No, We're Not Shutting Down - Just Upgrading


So I got this in the mailbox today:

I just discovered your site and really like this! I am sure it's not easy, but please continue this. I noticed no entries for December, 1 for january, and nothing since.

I hope you guys are not shutting this down. WE NEED THIS!!! ---Concerned WAOD Reader

We're still here and aren't going anywhere.

Yes, I should have made some type of announcement about our posting schedule. So here's the deal. We absolutely are creating behind the scenes :)

The internet looks a LOT different than it did 8 years ago, so I feel less compelled to speak out because everybody else is already doing it. Plus I think I've overdeveloped my "awareness" muscles. I know how to make people aware. Awareness isn't enough. I know how to call people out. I don't need more practice with that. I know how to send a verbal broadside. I don't need more practice doing that.

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