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Blogging in Beyonce' Mode

Long-time readers of the blog may find the title of this post shocking. This blog has long been at the forefront of providing a safe haven for those fleeing  the Cult of Bey. And while we have not written 5,000-word think pieces, we’ve certainly been proud of our record of  not sipping purple drank from the Font de Bey.

My previous Beyonce' Snarkfest:



After the online fracas died down over whether Beyonce Knowles Carter is a feminist ( she may be, but she is also a handmaiden of misogyny), I had to sit back and acknowledge that while we were blogging, tweeting and status updating away our lives, Beyonce managed to produce a 14-track CD and a music video to go with every track, in secret, and dropped the CD casually with an Instagram update. And did I mention she was on tour. Who does that?

So even if I think she and her husband are two grifters who glom on to social causes purely in the name of commerce, I cannot question her work ethic.

In 2014, I posted less than 40 times the entire year. There were months in the first year of this blog when I posted more than 60 times a month ( that’s more than twice in one day). It’s not all Beyonce’s fault. Her album dropped right when I was having a reevaluation of purpose.

The Universe was speaking quite clearly to me. I needed to be doing something else. And with each passing digital outrage or Twitter grievance campaign, I became more and more certain that I was supposed to be doing more. In the past I would have written a blog post about it, but something in me said “No, don’t talk about it, just do it already!”

In the middle of that, 270+ Nigerian school girls were brazenly kidnapped while the world watched .  The internet's response was to fling hashtags at murderous terrorists and thugs. It was surreal. Absurd. Ridiculous! There had to be more than this.  I needed to do more. I needed more options and more strategies and I wanted to reach audiences that wouldn’t stop to read 1000 word think pieces on blogs.

I developed a sense of urgency to do more when ,my goddaughter was born. So “What About Our Daughters?” was no longer academic. Every day the great big bundle of potential that she was born with was going to be hemmed in by destructive and limiting messages about who she could be and what she could do and what kind of life she should feel entitled to.

I wanted her to know that what’s beyond the clouds if for her too. I want her to go to the movies and see her reflection staring back. I want her to know that writhing around on the GRAMMY stage while gyrating on your huzbin’ isn’t the only definition of being an empowered Black woman. And most of all, I did not want to present my world view as a sanctimonious, preachy, drudge. What toddler wants to listen to that?
And since the only person who had these particular visions was moi, I had a duty to produce them.

To that end, I had to learn how to finish things. Because she may be a handmaiden of misogyny and an a social justice grifter, but one thing I cannot say about Beyonce Knowles-Carter is that she doesn’t know how to finish things.

I’ve been holding the blog hostage until I finished things. Until I kept promises that I’d made to myself. Because if I cannot keep the promises I make to myself, I cannot keep the promises I make to my blog audience.

I’ve spent the past 18 months or so asking “What Would Beyonce Do?” And it’s been hard because I was BORN to blog about the events of 2014, but I didn’t jump into the fray (that often) and never in this place.

I called it Beyonce Mode. It made me stop hitting the publish button. It made me ignore emails, tweets and carrier pigeon messages from desperate and delusional Marc Lamont Hill fans. It made me study, study, study and write, write, write - without applause, likes or shares.

I finally finished some things so I can start blogging again.

If you want to know more about Beyonce Mode, I’m giving a free webinar on May 17th at 5:00PM Eastern called Beyonce Mode: How to Run the World Without Running Your Mouth.If you can't beat 'em, don't join them. Study them. Learn from them and then try again.

No seriously, I include a Harvard study and everything.


Black Internet Feminists Embrace Beyonce As One of Their Own:Bottom Power, Bread and Circuses

"Bottom power is not power at all." - Ngozi Adichie

This post if for those of you who recognize that Beyonce Knowles Carter is not some symbol of Black women's empowerment, but an agent and tool of the status quo- She's in a golden cage, but it's still a cage.

So in case you were under a rock, Beyonce dropped a new album last week. She included a partial sound byte from Ngozi Adichie and now the Black Internet Feminist Mafia is pulling out knives and slicing up anyone who dares to disagree with their edict that Beyonce, a woman married to a violent anti-Black woman bigot is a feminist. Cue the nonsense -

 5 Reasons I'm Here for Beyonce, The Feminist (Prepare for foolishness)

Beyonce's New Album Should Silence her Feminist Critics ( More foolishness)

Why White Feminists are Mad at Beyonce

Read the Brawl in the Comments Section Over at Jezebel.

Melissa Harris Perry suffered a cervical hnp from all this neck rolling she did on her show trying to brain wash good men and women with common sense that Beyonce is anything more than entertainment. She declares the album a feminist manifesto.

I don't know if Beyonce is a feminist or not. I'll leave it to the Black Internet Feminists to hand out sorority pens and monogrammed sweaters to whomever they choose.

What I do know is that Beyonce is no friend to the cause of advancement for Black women and girls.

Beyonce isn't a rebel. She's the very definition of the status quo. She benefits greatly from a system that has declared that Black women and girls are nothing more than the sum of their parts and the purpose of our existence is to serve men. Yes, she's powerful, but her power flows through men. And she knows it.

I'll leave it to the Black Internet Feminists to Police their own. We don't deal with social justice brand names around here. You can call yourself whatever you want to- but what are you doing?

Let's talk about Beyonce's stance on empowerment for women and girls.

Let's talk about this guy. His name is Terry Richardson. He photographs Beyonce and directed one of the videos included in her latest Album.He's a pervert and an alleged sexual predato

the photographer has been called out on numerous occasions for doing things like having an intern wear a crown that bears the word “SLUT” or asking for models to touch his penis, Brooklyn Magazine.

Terry Richardson's sexual tastes run to making tampon tea, being called "Uncle Terry," and hand jobs — at least according to one model who says the fashion photographer got naked on set and suggested that she touch his d**k. Jezebel

This is a pattern.

“He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of. They are too afraid to say no because their agency booked them on the job and are too young to stand up for themselves.

“His ‘look’ is girls who appear underage, abused, look like heroin addicts . . . I don’t understand how anyone works with him.”

Rasmussen said: “I told him what you do is completely degrading to women. I hope you know you only [bleep] girls because you have a camera, lots of fashion contacts and get your pictures in Vogue. NY Post

Don't you feel the "empowerment"? there's more

“Of all the fine folks I’ve frolicked au natural for, he’s the only one who’s left me feeling like I needed to take two showers,” writes Jamie Peck on women’s Web site The Gloss. After meeting Richardson at a party a few years ago, Peck, then 19, stopped by his studio for a shoot, where he asked to be called “Uncle Terry” while shooting her nude. On her second visit, she claims, Richardson got completely naked himself, had his assistant take pictures of Peck taking pictures of him, and eventually requested a sex act, “all the while casually mentioning his upcoming Miu Miu shoot with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup . . . and suggesting I come upstate with him and his fab celebufriends.” NY Post

If you want to read more, here's a list of additional stories

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Terry Richardson Again Accused Of Exploiting Models
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Eat the Cake Anna Mae

Let's talk about the empowering lyrics on her song Drunk in Love from Beyonce's violent anti-Black woman husband ( her fans are making all kinds of excuses on this one):

“I'm Ike Turner, turn up/Baby know I don't play/Now eat the cake, Anna Mae.”

Because nothing is more empowering than invoking the memory of Tina Turner being beat up and brutalized by Ike Turner.

Do you feel empowered?

And I'm not going to even go into Beyonce's very narrow definition of sexual "empowerment." Afterall, this is a woman who had to create an alter ego "Sasha Fierce" because she didn't want to own gyrating and flouncing around in her underwear.Hey if you're going to do it, own it- don't create imaginary friends and blame your choices on them.

Ironically for all of their amen-ing and cheering the prospect of Beyonce being one of their own, they missed one of the most important segments of Ngozi Adichie's Ted Talk. Ngozi paused near the end of her talk to discuss "bottom" power - It's at minute marker 26:45 ( I guess the Black Internet Feminists didn't get that far in her talk.

It's a great talk. It's worth the 30 minutes to hear the entire Ted Talk, not just the parts that fit into Beyonce's agenda.

Which brings us to bread, circuses and thirst:

"Bread and circuses" (or bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metaphor for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace,[1] as an offered "palliative. Wikipedia

Some Black women are so thirsty that they have rushed to embrace table scraps and slice and dice anyone who dares to point out that Beyonce has offered Black women and girls NOTHING of substance, only crumbs.

So this post isn't for the Black Internet Feminists- you're wrong on Beyonce - We don't need to discuss that.

This post isn't to the Beyonce stans who don't care about power at all. - She's entertainment- We don't need to discuss that.

This post is for those of you who recognize Beyonce's table scraps, but doubted your own eyes because all of the people who ought to know better were saying otherwise.

"Remember who the real enemy is." Don't Ever "Bow Down" to these thirsty fools.