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NAACP Attempts to Cover up Pro-Rapist Record- After Ohio NAACP Leader Attacks the Steubenville Rape Victim

"The NAACP advocates strongly for a society where victims of rape and sexual assault came come forward and seek legal redress without further retribution from the community, media or society at large.” - NAACP Department of Damage Control
An NAACP leader in Ohio went off script and blamed the Steubenville rape victim for her own rape:
Royal Mayo, a lifelong resident of the Ohio city that gained national infamy following the rape of the girl by two Steubenville High School football players, says that attention should be focused on the role of the young woman, whom he calls the "alleged victim," saying she was drunk and wanted to go out with one of the football players. He also claims that other teens involved in the incident were let off easy, because they were "well-connected." International Business Times. 
Read the whole article, it's a doozy and completely CONSISTENT with our prior dealings with the NAACP in their campaign to gurantee that no Black rapist is ever punished for their violent criminal acts. Most of you have never actually read the NAACPs policy objectives- but they are definitely NOT in the interests of Black women and girls who live under the tyranny of violent oppression via criminals. 
Anyone who has been reading this blog knows good and darned well that the NAACP is pro-rapist, first foremost and dayum near always. The only reason they  issued a statement so quickly in this case is that the Steubenville victim has more public support than the Black women and girls the NAACP typically tries to throw under the bus to protect rapists. 


Genarlow Wilson
The NAACP gave Genarlow Wilson an AWARD after Mr. Wilson, much like Ma'lik Richmond videotaped himself violating an uncoinscious Black girl in Douglasville,GA.
I'd call that pro-rapist.


Dunbar Village - Dunbar Village- Dunbar Village
The NAACP refused to comment on the racist acts of the West Palm beach housing authority which left a grounp of Black women terrorized by roving gangs of criminals and ultimately resulted in a brutal gang rape and torture of a single Black woman and her child. Richard McIntyre of  NAACP HQ told me "Black on Black crime is not part of our mission."  Y'all remember that mess?


Then a few months later, the NAACP local branch organizes a rally in the Dunbar Village case... on behalf of the ten boys who raped and tortured the single Black mother.
That's pro-rapist. 
23 Black bloggers, both men and women, basically rallied to melt their switchboard at NAACP HQ to get them to relent.
Here is a podcast where I confront the Florida State President of the NAACP about their immoral acts in the Dunbar Village case. 
Listen to internet radio with Gina The Hostess on Blog Talk Radio
BTW I should have gotten an Academy Award for my performance on that podcast. It's also one of the few remaining places you can hear the original audio from the rally they organized for the Dunbar Village rapists.  "We will not be held accountable." - Richard McIntyre, NAACP Spokesheeple


History of Conodoning Sexual Exploitation of Women
Two out of the last 4 NAACP presidents have left under a cloud of sexual abuse after they used their position and power to turn the women who work at NAACP national headquarters into their personal Harem.  
That's a pro-sexual exploitation agenda. 
Lexington Kentucky - Black Boys Victims
And then there is this from a WAOD reader regarding a serial rapist in Lexington Kentucky:
In 2011 the NAACP in Lexington KY gave an award to man who was CONVICTED of raping boys in this city. After being released they gave him a pioneer award. NAACP chapters are equal opportunity offenders regarding the feelings of those who are victims of rapists. WAOD Facebook Page
So noted!
What many of you don't know is that the NAACP has a national agenda to make sure that no Black male predator is ever incarcerated for any reason... even if the victims of the predators are largely Black people. They don't care. They are anti-incarceration. Period.
I guess they think the government should send the gang rapists and murders to a unicorn city in the clouds. Most of the NAACP activists at the National Headquarters don't actually live in the neighborhoods where these criminals are waging war on ordinary citizens. So its easy to crank out papers about incarceration when you're not catching hell from free roaming violent criminals.