No, We're Not Shutting Down - Just Upgrading


So I got this in the mailbox today:

I just discovered your site and really like this! I am sure it's not easy, but please continue this. I noticed no entries for December, 1 for january, and nothing since.

I hope you guys are not shutting this down. WE NEED THIS!!! ---Concerned WAOD Reader

We're still here and aren't going anywhere.

Yes, I should have made some type of announcement about our posting schedule. So here's the deal. We absolutely are creating behind the scenes :)

The internet looks a LOT different than it did 8 years ago, so I feel less compelled to speak out because everybody else is already doing it. Plus I think I've overdeveloped my "awareness" muscles. I know how to make people aware. Awareness isn't enough. I know how to call people out. I don't need more practice with that. I know how to send a verbal broadside. I don't need more practice doing that.

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Sorority Sisters is Toast! Black Twitter Warriors= 1, VH1=172,348,247

This was a hot topic over on the WAOD Facebook Page. Black America's elites finally found a reality television show they couldn't justify as a "guilty pleasure." They waged a sucessful campaign against the VH1 reality formulaic, Sorority Sisters and ran off all of it's advertisers. They were rallied in part by TV One personality Roland Martin.

So now VH1 is dumping the last three episodes of the show this Friday at 11:00 at night.


This is what I wrote back in December on the WAOD Fanpage:

Apparently there is a reality show about Black women in sororities. And apparently that isn't sitting well with college educated Black women. Well what did you think was going to happen? First they came for the "Hoodrats" then the WAGS ( wives and girlfriends of rich men) then they came for the Black church. Now, they are coming for YOU.

One of the small irritants over the years when I was railing against negative portrayals of Black women in popular culture was a subset of critics that said "they not talking about ME!" In other words "I'm not one of THOSE kinds of Black women, so they aren't talking about ME!"

Well now they are. You could have fended off the attacks when the enemy was at your neighbor's gate, now the enemy is knocking on your door.

Injustice anywhere.....

I suspected the show was on the ropes several weeks ago, because the VH1 website was not featuring it on the home page and didn't have a show blog that usually accompanies its other offerings.

At least two of the women have reportedly been suspended. I loved how the women said they weren't representing their sorority, but are on a show called "SORORITY Sisters"

I salute those who lobbied advertisers to pull this show. I'll be watching my Twitter feed to see if the same Twitter Warriors will be tweeting up a storm over Real Hood Housewives of Detroit or Love and Basketball Hiphop.



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