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The Little Narcissist That Could- Genarlow Wilson's Jailhouse Letter: Why My First Post About Genarlow Wilson Should Have Been My Last

I want to thank each and every reader who contributed toward the Genarlow Wilson trial transcript fund. I had to pay $1 per page and your support was invaluable. I have now read ALL of the testimony in this case and know more about every person involved than I ever wanted to know. 

I first wrote about Genarlow Wilson back on August 7, 2007. I wrote about Genarlow Wilson before I ever wrote about Dunbar Village. In fact, I edited the Genarlow Wilson post to add the horror of the Dunbar atrocity. While my writing on Dunbar Village tapered off after the conviction of the first set of gang rapists, my writing about Wilson has continued--- and not by choice. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Wilson's crimes, read: Your Genarlow Wilson Refresher Course: You're Not Entitled to Your Own Facts.

My point for SIX YEARS has been that A) Genarlow Wilson is NOT a hero and B) What about concern for the lives of the two girls in this case? Heck, we  had to fight to restore LM, the 17-year-old girl back into the narrative after she was systematically written out. 

I have been forced to repeatedly write about Wilson because Genarlow Wilson's supporters are pathological liars. They lie about the tiny facts. They lie about the major facts. The entire mythology of Genarlow Wilson is based on repeating the same lies over and over again.  Most distressing I have been forced to write about Wilson because Black women journalists have ABUSED the powerful platforms they control to  a keep pushing the lies. 

Kierna Mayo and the team at Ebony.com ( Genese Cage, Jamilah-Asali I. Lemieux and Geneva S. Thomas)  outright lied about Mr. Wilson's criminal history.  When corrected about their error, they stood firm until this blog audience made them cave like  like an undercooked souflee. Cynthia Tucker, who once was a critical thinker, drafted a gratituous fairytale about Wilson's "redemption". Javita Moore repeatedly lied in a recent interview about whether children can consent to their own rapes. Perhaps Chandra R. Thomas is the most disturbing for her description of Wilson in a jailhouse interview. Was she writing a story about a crime or erotica?

He’s wearing a tan prison jumpsuit; the sleeves of his cream-colored thermal undershirt cover his coppery arms, exposing only his hands. The hairs of his slight moustache encircle his full lips". Chandra R. Thomas - writing about convicted sex offender Genarlow Wilson

Creepy- I know. Who the hell writes about a rapist's lips? And why was she staring that attentively?

The irony that the primary proponents of the Genarlow Wilson myth and the attempt to throw Black women and girls under the bus have been Black women who purport to be engaged in the act of journalism. I searched, there aren't any post-release articles in a mainstream publication written by Black men. Of course there is the exception of Tom Joyner who has his own personal reason for identifying so closely with Mr. Wilson

Here you can watch Tom Joyner invoking Genarlow Wilson's name when Tom was supposed to be talking about giving a scholarship to a young Black woman- Yes, it's official Tom Joyner is a Genarlow Wilson groupie who probably carries a locket of Wilson around his neck and kisses it gently every night. 

After finally reading the Genarlow Wilson trial transcript,  I couldn’t help thinking that Genarlow Wilson just wasn’t worth six years of blog posts.  He came off as small, petty and entitled. The facts of the case are clear cut.  But alas, the Black Elite Establishment decided that they wanted a registered sex offender and a sex predator to be repackaged and sold as a conquering hero.  And so for years this blog audience has been engaged in a ongoing running battle to beat back the lies of Genarlow Wilson supporters.  A battle that would have been completely unnecessary if Mr. Wilson’s supporters had merely told the truth. Why are they so afraid of the truth?

If you claim that your support of Wilson was based on a desire to correct a sentencing scheme gone amuck, then that would explain the pre-release activism. But what explains the post-release accolades and coddling?

Even before Wilson went on trial, Black  pastors and their congregations rallies around a boy who got together with his buddies and attempted to “stone” a girl to death. They abused her body. Flung her around like a slab of meat. Dragging her back and forth from the bedroom and the bathroom. Literally casting lots on who would get to use the last condom. Used her own clothing to wipe away their bodily fluid as they took turns with her unconscious body and according to testimony, Mr. Wilson declared to the 17 year old girl “You #$&*^ them, now you’re gonna #(*#$(&* ME!”  

 Yep, Mr. Wilson is quite the choir boy. 

Mr. Wilson is not the lamb, he is the wolf. He has always been the predator in the narrative.  And what Christian kindness did the church goers of Douglasville, GA extend to the two victims in this case? The youngest girl was forced to flee the state and move away. The older girl was no doubt ostracized. 

 The transcript arrived as a massive PDF files.  I ignored it all day and waited to the evening. I can’t describe the feeling of clicking open the file. It was like opening a letter from that school you really wanted to get into.  I’d been writing about Genarlow Wilson and his acolytes for over half decade. What if I was wrong? 

I wasn’t. Genarlow Wilson is who I always though he was. If anything, its clear that he has all the hallmarks of a career criminal.  He’s a manipulative sociopath who is well versed in maintaining the veneer of respectability.   

I accidentally ordered a section of the court file that didn’t have the transcript - 90 pages worth! But hidden in the 90 pages I didn’t intend to purchase were two hand-written letters from Genarlow Wilson.  One is to Eddie Barker, District Attorney, dated June 9, 2004. His tone with Mr. Barker was completely different during trial. Shockingly so! But you will notice in those letter  written almost a decade ago, that Mr. Wilson  currently uses the same words and narrative he used back then. 

Nothing is his fault- It's his absent father's fault, or his friend's fault or his circumstances fault, or the guy that damaged his mother's roof's fault. He's a good person- despite the fact that he repeatedly dragged an unconscious girl back and forth from a bed to a bathroom so he could assault her. Even back then he was obsessed with himself.  He still thought that the power of his storytelling would save him. 
The DA was right to conclude he wasn't a "better improved person" because once Wilson got on the stand at trial, he revealed with an entitled disrespectful little twerp he was.
For those of you familiar with jailhouse letters, this is pretty standard fare. He's not even an originaly sociopath, just your run of the mill variety.  Cue a violin--- heck cue an entire orchestra. 

Genarlow Wilson's Letter to District Attorney Barker

P.S. I met Kierna Mayo during blogcation. She still hasn't published the series on rape and sexual assault she promised.