. Unity with what?

Somewhere along the way, Black Unity got corrupted and came to mean Black folks working together so a tiny group of Black folk in the northeast could accumulate wealth, power and influence. We marched so that they could vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and  hang out in the Hamptons. We must be unified in their efforts to wear red bottom shoes, lease  Bentleys, and get an upside down mortgage on a 10 - bedroom  particle board house with a bowling alley in the basement. Black Unity now means that when massive White-run record labels hand out record deals, they UNIFORMLY hand them out to “artists” who want to uniformly rhyme about bullets, booty, and bling. Black Unity means that VH1 uniformly displays the most violent, mentally ill, drug addled Black women they can find and tells the world that that mess is who we are uniformly. 

Black Unity now means that going to jail is a “rite of passage.” Black Unity now means that (yeah I’mma go there) we have uniformly accepted the fact that Black fathers are “optional” - like  AppleCare, or cruise control, or marble counter tops. We have uniformly agreed that Black boys are precious and scarce and we should preserve every one from the clutches of the criminal justice system- even if that means literally sacrificing the lives of the apparently “over abundant” and ubiquitous Black girl.

In the name of this corrupted Black Unity, these cowards hiding behind the cloaks of compromise and civility have demanded that we become silent so the status quo may continue to go unchallenged.  

If you don’t remember anything else I’ve written in 5 plus years, remember this: There is an US. There is a THEM. And that’s Okay. 

Don’t ever be unified with someone who wants to toss you over the side of a cliff. Your life is valuable. Your destiny was not to act as a mule or a footstool for a bunch of Black folks who don’t care about you. You have a God-given right to engage in your own self defense and anyone telling you to sacrifice yourself for their own comfort and profit is your enemy. ENEMY ENEMY ENEMY - repeat that until it rolls off your tongue.  ENEMY! They are your enemy.  They may be Black. They may be women. But if they come for you and yours, they are your enemy. 

If the choice is between your own survival and their comfort and profit - Choose YOU!  Choose YOU! Choose YOU! You can still be unified with other Black people without having to serve as a human sacrifice on the alter of other Black folk’s comfort and profit.

What we do here at What About Our Daughters IS BLACK UNITY! It’s the best kind of Black Unity! It’s a Black Unity based on shared values and not blind loyalty. It is a Black Unity based on selflessness and not selfishness. It is a Black Unity that is based on genuine concern of for the wellbeing of ALL versus the selfish ambition of SOME. 

I will not concede that WE are somehow being disloyal or disagreeable when we call other Black people what they are: ENEMIES of Black Women and Girls.

If you go to Washington, DC or New York City, you can throw a stick and hit a hundred women’s rights or Black women’s organizations.  They hold brunches. They erect statues. They visit the White House. Get nice tickets to the BET Awards. They have budgets, executive directors and staffs. They hold themselves out as champions of Black women and girls and fundraise in our name.

So why then did it fall on a rag tag group of strangers  with no money, no budget, no organization other than a blog and a Facebook page to “educate” the editors of Ebony.com about the dangerous nature of their published views on the rape and sexual assault of Black girls?   And in the almost five years that the Genarlow Wilson mythology has been floating around the Black community, not a single one of these groups has said “Um hey. Wait. This isn’t someone we should be holding up as a hero or role model. He’s no longer in legal peril- let’s keep it moving.” 

You shouldn’t be surprised that now that this latest fight is over folks start coming out of crevices and cracks to offer up critiques. And you should absolutely not be surprised that these folks calling for the protection of the status quo at all costs are other Black women. 

If you are going to be an advocate for Black girls- whether that is on a blog, in a boardroom, in a classroom, in a church, on the street, in your own family, you had better expect that your most vocal opposition will come from OTHER BLACK WOMEN. 

Men may benefit from misogyny and sexism, but WOMEN are the primary enforcers. 


If you are lucky, these women will make their intentions clear. But more often than not, they will work in stealth, cloaked primarily by their gender and misplaced expectations of solidarity from other women.  Solidarity should be defined by shared values, not shared tastes in shoes.The only thing you know about another woman by looking at her is that she’s a woman. Whether  you embark on a journey to save yourself or rescue all of Black womanity, remember-gender is not shorthand for shared values and solidarity is not an excuse to be stupid. 

I was wrong in an earlier post when I posted the famous saying  “First they ignore you- then they mock you- then they fight you and then you win.” It should have been:

First they ignore you.

Then they mock you.

Then they fight you.

Then you win.

Then they whine

Then the bystanders start demanding you compromise and stop being disagreeable. 


Some people don’t like my methods... mainly because they do what I intended them to do - Get results!   The point was to shame and embarrass - they should be embarrassed! The point was to inflict enough discomfort to bring about a change in behavior. The point was to make their choice incredibly clear- you can choose to be an enemy of Black women or not.   The problem is not our lack of civility, but the presence of competence. We’re good at what we do! If we weren’t, you wouldn’t be whining. 

So if you don’t like a bunch of “incivility” between Black folks - I trust that the next time this blog audience identifies a threat to the health and safety of Black girls, you will be the first one picking up the phone to correct the situation over tea and crumpets. 

Because here at WAOD, we believe ---There is an US. There is a THEM. And that’s OKAY.

You can still have Black Unity. Be unified with other Black people who share YOUR values and be willing to go to war with Black people who don’t. Because trust me, they are at war with you whether you chose to acknowledge it or not. 


 One 11-year-old Girl vs 20 Men and Boys ... AND its HER Fault?- Cleveland, TX's SHAME!

22 y.o. Black Woman to 11 year-old Black Girl Gang Raped By 20 Men and boys: "That girl, knew What She Was Doing" (Completely Different Case from the First.)


Washington Post Continues Public Vivisection of Black Women -The Root Joins the Racist ALLA Y'all Are FAT ATTACK- WAOD Readers React to "Black, Fit & Healthy"

Le sigh. Just when we are recovering from Alice Randall's rhetorical terrorist attack on Black women in the New York Times where she declared that Black women are the only fat women on the planet and we are fat because we want to be, now I get an email from the publicist at TheRoot.com announcing that they are going to be launching their own "year-long" series on Black "obesity." Wait. Wait. Wait! NO FAIR. The Washington Post ( The Root's corporate cousin/uncle) Already started a year-long series attacking Black women and their bodies, you mean to tell me y'all are starting the clock over? Now we've got a six-month extension on the Washington Post's public vivisection of Black women? Does everyone associated with the WAPO organization think Black women are like animals at a petting zoo? Leave our hair, our marital status, our butts, our bellies, and our ovaries ALONE!


Per the press release I received:

The Root, an online magazine featuring black news and perspectives, is launching a year-long series on the obesity epidemic among African Americans with an ongoing collection of interviews, articles and analysis.

Please consider linking to the "Black, Fit and Healthy" online series of stories from your web site  here:  http://www.theroot.com/views/features/obesity-conference



We at TheRoot.com are about to spend ANOTHER 12 months featuring stories about Black women's bodies and denigrating them for not fitting some arbitrary ideal of "health." We know that our sister publication, the Washington Post already opened a human petting zoo featuring Black women, but we don't want to be left out of the conversation or the ad revenue. Our entire series will be built around the BMI which is inherently racist because is does not take into account race-based physiological differences.

In addition, we are going to limit the definition to improving health narrowly to weight loss. Who cares if you lose the weight through exercise bulimia, anorexia, or smoking crack- weight is the ONLY thing that matters. Who cares if exercise-alone- can improve health outcomes. We won't emphasize the weight-independent benefits of exercise.

We won't talk about reasonable solutions to improve the wellness of Black women. We will gather together a group of ineffective "experts," who no one listens to,  to tell us that  y'all are all gonna die die die.

We're goign to cash a lot of checks from advertisers and at the end of the year, y'all are going to be just as FAT as ever. Because the only way we know how to address public health is by nagging, ostracizing, and promoting racist junk science and we're too lazy ( just like you fatties) to try something else. 


Now I know some of you are like:

Blogmother, you're fat, so you're biased.

Au Contraire mi Trollopian pest - the irony is that during all of these recent attacks on Black women's bodies in the name of "combating obesity" I've  been shrinking. The less fat I get, the more militantly fat I become. Why? Because having finally experienced some long-term lifestyle changes, I'm ticked off and realize that almost everything I've ever been told about "health" = "weight loss" is a LIE. It wasn't until I told myself that I wanted to run a 5K just for the hell of doing it, no matter how fat i was that I finally figured out the whole "lifestyle" change thing. And I'm still figuring it out.

Reactions from Readers on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page

Alas, nothing brings the clicks and cash like bashing black women, a pastime all that aren't black women can enjoy guilt free, like air popped popcorn (that us fat black women don't eat, because that's too low cal and we don't eat things that aren't fried). Call me when these concern trolls put their money where their mouths are and start up a chain of sliding-scale priced gyms in low income areas with on-site childcare and food co-ops attached. Saidah

 Funny, I don't see anyone in the root's lineup offering to watch someone's kids so they can get some exercise or cook a 'heart-healthy' meal or get extra sleep (sleep deprivation can make weight gain much more likely.) Tawonya

 It is all about ad dollars and not about improving health or wellness. Joy

I will end with this.  

We will not go quietly into the night while this racist BMI-based definition of wellness gets imposed to define our bodies as abhorrent. We will fight you on Facebook. We will fight you on Twitter. From every blogpost to every email. We will fight you in the streets and in the towers. We will fight you in the hills, the valleys, the alleys in front of Salleys... Beauty Supply. Viva la Resistance!!!!.... Oh wait, I'm retiring from blogging... eh hem .. We will fight you until I retire!


#FatBlackAttack! Alice Randall's Husband SUCKS- Alice Randall Throws Black Women Under the Bus to Hock Crappy Book

Oh what is that I see? oh its some more slander of Black women by another Black woman thirsty for attention. Sorry for the sensational, possibly offensive title- I'm just taking my cue from the New York Times.
For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock, Alice Randall, an incredibly privileged Black woman, detonated a cultural car bomb on Black womanity in the New York Times.

She basically said we're ignorant, stubborn, and reckless... "becuz of our menzeses" In support of her attack on we "less privileged" Black women, she offers only anecdotal evidence of her dysfunctional relationship with her husband and her own struggle with self hatred. There is noting more dangerous than a self hating person- if they hate themselves, what do you think they will feel about your. 

If you will recall earlier this year, the Black women who write for the Washington post and the Kasier Family Foundation defamed Black women everywhere.

Our most recent bigoted anti-Black woman carnival barker, Alice Randall, wants the world to know that Black woman are "fat" because we want to be. Mainly to please our parasitic mates who apparently want us all to die die die. 

Because too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be. Alice Randal, Anti-Black Woman Propagandist. 

Did you ever long for the days when we were being publicly dissected because of our marital status, or skin color, hair texture, or the various STDs that must only afflict we Black shebeasts? Apparently fat is the new perpetual single hood. I don't know who opened the door on this most recent attack, I blame Kasier and the WAPO, but suddenly everybody wants the world to know that Black women are just fat fat fat and we're all gonna die die.

How many middle-aged white women fear their husbands will find them less attractive if their weight drops to less than 200 pounds? I have yet to meet one.

But I know many black women whose sane, handsome, successful husbands worry when their women start losing weight. My lawyer husband is one.

Another friend, a woman of color who is a tenured professor, told me that her husband, also a tenured professor and of color, begged her not to lose “the sugar down below” when she embarked on a weight-loss program.

Who are these Black people? She has to be making this up. Sounds like she's been hanging around Huggie Bear. 

Now I know the sheeple will not be able to resist  coming up in here and sharing their "concern" about we fat Black sheBeasts, but I ain't buying what y'all are sharing. Alice Randall didn't write that editorial for Black women. She wrote that editorial so that other people could gawk at us. She wrote it to confirm every nasty negative stereotype about Black women and wellness she could think of. If I was Alice Randall's husband, I would be embarrassed to basically be called homicidal. I mean she's saying we're all gonna die because we're fat and she's saying she's that way because that's how her husband likes her. So she said it, not I.

It is a horrible slander on Black women that we, more than any other group of women, in this country don't give a rip about our health. Sure, we struggle just. like. every. other. group. of women and it's defamatory to imply that we don't give a rip. 

Notice how conveniently the WAPO and Alice Randall ignore the works of

Black Women Do Workout or Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss  or Black Girls Run or Black Women Losing Weight or  as on reader pointed out on the Facebook Fanpage, even some young woman named Buffie the Body has a Youtube workout series and a website called Bodynomics.  (The name used to be Bootynomics, she explained on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page why she changed it.)

IN this video she talks about what her motivation is to stay fit. Notice she doesn't say anything about men.  Also wait for the moment when she speaks about her grandmother.... again, no mention of men.

She actually works out in what appears to be her breakfast room. No Gym required. Ingenious. 

I actually did this exercise in my office swivel chair and you definitely isolate your glutes and make it difficult to sit back down your office chair :) 

 HA! I bet y'all never thought you'd see a positive mention about someone called Buffie the Body up in here, but her videos are actually pretty good. I love the fact that she's not hyperactive and over the top bubbly. She's like- this is what you need to do and if it hurts you need to go sit down somewhere. She should do a  workout DVD. All you "concerned" anti-fat bigots need to help fund the production of Buffy's workout videos.

There is so much wrong with this current assault on the incredible Fat Black Womanicus - first there is the imposition of an arbitrary definition of health based solely on  weight.  There is the coupling of exercise with weight loss when it should be tied to wellness. There is the over reliance on the junk science of BMI. All black women aren't fat. All fat women aren't Black- the majority of fat women aren't Black. Just because you deem another woman fat doesn't mean she's not fit.

Then there is the lunacy that attacking, shaming, nagging, irritating, annoying, judging fat people will lead to successful health outcomes. How about all you concerned anti-fat bigots try the tactics of sisterhood, camaraderie, competition,  fellowship ? Or heck what ever happened to how much FUN some movements can be? But no, it's always shame shame shame. Judgement. judgement. judgement. How's that working for the fat haters?

When can we start talking about how hopelessly single Black women are again? Remember the good old days of the Great Unmarriagable Black Womanicus Singlesaurus?

And to all the concern trolls who can't miss an opportunity to feel morally superior to another woman by hiding about behind "health" concerns, have a seat. If fear was a motivation to wellness, then we wouldn't still be writing these articles. 

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