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While the World Is Watching Maryville Please Throw a Passing Glance At The Genarlow Wilson Enablers - Tom Joyner, Ebony.com, Zerlina Maxwell, Cynthia Tucker, Javita Moore and other Powerful Black People Supporting A Predator. 

Its interesting seeing mainstream media rally around the victims in the Maryville case, in the same way that they rallied around the victim in the Steubenville case. I don’t begrudge those girls public support. It’s heartbreaking to read story after story of young girls killing themselves after being assaulted and having their peers savage them. But I would like to take time to remind everyone reading THIS blog, that for black women and girls, our reality is VERY DIFFERENT. 

We don’t have powerful Black institutions willing to speak out against sex predators within our own community. In fact, in a case very similar to the Maryville and Steubenville cases,  the powerful institutions of the Black community supported a convicted predator who engaged in the same behavior- Yep. Yep. You know what time it is- It is time for me to once again mention Genarlow Wilson. 

Mr. Wilson  repeatedly had sex ( along with his friends) with a drugged teenage girl and then went to the hotel room next door and had an underaged girl perform sex acts on him. I’ve acquired the trial transcript and Mr. Wilson and his buddies repeatedly dragged the girl off of a bed and took her into a bathroom and violated- as if she were a party favor. He videotaped his hijinks.  He went to prison, was released 8 years early and went on to received awards from the NAACP, a scholarship from Tom Joyner, and a glowing expose on Ebony.com where they called the child rapist, “Glorious.”

And for this Mr. Wilson received an AWARD from the NAACP:

And I’m not talking about what The Black Elite Establishment did a decade ago. I’m talking about what they’ve done in the last 12 months:



To those who are engaged in online vigilantism in response to this latest story out of Maryville, I say the following:

Women and girls shouldn’t have to rely on vigilante justice. In a way, soothing ourselves with the delusion that a wave of online rhetoric can take the place of the rule of law is a concession that we are somehow not entitled to the full protection of the law. We are!

This is also an opportunity to revisit the conversations you have with boys about consent. Yes, you can still be a rapist if the girls is yelling and screaming and clawing your eyes out. Yes, you can still be a rapist if the girl( or boy) is not legally capable of consent. Rape is about power and where an imbalance  of power exists either due to age, physical strength, social status, occupation, wealth, mental capacity or any other factor, “No means no” - is the start of the conversation not the end”

And remember this- no matter how much garbage the Tom Joyners of the world crank out--- the people responsible for rape are the rapists.