About That Genarlow Wilson Screenplay: July and September Webinars

Yesterday we had an amazing webinar about productivity in the digital age. Oh how killed myself trying to be concise, but I feel as if it is one of the most productive things I’ve done with the WAOD community in a while.

During Q&A someone asked about the Genarlow Wilson screenplay. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? So I checked the archives. Yep. I said it:

Our tentative timeline is to have the shooting script completed by the end of Summer. Select the crew in early September. Cast in late September and shoot in October. We hope to be able to make WAOD reader-hosted screenings available throughout the country by February 2014. WAOD April 13, 2013


Okay. I did write this. And I can say without question that I was absolutely delusional with this timeline. De-lusional.

 If you recall, we obtained the trial transcript in response to Ebony magazine running a factually inaccurate fluff piece praising the convicted predator.

I threatened to release a Genarlow Wilson movie in response. That was none too bright! Do you know how hard it is to write a screenplay? Hard. A screenplay that you want to spend two years of your life producing? Ridiculously hard.

I went through over 600 pages of absolute ridiculousness - the very definition of rape culture. After HUNDREDS of pages of the trial transcript, I felt exhausted and drained. By the time I was done, I didn’t want to hear the name Genarlow Wilson for a lifetime.

I was just sick of hearing about him.

After reading his ridiculous jail house letters to the prosecutor, he became less of a threatening monster and more of a pathetic, tragic, deluded manChild whose supporters have perpetually stunted his growth- his supporters were his own uniquely personalized Hell.  He wasn't some grand human being, but a petulant spoiled boy who never wanted to accept responsibility for his bad acts.

By the time Ebony magazine finally ran their promised series on rape and sexual assault , I was so over it.

  • Genarlow Wilson had slithered into obscurity, though his supporters trot him out on rare occasions- sometimes to speak to school children.
  • Ebony magazine is in a tailspin and being gutted every day by its current leadership. They are about to sell off the most valuable part of the magazine for chump change.

A screenplay at this point feels like dunking on someone  when you’re up by 30 points.

But I wrote it, and we have 600 pages of trial materials and 7 years of blog posts ... and I said I'd do it.

So our September Webinar will be entitled From Notorious to Glorious: The Truth About Genarlow Wilson and the Black Women Journalists  Who Coddled Him. It won’t be a movie, but it’s audio and video and perhaps I can get some shadow puppets together to satisfy this declaration.

At this point a Webinar does two things:

  1. Records the bad acts of these Black women ( and man) for posterity - for some reason, after the initial bruhaha, Black men stepped back from Wilson, while Black women still coddles him.
  2. Forces me to create some meaningful content out of those 600 pages of trial transcripts -  We paid for em’ we might as well use them.

It will be recorded,  and made available.

Webinar Schedule

July 2015 - The Emancipated Black Woman: The First Five Freedoms

September 2015 - From Notorious to Glorious: The Truth About Genarlow Wilson and the Black Women Journalists Who Covered for Him.

Is there anything useful that can come out of seven years of beating back  the lies of Mr. Wilson and his supporters? We’ll find out.

Going forward, I shall never declare what I am going to do when it comes to highly complex creative endeavors. I will just let y'all know when things are done and where you can get your hands on it.

Why didn't I retire in April?

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