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Kanye West Lynches Women in Latest Video- A Desperate and Sick Display

 New Year same old lame crap out of the Hip Hop industrial complex. 

So Kanye West finally released another work of "art" the video for his song "Monster." As is his theme lately, everyone is out to get him. Poor Kanye West. Yeah yeah. Apparently he's concluded that since he has experienced tragedy  he's entitled to engage in self-destructive and predatory behavior in perpetuity. We all know that an essential ingredient to  "artistic expression" in hip hop  is violence against women. What else is new?yeah yeah yeah.

You know what would be REVOLUTIONARY? If these vile little creatures could manage to be creative WITHOUT misogyny. Now THAT would truly be cutting edge.   I won't display it on my blog but here is a still accompanied by a  summary of the video.  Yes, I took a still because surely some corporate entity is going to say "Hey, we're down with the whole misogyny thing you Hip Hop folks have got going on, but we feel its a bit MUCH."



  • The video opens with the rotound Rick Ross lounging in a chair as women who have been lynched dangle lifelessly from their necks. I know that historical ignorance is a prerequisite for sucess in the modern rap world, but surely there was somebody over the age of two that might have said "Um hey. This kinda looks like a scene out of the Jim Crow south."  
  • We are next greeted by Mr. West engaged in an act of implied necrophilia, in bed with two dead women. 
  • Then Beyonce's drug dealing husband dancing in front of a naked dead woman in the background. NO. I'm. Not. Making. This. Up. These idiots actually made and distributed this video. 
  • Then Kanye West  Is lounging against a wall holding a severed head. A Man's head? No. Of course not. Only women can be the objects of hip hop's violent rage. 
  • Oh wait. Its not all men. Theres Onikka or Nikki Minaj and she's there torturing someone. A man? OF COURSE NOT. Only women can be the objects of hip hop's violent rage.
  • Then the video concludes with  a dead woman falling across Kanye West's lap. I guess that's implied necrophiliac fellatio. The end.

 And what was the media's response?

The Rolling Stone's Mathew Perpetua compared the video to Michael Jackson's thriller. 

The video for Kanye West's latest single "Monster" is like the rapper's answer to Michael Jackson's classic video for "Thriller" — but instead of dancing zombies, he gives us undead, barely dressed and occasionally dismembered models.

Notice how the violence against women just rolls off of Mr. Pepetua's tongue. I guess he thinks they deserved it because they are models. 

Really? Don't remember women being tortured and killed in Thriller. 

For those who thought my necrophilia reference was a stretch, I'm not alone. The folks over at MTV noticed too:

West and company appear in some pretty gory scenes. 'Ye raps alongside a lifeless body, spitting the words to his rhymes while trying to romance a pasty corpse.

Simon Vozick-Levinson of Entertainment Weekly has a clue:

These are intentionally ghastly images, meant to disturb. In addition to being a fantastic posse cut, “Monster” is all about ugliness. West’s chorus proclaims that “Everybody knows I’m a motherf—ing monster.” Now you can see that metaphor played out quite literally. But to what end? Images of models who look like they’ve been murdered are nothing new in the fashion world. America’s Next Top Model centered a whole episode around this morbid theme in 2007, drawing deserved criticism from feminist commentators. Jezebel.com elaborated on“The Problem With Fashion’s Obsession With Death” (link contains NSFW images) over a year ago. Glamorizing violence against women this way as we enter 2011 isn’t just potentially pretty offensive to a lot of people — it’s played out and boring. I expect better from an artist as boundlessly creative as Kanye West.


YAAAAAWN! Kanye, we get it. You're a poor tortured soul and its all Taylor Swift's fault that you stormed on stage as a drunkard and broadcast your ignorance to the world.  . blah blah blah.  You need attention so you are intentionally courting controversy. Blah blah blah. poor Kanye.

As I stated in my Blackvoices piece, Kanye West, Heal Thyself, this is a man in crisis. He's in a death spiral at the end of which somebody is going to end up dead. Most likely a woman. This isn't "art" these are the public musings of a sociopath and y'all are too intoxicated by the cult of celebrity to realize it. 

Sometimes art is art and sometimes art is  a public expression of a sociopath's inner thoughts and a signal to RUN not walk  in the opposite direction. 

Just know that if a White male artist made a video with Black people dangling from ropes and chains from the ceiling ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE! No don't expect the civil rights industrial which has a long history of opposition to lynching to speak out about this.  Afterall, only women are lynched in Kanye's video and apparently that's A-okay with some of y'all! 

Happy Freaking New Year! 


Rihanna Thinks Victims of Crime Appear "bitter, pitiful, spiteful and angry!""

Well golly gee! Apparently Robyn Rihanna Fenty thinks that crime victims who don't "move on" fast enough after being beaten within an inch of their lives appear Bitter, Pitiful, Spiteful and Angry. Not only does Ms. Fenty think this, but she's passing along this sage advice to her young fans via Twitter.  Apparently her "fans" really want her to stop discussing the "incident" and by incident I mean Chris Brown punching biting and kicking her and then leaving her on the side of the street. Because apparently there is an expiration date at which point victims of intimate partner violence should be quiet. 


greenangeleyez1: I luv u bt it's time u stopped talking about the situation with chris in interviews. How r people gonna move on?  

Rihanna responded 

AGREED! People won't stop askin abt it! Its f*ckin annoying! Nobody wants to relive that, but some ppl can't respect that! 

"I get it, they wanna raise awareness to young girls," "But it ends up just makin me look bitter, pitiful, spiteful and angry!"


To which Blogger Necole Bitchie said


HELLO! hopefully this is the last time....

To which I say um NO, hopefully this isn't the last time. 

Well no wonder Black women are three times as likely to be KILLED by their significant others.... we apparently think talking about the victims of violent crime gets old.... but let somebody go to jail for beating shooting stabbing...... OR purchasing automatic weapons DESPITE the fact that they are convicted felons and folks holding candle light vigils fifteen years later and printing up T-shirts.

You can read my response to Rihanna's comments over at Blackvoices ("When Silence is Platinum: Rihanna Taks a Bow on Domestic Violence"), and please leave a comment over there because I'm swimming upstream against foolishness over there.