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Sherrilyn A. Ifill Washes Ben Jealous' & NAACP's Dirty Laundry

So the NAACP finally went to find a Black woman who would do their dirty work for them. I am supposed to be on Blogcation today, but I could hardly ignore an ATTACK POST via the TheRoot.com dedicated ENTIRELY to this tiny little blog via some woman who claims to be an attorney named Sherrilyn A. Ifill.  I say claims to be a lawyer because she's a dim bulb indeed.

In a post about "Canabalizing" Black leaders, apparently Sherrilyn A. Iffil thinks that Black leaders are being devoured by US?  Really? All I see are a bunch of "CIVIL RIGHTS" leaders who keep getting richer while the Black middle class languishes. They fly in private jets. They are feted at nice restaurants. They get hefty salaries and write books and get obscene "speaking fees" while we languish.

Is Ben Jealous embarrassed? I would certainly hope so, but he'll be alright, he's got a lot of perks to console him.

What is most disturbing about this delusional woman is her enthusiasm to marginalize and ridicule advocacy related to combatting violence against women.  She sees the Sherrod incident as an aberration. WE see it as part of a long-standing pattern by the NAACP.

Men have such little work to do when there is a line of women who will volunteer for the job.

But using the Sherrod incident to open a barrage of unrelated criticism of Jealous, designed to do little more than malign him and the NAACP, is selfish and silly. The Root

The fact that she dismisses the concerns about Dunbar Village, the NAACP throwing a press conference on behalf of the  violent gang rapist of another woman and her child, just demonstrates that this woman just doesn't care about other Black women and girls... or not as much as she seeks the approval of men.

Most HYSTERICAL about her call for an end to the post-Sherrodgate finger pointing is that WE'VE. MOVED. ON!

We haven't posted about this in over a week, which by blog standards is a lifetime.  She's the one bringing this up LATE and LOUD. It must have taken her two weeks to get her words together.

Ms. Ifill, keep playing the role of washer woman.  You need to increase your pace however because when it comes to abusing, misusing, marginalizing, raping, torturing, and killing Black women we fully intend to hang the dirty laundry out for ALL the world to see.

P.S. This woman is none too bright as well. Any SANE person could see that the "Snookered" store is a work of SATIRE. If I really wanted to sell t-shirts, I would have exported the image at a higher dpi.  Its so tiny it looks like a postage stamp on a T-shirt.  Mr. Dreyfuss, you really need to hire people with some common sense. This woman is one egg short of a dozen.  This is the internet Ms. Ifill.... its called SNARK and we're proud of it.