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Cowardly NY Times Plays Coy and Clueless in Cleveland, TX Torture Case

I have intentionally NOT written more about the Cleveland, TX torture case involving the repeated brutalization of an 11 year old child with the implied consent of many of the Black residents who live there. There are many reasons why I have not blogged this case the way I blogged Dunbar Village, the most important is that now that I know better, I should do better.

And so I waited until the knee jerk commentary and clamoring from the initial shock of the case died down, somewhat, because I knew the second wave would arrive and it would be more insidious than the first. Dunbar Village was three years of being in constant shock and the depravity of men.... AND WOMEN, I refuse to not learn from history in this case.

As many of you know, the most high profile reaction to news about this case were 1) “worries” about “racial tensions” between White men and Black men 2) “worries” about the White men once again locking up Black men in jail and 3) the New York Times’ failure to use appropriate standards in its initial reporting of the case in order to protect the accused (all Black men).

Now the New York Times is back for a second bite of the apple and it is a massive display in cowardice and intentionally MISSING THE POINT.

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Register for Digital Doyennes- April 12th in Atlanta

Hey folks, I'll be in Atlanta on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 for Digital Doyennes:Wisdom from the Women who Lead in Social Media and Digital Innovation.

Here is the flyer.

The event is being presented by the Digital Moving Image Salon of Spelman College & Women in Film and Television, Atlanta.



My fellow panelists include


  • Ananda Leeke, Attorney,, Author, Blogger, and Founder of Digital Sisterhood Month
  • Erica Hartfield, Digital Producer
  • Angela Conyers Benton, CEO Black Web Media
  • Jacqui Chew, Principal iFusion Marketing