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And I Bid You Adieu

Posted by Faith of Acts of Faith In Love and Life blog

Thank you Gina and WOAD readership. Guest-blogging here has been an experience that I've yet to unpack. I have learned a lot and being challenged at holding certain principles was the only way to know for sure I was willing to maintain them.

I think I was able to add a certain dimension and unique perspective as a contributor. I will happily return to participant status. I appreciated the opportunity to address a larger blog audience and hope others are able to gain new insights that will benefit them.

Yes - my focus was on challenging the status quo, identifying allies, accountability and other steps that would assist the necessary mindset reorder that will help black women and girls. It is one that I - as are many others - working through as we speak. With all due respect to those that took issue with how I managed the comment threads it was not my goal to become everyone's best friend or allow dissenters to have free reign to add to the confusion many of us are working through. Putting pen to paper fingers to keyboard was a great way to suss things out.

This battle for our very lives is being waged and many are asleep at the wheel - or about to drive off a cliff!!

We will need to be even more diligent at identifying escape routes, outright enemies and fence-sitters who could block our paths. We don't know who our real allies are until they've been tested.

This is not the time for hand-holding, coddling, obfuscation or allowing further confusion, denial and deflection to take over.

My goal was to share some of the things I've learned and get people out of their comfort zones. We have a closing window of opportunity to secure our health and well-being, build alliances and get rid of disordered thinking. The ones who will be victorious are those that seek to save themselves and align themselves with other like-minded individuals.

Onward and upward!!

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