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Your Election Opening Thread

I already voted during early voting, which I never have done for presidential elections. I actually like going to the polls on election day. I think I was so tired of hearing about the election, I decided to just get it over with. In any event, I have never had to stand in a line as long to vote for anything. 

I want to thank CNN for bleeping out the word b*%%& at this election rally performance by Jay-Z, unfortunately they left in H(*%. Yep. Yep. Yep. 

Happy Black Woman has an interesting post called Be the President of Your Own Life

I quit the internet for about 96 hours. 



Beyonce's Drug Dealing Husband Repents from his Woman Hating Ways??

A couple of weeks ago, a publicist ( bless his heart) contacted me about promoting a video message prepared by rap artist and unrepentent drug dealer Jay Z on behalf of a group called Headcount. This is what I wrote back to the publicist:

As my blog is against the objectification and dehumanization of Black women, I will not be promoting anything featuring a former drug dealer who physically assaults Black women in public and calls them b*tches and ho's.  It is unfortunate that HeadCount chose to partner with a black woman hating misogynist. 

The fact that he was a woman hating misogynist never stopped unrepentant drug dealer turned husband to Beyonce,Jay-Z, from getting endorsement deals with Microsoft... afterall, Black women don't buy computers [NOT!] so who cares if the Bing spokesperson engages in gender-based hate speech? Jay Z recently gave an interview to Rolling Stone where he indicates some regret about his woman hatred. Not really. 

This is what they had to say over  at The Black Snob:

Jay settled down, got serious and got married. Although I'm not a big Jay-Z fan*, even I could tell the tone of his music had changed over the years. A lot of the misogyny that shows up in some rap music comes from the fact that you've got a bunch of dudes trying to one-up and impress each other. If that means you have to do a few verbal drive-bys on some women, who cares? Ha ha. It's supposed to be funny. If you're not a "bitch" you shouldn't care. Ha ha ha, some more. Then you grow up and you have that epiphany (if you're lucky) and you realize that you don't need to take a dump on all women to make yourself feel better. And you don't like it when other people say mean things about the women you love. Black Snob

Really Snob? He's grown? Has he really? Um have you seen these lyrics from a current song playing on the radio called Hot Tottie? This is what Beyonce's husband said... not ten years ago...TODAY:

We did it Indian style, had the girl speaking In tongues. She like, 'Young, you hung. What you done done?' Stop it 'fore you wake up my mom. I might (???). Now that I’ve arrived it’s time that you go… I’m so cold. I’m so cold." Hot Tottie

 Yeah, that makes me want to go do a search on Bing.  I can feel the repentance all the way over hey-ah where I'm inline to purchase a time share in the Brooklyn Bridge.