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The Double Bottom Line:Healthy Habbits Produce Coop

This week I attended a conference in Washington, DC and learned SO much. One of the speakers spoke about "The Double Bottom Line"

Double bottom line is a business term used in socially responsible enterprise and investment. While all businesses have a conventional bottom line to measure their fiscal performance—financial profit or loss—enterprises which seek a second bottom line look to measure their performance in terms of positive social impact.Wikipedia
A fellow blogger, actually she's more than a fellow blogger- she played a central role in an important moment of clarity online that LITERALLY changed my life for the BETTER! *FLASHBACK* is now using blogging to sell organic produce and she also lists lot of healthy recipes. Lord knows know I need some healthy recipes because I was sitting in a seminar yesterday with the father of telemedicine and he made everybody who went to the dessert bar for cheese cake feel about yaaaaay small. He straight called us out :). But anywho, She's started the Healthy Habbits Produce Coop. ...[T]he entire presidential election inspired me to do something that I've been wanting to do for a while which is open my own organic produce coop. So I begin a little hoping to get 20 families to participate and we got 40 and had to turn away 12. Be sure to stop by and pick up a recipe or two. Healthy Habbits Produce Coop. Now she didn't ask me to do this, but with all this "green" money floating around, she ought to be able to expand so she can accommodate as many families as are demanding her services. She's learned a valuable lesson, that the barriers to entry for online businesses are LOW I would argue that they are none existent. However, like any other business, the barrier's to expansion are much higher. So if you know about some foundations, "green" venture capitalists, or some stimulus money that is available to our cyber Sister, speak up. You don't have to leave a comment, send an email or use the contact form above. To all of you who are worried about the economy, whether you've lost your job, are worried about losing your job, or not worried at all, one really easy way to regain some "control" and take the edge off is to start a side hustle. Just because it starts small, doesn't mean it has to stay small. Not only that, but there is 700 BILLION dollars of stimulus money coming out of the pipeline and I want at least 100 Black women who read this blog to go out for your share of your taxpayer money. Just do it! PS. Kim, when you make your first BILLION and acquire Whole Foods, can't I get a gift card or a lifetime discount on unrefined shea butter? :)

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Oprah: "My Hair is not a Weave"

Its amazing how ignorant folks can be about Black women and their hair in the year 2009. Yes, we can grow hair from the root without the assistance of yaki weave imported from southeast Asia. Any fool can see that Oprah is not wearing a weave right now and I say Hallelujah after getting tired of seeing the ringlette wig she's been wearing since Halle Berry started that trend. So apparently people on Twitter were telling Oprah that they like her "weave." She responds in this video "this is not a weave" If you wear a weave, knock yourself out. If you like it, I love it. Ever since I chopped off my perm, I'm loving it, despite the near obsession certain folks now have with my tresses. There was universal cheering from the peanut gallery when I took my BPF back down to a TWA. Either that or the fire engine red color who knows.

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