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Reason #517 To Delay The Wedding (Ray Rice and Janay Palmer): The Groom Just Got Indicted for Beating Up the Bride

I'm not going to even try to get inside the mind of a woman who chooses to marry a man who beat the hell out of her ON VIDEO and who got INDICTED for doing so. For people who are saying that the only reason Janay Palmer married Ray Rice is for money, you're wrong.

I know of women who stayed in violent relationships with men who were completely broke. Clearly, Janay Palmer has the right to stay in whatever relationship she chooses. Ray Rice, however, doesn't have the right to beat her up.And the Baltimore Ravens are a wretched organization for running interference for Ray Rice.

The Ravens released a statement Thursday that read: "This is part of the due process for Ray. We know there is more to Ray Rice than this one incident." ESPN

You would have thought you learned you lesson from the Patriots' Aaron Hernandez debacle.

At first I thought they got married th day after he was indicted so that he could invoke spousal privilege and keep her from testifying, but apparently New Jersey has an exception to the spousal privilege rule. They maynot need much testimony if it is true that they have Ray Rice on video throwing an uppercut.

The public will certainly get a clearer picture if the full video reportedly in the police's possession ever sees the light of day. One witness earlier told Deadspin that Rice threw an "uppercut," while another said he hit Palmer "like he [would punch] a guy." Deadspin

Janay, he's going to hit you again. Probably when the counseling sessions and the criminal trial are over. But a man who upper-cuts a woman and knocks her out needs far more than couples therapy.

Janay, make sure you've made out your will and selected a proper guardian for your daughter because NFL players have a well established history of killing the mothers of their children, just ask the families of  Cherica Adams, Kassandra M. Perkins, and Nicole Brown Simpson.