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Inauguration Open Thread

Photobucket I'm not going to even bother trying to talk about anything OTHER than the inauguration of Barack Obama today :) Besides, we've got our hands full over at Michelle Obama Watch waiting on the big reveal of her ball gown. Enjoy today and marinate on this cover from The Nation. It features barack Obama and famous figures throughout history. Its pretty neat trying to pick everybody out of the illustration. iIwish they had it for purchase. The Nation has posted an answer key to help you figure out who is who.

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Michelle Obama Named "American of the Year"

I was going to write about Oprah Winfrey being over 50 years old, yet still at war with her body, but I decided that my imaginary Auntie deserves a "multimedia" response from all the little Black girls of America who've been hoodwinked, brainwashed and psychologically scarred by watching Oprah's body image disorder play out on national television over the past 20 years.  Anywhoo. I did want to applaud DeWayne Wickam of USA Today for Awarding Michelle Obama the American of the Year award. She deserves it! I don't care what anybody says, nobody. NOBODY too the hits that Michelle Obama took over the past 12 months, not even the candidate and she's held up well.

Perhaps in the most poignant point of the article, Wickham’s writes: “She is the well-educated black wife and mother that Hollywood won’t acknowledge and much of white America hasn’t discovered.” In a nutshell, Wickham’s statement translates into black women being unseen by some and purposely ignored by others. Either way, First Lady Elect Michelle Obama opened a dialogue that challenges mainstream media hunger for broadcasting black women in varying degrees of negative light. And clearly she can’t be ignored. Michelle Obama Watch
Thanks to Hawa from Facking Truth for the report.

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