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Your Election Opening Thread

I already voted during early voting, which I never have done for presidential elections. I actually like going to the polls on election day. I think I was so tired of hearing about the election, I decided to just get it over with. In any event, I have never had to stand in a line as long to vote for anything. 

I want to thank CNN for bleeping out the word b*%%& at this election rally performance by Jay-Z, unfortunately they left in H(*%. Yep. Yep. Yep. 

Happy Black Woman has an interesting post called Be the President of Your Own Life

I quit the internet for about 96 hours. 



An Open Letter to Parents re Posthumous Press Conferences- Do NOT Pull a "Joe Jackson"

Dear Parental Unit, I know this goes without saying, but I just want to stipulate the following requests for the record.   In the event that I should predecease you:

  • Under no circumstances is any preacher by the last name of Sharpton or Jackson to be in the general vicinity or camera shot with you at any Posthumous Press conference.
  • Under no circumstances are more than one lawyer allowed to speak on behalf of the estate.
  • Last but certainly not least, under no circumstances are you to use said posthumous Press Conference to promote a record label, a clothing line, fragrance, deluxe grill, bootleg DVDs, rental property, fruit, inkjet toner refills or any other commercial venture.
Eternally Your Child, The What About Our Daughters Commissioner of Chicanery & Foolishness Prevention. PPS. Don't let me see y'all in the audience at the BET Awards either!!! (**leaves to make some revisions to the will regarding disinheritance upon appearance on any BET-related show.**) I thought these things went without saying, but Joe Jackson, Father of Micheal Jackson,  has ruined it for all parents hoping to use a press conference regarding the mysterious death of their children. Katherine Jackson, it ain't 1975 anymore, get cha' boy PLEASE!

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"Ghetto" and Ghetto-er: "The Racial Politics of the Obama Marriage" ( Their words NOT MINE!)

NY Mag CoverEven if Obama is the kind of black politician that middle-American white voters can get behind, the secret fear is that he could be a black Trojan horse with all sorts of passengers like Wright—or onetime compadres Bernie Mac and Ludacris—peeping out from under the canvas. He could be ... Michelle. Or at least what Michelle represents: a smart, angry black person in the White House. Vanessa Grigoriadis, NY Magazine
While still feeling the reveberations from yesterday's post about Jeremiah Wright's nonexistent publishing deal I probably shouldn't cite anything published in New York Magazine for about a month, but this was too good to pass up. I mean who, BUT a liberal media outlet would feel free to equate Black with "Ghetto."
It was before the advent of MTV, so ghetto-speak wasn’t ubiquitous, and kids who liked to slum it with language played with pidgin. NY Magazine
The article is called Black and Blacker: The Racial Politics of the Obama Marriage, Oh yes and it is a doozy. The article is premised on the idea that Obama ain't as "BLACK" as Michelle. I gave an interview that might be coming out in October and I said something to the effect that it has to be horrible to use a spouse against another spouse in an attempt to snuff out both of their dreams. Talk about psychological warfare on a marriage.
The description of the Obamas’ life together displays no evidence of their connections to black culture, especially now that it’s not prudent for them to join a new church before the election. They take pains to make sure their lifestyle is as boring as possible. ....Michelle tells us. “We also love a busy house, which means potluck dinners with our close friends and family as often as we can.” We have little idea of the racial makeup of such potlucks. ...“Michelle can get a little more tense. Before she goes on-camera for interviews, we’d have to give her a couple of minutes to compose herself. She’ll sit down, raise her hands over her head, and go, ‘Ugh, God!’ ” That’s a mask she’s wearing in public, most of the time, and we aren’t sure what is underneath. ...On a rope line, Michelle is boisterous and playful—“You a real sister!” one woman tells her, holding her hand for too long—whereas Obama tends to zip through crowds, with no hand held for more than a couple seconds at a time (to be fair, his Secret Service detail is said to be large and twitchy, owing to concerns that harm may come to him because of the color of his skin). ...But black people realize that Obama is doing what every successful black man in America has to do: flip the script. ...As a black comedian put it, jarringly, at an Obama fund-raiser and comedy workshop I attended recently, “His mom screwed the darkest n*gger she could find in 1969.”NY Magazine
Yes, the title is Black and Blacker and you can thank the President of the SCLC for the title with his "Slave Blood" foolishness. Sisters, let's be clear the message the article is sending when you break it down like a fraction is that Michelle is "Blacker" than Barack and that might not be a good thing.
He moved easily in circles at school where Michelle wasn’t as comfortable, becoming the first black student to helm the Harvard Law Review. NY Magazine
Everything Michelle does in the article is "suspect." Has there ever been a presidential race in your lifetime where the candidate has been pitted AGAINST his own wife? Read this little tidbit about the conclusion of the movie Do the Right Thing, the Obamas' first date:
Do we want to know which side Obama would have been on, outside that pizza parlor in Brooklyn? He likely would’ve tried to talk Sal and Mookie out of a rash act, though there wouldn’t have been time for that. Michelle doesn’t mention the side he favored on their first date. It’s too loaded a question for a transcendental, post-racial candidate. NY Magazine
Now that we are getting closer to Labor Day, these liberal publications are coming out guns blazing. Tell us what y'all are really thinking. I mean how much clearly can you say "Obama might take Black folk's 'side' if he is elected?" Or how to you say "You should be suspicious of Michelle because Black people like her too much"?
To black people, Michelle represents authenticity. It’s hard to overstate black love for her: “The fact that, as a successful black male, Barack did not choose a lighter-skinned woman, as most of them do, sends a message to me,” says a black female supporter at the Pontiac rally. “Michelle is highly sophisticated, yet she comes from the most humble background possible—no one can say she grew up in Martha’s Vineyard and she’s not really black,” says supporter Alicia Nails, a lecturer at Wayne State University, standing nearby. “I’ll tell you my personal philosophy about people: If I want to know who you are, I look at who you sleep with, and who you give your name. When I look at Michelle, Barack doesn’t have to be any blacker for me.”NY Magazine
You have to read the ENTIRE article because it gets worse as you read along to this writer's ultimate conclusion: "White people can't trust Barack because he married a BLACK woman". Because THAT's the main idea consciously or unconsciously from this article. Don't marry a SISTAH or she'll bring to down! Check out the magazine cover at the top of the post. There is Michelle hanging over Barack's shoulder on the "Black" side of the cover. I told y'all it wouldn't be the Republicans pulling the most foolishness between now and November. It's going to be liberal media and they keep proving me right. What's that saying, "A smart enemy is better than a foolish friend" or something to that effect. People who are too ignorant to even understand what they are doing are far more dangerous than those with malevolent intent. Ignorant people don't know what they don't know for someone who opened her article speaking about what white people don't know about the Black middle class, that should have been a sign. Gee thanks for reminding us that to many, a BLACk woman is not a suitable mate for a successful Black man. Thanks a bunch Vanessa Grigoriadis.PhotobucketWhat a convenient conclusion Vanessa to reach, I didn't say a word y'all. I didn't say a word. So you can't say I said it, I just offered you some additional information and you can draw your own conclusions But really you have to read this entire article. It is 6 pages and please read the entire thing twice before you comment. If FOX NEWS had run this as a segment or if the National Review had printed this, y'all would already be marching.

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WAOD Mailbag and News You Can Use: Michelle Obama Makes 'Em Mad- Oprah Starts a Class

Where Are All the Good Black Women?- Of Course Its a Man Asking
"Where Are All The Good Black Women?" I am sure some of you will enjoy this article from across the pond. Read this article and then we can play "Count the Contradictions" in the comments section. Better yet, feel free to respond to Phinn:
Are you a professional woman who thinks Phinn is talking nonsense? Email us your views at: yourviews@gvmedia.co.uk
Oh I love the British!

The Campaign That Never Ends.Continues Never Ending

Machinists Union President Tom Buffenbarger, introducing Clinton, hit Obama in...colorful...terms

"Yes we can? Give me a break," he said.

He also compared Obama with "Janus, the two-faced god" of Roman mythology. He called him "silver tongued" and a "thespian" and "the man in love with the microphone."

"He’s not just a trained thespian, he’s a terrific shadow boxer. You know the type. Outside the ring, he pretends he can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee," he said. "But Barack Obama is no Muhammad Ali. He took a walk every time there was a tough vote in the Illinois state Senate. He took a walk more than 130 times. That’s what a shadow boxer does. All the right moves, all the right combinations, all the right footwork, but he never steps into the ring. He walks away from the fight.” Politico.com

.Despite a plagiarism "scandal" that erupted over whether Obama was lifting language from Massachusetts's Governor, Deval Patrick, Barack Obama won his ninth election in a row in Wisconsin. Texas and Ohio are tightening up. My goal is to collect as much campaign paraphernalia as possible from all four remaining candidates. There are some really cool posters floating around. If you want the 411 on the Texas race, Burnt Orange Report is a good place to start. There isn't another primary like Texas. Clinton can't just beat Obama, she has to clobber him throughout all of the state senate districts to win Texas... MSM will point that out in about two weeks.
Michelle's National Pride Problems
Don't shoot the messenger. Y'all know I am a Michell fan, but this won't be the last time this happens during the campaign, but a portion of a Michelle Obama speech cause a big kerfluffle yesterday. Here is what she said:
"What we have learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback. And let me tell you something -- for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. And I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment. I've seen people who are hungry to be unified around some basic common issues, and it's made me proud."
Well Cindi McCain ( That is John's wife) responded:'
“I am proud of my country,” [she] said at a campaign stop in Brookfield, Wis., Tuesday. “I don’t know if you heard those words earlier … but I am very proud of my country.”

During a follow up press conference, the Arizona senator was asked if they were responding to Michelle Obama and he deferred to his wife.
She responded: “I just wanted to make the statement that I have and always will be proud of my country.” Wonkette.com

OH this will be a fun fun fun general election race if it is the battle of the wives. I know Cindy has a Stepford wife vibe going, but I detected a subtle near head snap-her husband almost appeared afraid of what she would say next. Don't sleep on Cindy. If Bill Clinton will just issue a statement regarding national pride, we'll have a complete set. I expect comments from Bill any moment now. He can't resist!

Well Michelle, y'all ain't the insurgency anymore, y'all are the presumptive front runner. I get what she was saying, but that comment opened you up to analysis like this where the go through all of the stuff that has happened in the years since Michelle became an adult. Yeah, they broke it down like a fraction.Parsing words? Absolutely! Its called the meat grinder that is the campaign to become the leader of the free world.

Oprah Hosting the World's Largest Classroom

I already signed up, but beginning March 3, 2008 for ten weeks, Oprah is going to be hosting an online telecourse covering Eckhart Tolle's, "A New Earth."
For the first time ever, you can join Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, the best-selling author of The Power of Now, as they teach A New Earth in Oprah's worldwide classroom live Monday nights on Oprah.com.

I am going to try to make it to the end of this class, but I can already tell this is going to be TOUGH. I tried reading the first excerpt on the Oprah.com website and it was rough going. Maybe I am too cynical :( I will give it a go and report back every Tuesday morning about my online classroom experience with Oprah. I'm going in with an open mind.

Al Sharpton Bails on Dunbar Village Townhall Meeting

We all can miss a plane or two, but how about calling your grassroots organizer to let them know you are canceling the meeting they worked side by side with you to plan? Not to mention canceling their own planned meeting to accommodate yours.

They were promised a visit from a famous activist who vowed to come to "Dunbar Village" to fight for better conditions. But Monday night, after Reverend Al Sharpton canceled his appearance at the last minute, residents left what was supposed to be a town hall meeting saying there's little left to complain about. WPTV.com
Uh yeah right. Nothing left to complain about. (there is a back story there). I want to say that I am shocked an horrified, but I ain't . Working with members of the Civil Rights Industrial Complex is a very tricky affair- Like juggling rattle snakes blindfolded while riding a unicycle. I've got the bite marks to prove it- some nearly fatal to this blog. When things settle down, I'll break down some of the behind the scenes shenanigans, but as you can imagine, those most connected to the planning are extremely beat down and disappointed.

I fielded a call in the middle of what was left of the chaos that was created. This "changing the world" thing ain't easy. If it was, it would have already been done. There will be setbacks and miscalculations and changes in course. There will be times when you may, understandably want to give up- like when you are surrounded by a bunch of news cameras and residents asking “where in the world is Rev. Al?” Know that your cause is noble and it is as noble now as it was before the meeting and the ensuing chaos. Keep your head up! See, I can be restrained. Aren't y'all proud? Cause you know I can produce a Sharpton diatribe on demand.

John McCain's Campaign Slogan
“I will fight to make sure that Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change”

Wasn't that Bob Dole's campaign slogan? You gone have to come up with something better than that IMHO the optimist typically beats the pessimist.

In Other News

In other news,Ivory coast women want medical treatment for bigger bottoms. Speaking of book club selections, I am sure many of you can't wait to go out and grab this one. “Stupid Black Men” by Larry Elder. For real, y'all need to keep beating me about the head until I finish my first book because clearly you can get published writing about anything. Here is an interesting post called “Where are the Roles for Black Women In Black leadership". It was all going good until they went an mentioned Tiny Tot as an example of Black women in leadership. WAOD readers know how she likes to “lead.” WE'RE DOOMED!!! JK

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Superdelegate Super Drama!: John Lewis Switches,Might BE Switching to Obama- Al Sharpton Threatens to March on DNC Headquarters

Remember last week when I posted about the Tyranny of the Super delegate: Disaster Looms for the Democratic Party?

Here's the problem many of these CBC members are from heavily African American districts. The black vote is tilting heavily towards Obama something like 80-90%. This thing might come down to superdelegates and these CBC members supporting Clinton would be placed in the position of being responsible for thwarting the will of 90% of their constituency AND being held responsible for thwarting an African American to get to the White House. Can you say primary challenger in 2010?

People are passionate about this year's campaign. I could easily see a crop of young pro-Obama democrats running against every CBC member that cast their vote for Hillary Clinton with the campaign slogan "Remember 2008!" You can almost guarantee that there are some young turks out there who would be able to make a strong argument that these CBC members are out of touch. Just this past week, Al Wynn to his Democratic primary opponent, Donna Edwards, whose campaign was given a boost by bloggers and online activists. You can bet that every CBC member casting a super delegate vote for Clinton will find themselves similarly targeted in 2010. So whether Obama wins or loses, he's already changed the game. You've got more young people engaged and interested in a political campaign than I can remember in my lifetime. Do all of the super delegates think that these folks are just going to fade away and say "oh well"? No, they are going to be highly ticked off. Ticked off enough to organize and campaign and aided by the internet, they can probably pull it off.

John Lewis Switches His Support to Barack Obama
Last night I read a post over at Politico.com called "Black superdelegates, torn". They were citing sources from within Representative John Lewis' camp who were saying he was rethinking his early support of Hillary Clinton. Well this morning, the NY times is reporting that John Lewis has switched and will be casting his superdelegate vote for Barack Obama.

“In recent days, there is a sense of movement and a sense of spirit,” said Mr. Lewis, a Georgia Democrat who endorsed Mrs. Clinton last fall. “Something is happening in America, and people are prepared and ready to make that great leap.”

“I’ve been very impressed with the campaign of Senator Obama,” Mr. Lewis said. “He’s getting better and better every single day.”

His comments came as fresh signs emerged that Mrs. Clinton’s support was beginning to erode from some other African-American lawmakers who also serve as superdelegates. Representative David Scott of Georgia, who was among the first to defect, said he, too, would not go against the will of voters in his district.

I predict the same will happen for several CBC members. Jim Clayburn says folks are being moved to tears:

I've seen a superdelegate driven to tears over this. It's a very emotional thing. People who have been waiting for years to vote for a woman or a black find themselves conflicted having to make a choice between the two at one time. That's very, very tough, especially on African American women." ABCNEWS.com
They really don't have much choice. To cast a superdelegate vote for Hillary Clinton when 80-90% of your constituents are not only voting for the other candidate, but emotionally invested in his winning or losing, your asking for a primary challenge, a real one, in 2010. For those who want to lamblast Lewis for supporting Hillary in the first place, in his defense, EVERYBODY was droning on and on about inevitability and whatnot when Hillary was locking in these superdelegate votes. Lewis is a politician, he went where there appeared to be less risk. Now he's re assessed his risk and figured out win or lose, casting a superdelegate vote in favor of Hillary Clinton, despite his constituent's risks is political folly. How are your elected superdelegates going to vote? Have you called to ask them?

Al Sharpton Threatens to March on DNC Headquarters over Michigan and Florida
Man, I said that this thing was headed for disaster last week. One of my friends laughed and said that there would be riots in Denver at the Democratic National Convention...they might be right. Rev. Sharpton says he is going to march on the DNC headquarters in Washington, DC if they seat the Florida and Michigan delegates at the convention. Last week, Julian Bond of the NAACP complained to Howard Dean that not seating the delegates would disenfranchise minority voters. Al Sharpton responded to the contrary kjhgkjh

Yesterday, Clinton's side of the argument got a boost when NAACP chairman Julian Bond wrote to DNC chair Howard Dean to express "great concern at the prospect that million of voters in Michigan and Florida could ultimately have their votes completely discounted." Not seating the Michigan and Florida delegations would remind Americans of the "sordid history of racially discriminatory primaries," Bond said.

This morning, Rev. Al Sharpton sided with Obama, writing to Dean to express the opposite sentiment.

"I firmly believe that changing the rules now, and seating delegates from Florida and Michigan at this point would not only violate the Democratic party's rules of fairness, but also would be a grave injustice," Sharpton wrote. "Changing the rules in the middle of a presidential contest is patently unfair both to the candidates (including Senator Edwards) and to Democratic voters everywhere."

Sharpton said that Bond's argument of disenfranchisement "should have been made many months ago before the decision was made to strip these states of their delegates, and, once the decision was made, it should have been vigorously objected to and contested by those who felt it disenfranchised voters. To raise that claim now smacks of politics in its form most raw and undercuts the moral authority behind such an argument."Political Punch

Now Rev. Al is planning a march...SOMEBODY HAS BEEN READING THIS BLOG!!! For Rev. Al, this is ingenious. IF you recall, I commented on how his window to endorse, or have an endorsement that had any clout had passed. With Julian Bond's letter and this issue over Florida and Michigan, he has found a way to make himself relevant. Before you poo poo and dismiss that statement. Think about this. Neither the DNC nor Barack Obama want the spectacle of thousands of Black folks marching on DNC headquarters so I can imagine folks will be calling him. OF course he will have thousands marching on DNC headquarters with him because he has tapped into the intensity of Black folks enthusiasm over a potential Obama nomination. Al Sharpton can't lose in this case. If he marches, he's the champion of the Black voter. If he doesn't, he is the pragmatic elder statesman who negotiated a compromise. I'm not saying that is why he's doing it, but that is the position he has successfully carved out for himself.

UPDATE: Now Lewis' spokesperson is backtracking:

spokeswoman for Lewis, Brenda Jones, said the Times story and a similar one by
the Associated Press
, saying he was contemplating such a switch,
were inaccurate. Both the Times and AP stories quoted Lewis directly after
speaking with him; he was not available for comment later Thursday. The Obama
campaign also said that Lewis and Obama had not talked recently about a change
of heart.

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