Entries from February 1, 2010 - February 28, 2010


Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley CATFIGHT! MEOW!

I'm still on blogcation, but this was too good to have some of you not know about. Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton had a CATFIGHT yesterday on national radio. None of it was about what you think its about, but if you would like to hear the dueling hissy fits or discuss it, you can do so on the WAOD Network. The blogcation continues.

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Gone 'Til March -Infrastructure Building

I have been instructed to ho go an undisclosed location to work on a project and folks are being quite insistent about it. So as planned, I'm on blogcation for the month of February. No blogging here at WAOD. That means no comments either. I'll still be tweeting as it is a great procrastination tool. You can follow me on Twitter. Its Black History Month so I'm sure there will be oodles and oodles of items for me to give a 140 - character commentary about. You can also start your own discussions with other WAOD community members over at the WAOD Network- "Where WAOD Readers Have Their Say".  Charlotte and timetokeepitreal just started threads about side hustles and a "positive" story about Black women and their daughters in the Washington Post. Although all new members now have to be approved. You can also follow our progress on the Couch to 5K program. Hopefully those of you involved in creative pursuits will use this time to buckle down and build some "unsexy" infrastructure. Its not as exciting and the instant feedback on blog posts, but its necessary. My goal is to comeback in March with a *bang.*

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