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Vision Without Execution is Hallucination: A Response to Pepsi's Anti-Black Woman Propaganda

Well lots of folks were ticked off. And lots of folks had plenty to say, but only two took up the challenge ( that I am aware of) of responding to Pepsi's Anti-Black woman Superbowl commercial "Love Hurts."

Several folks wandered around in the comments section attempting come up with a YouTube response to the Pepsi commercial, but without comment or any hand holding from me, Majali West produced a response. It's adorably cute.

I laughed at the husband and the chips and when the White female jogger made tracks. Kudos to Majali and her cast Bola Mustapha and Gabby B.

Demajali sent me an email where she described how she was able to put this together, she mentioned that she was not an experienced film maker, who said you had to be? I think the barrier to Black people with common sense not getting out there and producing their own images is that we think we have to have OSCAR-level cinematography. We've got to get over that. Do you see the Regime of Bullets Booty and Bling worrying about quality and skill?? No, they'll take  camera phone video and throw it on a DVD and sell it out of a car trunk. 

The most important skill when it comes to producing images is....PRODUCING.  Thomas Edison said "Vision without execution is hallucination."

The true mark of a Director/Producer is EXECUTION! We need more Black women who are brave and resourceful enough to marshal their resources ( whatever those are) and get out there on the field of battle. So many time folks wander into the comment's section saying we need to DO something. Today we salute the Black women who DID do something.

Those who said they wanted to contribute to a response should consider sending Majali a gift of encouragement, her email is at the end of the video.  I sent her money to take her cast/crew out to dinner... or to replace the props she used in the video :)

Demajali, I'll be in Atlanta speaking at Spelman in April, I hope to get to meet your cast/crew!  You did a good job. Keep creating. 




Susan Cagle - Search for the Black Taylor Swift Part 9

Who hoo we're at the end of our month-long search to do something other than whine about the incredibly narrow range of music options being promoted by the Entertainment Industrial Complex. In part 9 of our search for the Next Black Taylor Swift, let me present Susan Cagle.

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