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#FatBlackAttack! Alice Randall's Husband SUCKS- Alice Randall Throws Black Women Under the Bus to Hock Crappy Book

Oh what is that I see? oh its some more slander of Black women by another Black woman thirsty for attention. Sorry for the sensational, possibly offensive title- I'm just taking my cue from the New York Times.
For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock, Alice Randall, an incredibly privileged Black woman, detonated a cultural car bomb on Black womanity in the New York Times.

She basically said we're ignorant, stubborn, and reckless... "becuz of our menzeses" In support of her attack on we "less privileged" Black women, she offers only anecdotal evidence of her dysfunctional relationship with her husband and her own struggle with self hatred. There is noting more dangerous than a self hating person- if they hate themselves, what do you think they will feel about your. 

If you will recall earlier this year, the Black women who write for the Washington post and the Kasier Family Foundation defamed Black women everywhere.

Our most recent bigoted anti-Black woman carnival barker, Alice Randall, wants the world to know that Black woman are "fat" because we want to be. Mainly to please our parasitic mates who apparently want us all to die die die. 

Because too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be. Alice Randal, Anti-Black Woman Propagandist. 

Did you ever long for the days when we were being publicly dissected because of our marital status, or skin color, hair texture, or the various STDs that must only afflict we Black shebeasts? Apparently fat is the new perpetual single hood. I don't know who opened the door on this most recent attack, I blame Kasier and the WAPO, but suddenly everybody wants the world to know that Black women are just fat fat fat and we're all gonna die die.

How many middle-aged white women fear their husbands will find them less attractive if their weight drops to less than 200 pounds? I have yet to meet one.

But I know many black women whose sane, handsome, successful husbands worry when their women start losing weight. My lawyer husband is one.

Another friend, a woman of color who is a tenured professor, told me that her husband, also a tenured professor and of color, begged her not to lose “the sugar down below” when she embarked on a weight-loss program.

Who are these Black people? She has to be making this up. Sounds like she's been hanging around Huggie Bear. 

Now I know the sheeple will not be able to resist  coming up in here and sharing their "concern" about we fat Black sheBeasts, but I ain't buying what y'all are sharing. Alice Randall didn't write that editorial for Black women. She wrote that editorial so that other people could gawk at us. She wrote it to confirm every nasty negative stereotype about Black women and wellness she could think of. If I was Alice Randall's husband, I would be embarrassed to basically be called homicidal. I mean she's saying we're all gonna die because we're fat and she's saying she's that way because that's how her husband likes her. So she said it, not I.

It is a horrible slander on Black women that we, more than any other group of women, in this country don't give a rip about our health. Sure, we struggle just. like. every. other. group. of women and it's defamatory to imply that we don't give a rip. 

Notice how conveniently the WAPO and Alice Randall ignore the works of

Black Women Do Workout or Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss  or Black Girls Run or Black Women Losing Weight or  as on reader pointed out on the Facebook Fanpage, even some young woman named Buffie the Body has a Youtube workout series and a website called Bodynomics.  (The name used to be Bootynomics, she explained on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page why she changed it.)

IN this video she talks about what her motivation is to stay fit. Notice she doesn't say anything about men.  Also wait for the moment when she speaks about her grandmother.... again, no mention of men.

She actually works out in what appears to be her breakfast room. No Gym required. Ingenious. 

I actually did this exercise in my office swivel chair and you definitely isolate your glutes and make it difficult to sit back down your office chair :) 

 HA! I bet y'all never thought you'd see a positive mention about someone called Buffie the Body up in here, but her videos are actually pretty good. I love the fact that she's not hyperactive and over the top bubbly. She's like- this is what you need to do and if it hurts you need to go sit down somewhere. She should do a  workout DVD. All you "concerned" anti-fat bigots need to help fund the production of Buffy's workout videos.

There is so much wrong with this current assault on the incredible Fat Black Womanicus - first there is the imposition of an arbitrary definition of health based solely on  weight.  There is the coupling of exercise with weight loss when it should be tied to wellness. There is the over reliance on the junk science of BMI. All black women aren't fat. All fat women aren't Black- the majority of fat women aren't Black. Just because you deem another woman fat doesn't mean she's not fit.

Then there is the lunacy that attacking, shaming, nagging, irritating, annoying, judging fat people will lead to successful health outcomes. How about all you concerned anti-fat bigots try the tactics of sisterhood, camaraderie, competition,  fellowship ? Or heck what ever happened to how much FUN some movements can be? But no, it's always shame shame shame. Judgement. judgement. judgement. How's that working for the fat haters?

When can we start talking about how hopelessly single Black women are again? Remember the good old days of the Great Unmarriagable Black Womanicus Singlesaurus?

And to all the concern trolls who can't miss an opportunity to feel morally superior to another woman by hiding about behind "health" concerns, have a seat. If fear was a motivation to wellness, then we wouldn't still be writing these articles. 

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