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I Believe that General Mills Will do the Right Thing and Drop Nelly.. Eventually

Y'all know I'm not one to be a Pollyana, but I really do believe that General Mills will EVENTUALLY do the right thing and drop Nelly. It defies logic that they would continue to be publically associated with a man who is so reckless with their brand and so disrespectful that he would boast about wanting to commit acts of violence against Black women and girls in the middle of a nation-wide television advertising campaign.

I assume that the delay in publically denouncing Nelly's participation in violence against women is some handwringing over the fact that they've probably poured millions of dollars into the television spots featuring Nelly along with associated marketing campaigns. I have little sympathy for them because anyone who has ever read Nelly's lyrics or has seen his videos already knows that Nelly has contempt for half of the population. Profanity, sexually explicit imagery, dehumanizing Black women and girls.

I KNOW that the reason for the delay at General Mills CAN'T be because the targets of Nelly's attack was Black women. We also know that if Nelly had said he was going to beat the @$$ of a group of young White women he would have already have been publically dropped. 

I guess General Mills is trying to figure out if we're all just goign to go away silently and let this slide... Let me help you out with that... NO! Read our archives


The man responsible for partnering with Nelly is Scott Lee, the associate director of Honey Nut Cheerios. 

The CEO of General Mills is Kendall J. Powell.


General Mills phone number: 1800-248-7310

General Mills Fax number: 1-763-764-8330

Mailing address:

General Mills, Inc.

P.O. Box 9452

Minneapolis, MN 55440

General Mills Online Contact Form. 

General Mills Blog Post Celebrating Nelly collaboration. (LEAVE COMMENTS!)

Instagram Account promoting Nelly Collaboration.

Twitter Account Promoting Collaboration with Nelly


General Mills Knows Their Spokesperson Wants to Beat Up Black Women: What Are They Going to Do About It.

On Wednesday, we shared the disturbing news that Honey Nut Cheerios spokesperson, Nelly, recently shared his desire to violently assault the students of of Spelman College over their protest of his Tip Drill - mind you, the student protest took place almost a decade ago- He’s still mad.   

“The Spelman thing, the only thing I feel I would’ve did different is kick somebody’s ass…that’s just how it felt to me, Pimp,” he said to host Marc Lamont Hill. “I don’t have my sister. And I doubt it if half of those girls are still campaigning for what they quote, unquote took advantage for that opportunity for.” Nelly at 4:27 of this HuffPost video

Nelly apparently forgot ( or just does not care) that General Mills is currently running a national television spot featuring Nelly and the Honey Nut Cheerios mascot, Buzz the Bee. 

I didn’t even go into the wisdom of General Mills taking a family-friendly cartoon character and partnering with a hip hop artist with a catalogue of violent, sexually explicit lyrics and music videos -- that would be pointing out the obvious. 

On Wednesday, I suggested that if you had a problem with General Mills spokespeople engaging in violence against women, you might want to let them know. Many of you emailed, called, faxed and some have even snail mailed. 

I sent my letter via snail mail, fax and email. (my letter is posted at the end of this post). The snail mail letter was addressed to the CEO. Here is the response I received from Jennifer with Consumer Services:

Thank you for contacting General Mills. Your comments are important to our business. 

Please be assured that we will share them with the appropriate individuals.


Jennifer Garrett
Consumer Services

Thanks Jennifer! Many of you have shared stories of pleasant experiences on the telephone with General Mills customer service representatives assuring you that your concerns will be passed along to the marketing people. So we know for certain that General Mills KNOWS that their spokesperson is a violent anti-Black woman bigot running around spewing hate speech promoting violence against Black college women who dare to disagree with him- on their own college campus- that they paid tuition to attend. 

So the obvious next question is now that they know what is General Mills going to do about this?

Logic and reason tell us that partnering a children’s cartoon character with a reckless, foul-mouth who hates a large segment of the Honey Nut Cheerios buying public and isn’t shy about saying so is not the smartest allocation of General Mills resources.

According to this article from General Mill’s hometown newspaper, General Mills is gearing up to run their first Cheerios ad during the Superbowl in 18 years.

If you haven’t contacted General Mills, please do so. Your new question might be, “Now that you KNOW you’re partnered with a violent misogynist, what are you going to do about it?”

As always, be polite to the poor customer services representatives- they aren’t the people who made this decision, that would be Scott Lee, Associate Director of Honey Nut Cheerios.

You also might want to ask if the CEO of General Mills, Kendall J. Powell, has ever seen Nelly’s Tip Drill video and whether he has any idea of what Nelly’s Pimp Juice lyrics and products are about?

Here is the contact info, followed by various letters WAOD readers have already sent:

The man responsible for partnering with Nelly is Scott Lee, the associate director of Honey Nut Cheerios. 

The CEO of General Mills is Kendall J. Powell.


General Mills phone number: 1800-248-7310

General Mills Fax number: 1-763-764-8330

Mailing address:

General Mills, Inc.

P.O. Box 9452

Minneapolis, MN 55440

General Mills Online Contact Form. 

General Mills Blog Post Celebrating Nelly collaboration. (LEAVE COMMENTS!)

Instagram Account promoting Nelly Collaboration.

Twitter Account Promoting Collaboration with Nelly

Here's my letter:

Kendall J. Powell

CEO, General Mills, Inc

P.O. Box 9452

Minneapolis, MN 5544


Dear Mr. Powell,

I am very disappointed at the recent comments of your Honey Nut Cheerios spokesman, Nelly. On November 12, 2013 in an online interview with Huffington Post Live, Nelly said that if he could go back in time, he would beat up a group of young women at Spelman College who wanted to discuss incredibly disturbing images of Black women in his video “Tip Drill.” In the video interview Nelly stated the following:


“The Spelman thing, the only thing I feel I would’ve did different is kick somebody’s ass…that’s just how it felt to me, Pimp,” he said to host Marc Lamont Hill.” 

As a General Mills customer, I am deeply troubled that the public statements of Nelly are inconsistent with General Mills published marketing and advertising guidelines. Violence against women is an incredibly important issue and associating Honey Nut Cheerios and your cartoon bee mascot with a man who makes public statements about kicking young women’s asses is an insult to women and girls and the men and boys who love them.


Even if you choose to overlook his history of misogyny-ladened lyrics, his recent statements about beating up a group of college women should be enough to signal that he does not represent the values of General Mills. 


Here is a link to his public statements about committing acts of violence against the students at Spelman College entitled Nelly Wanted to “Kick Somebody’s Ass” Over Spelman’s Protest of Tip Drill” :” 


Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Here are some letters from readers:

I love Honey Nut Cheerios; I often buy them for my family. Still, I am perturbed by Associate Director Scott Lee's decision to feature Nelly (and his music) as the new spokesperson for your project. Nelly has a disturbing history of disrespecting the personhood of black women. His, now infamous, "Tip Drill" video features Nelly and his friends sliding a credit card down the crease of a black woman's buttocks. This is the image I associate with Nelly, and now associate with your product. On November 12, 2013, Nelly threatened black women with physical violence on HuffPost Live. I now associate his threats with General Mills and recognize that your CEO, Kendall J. Powell, enthusiastically supports Nelly’s continued lack of emotional maturity.

I will no longer purchase General Mills products for my household. I am also empowered to share your dubious choices with my friends, many of whom are popular bloggers, academics, artists, and good old-fashioned stay at home moms. I will let them know that General Mills, Kendall J. Powell, and Scott Lee disregard the humanity of black women. In fact, I am going to cut and paste this particular letter directly onto Facebook.

Finally, my job entails giving lectures to large numbers of young people on a regular basis. I will be sure to consistently use General Mills and its blatant disregard for black women, heck, ALL WOMEN and its advertising choices as examples of what NOT to do in endearing trust between a corporation and its customers. Particularly when we women are the major decision-makers for household economics. WAOD Reader, K8dee16

and another from WAOD reader shlbshl

Kendall J. Powell, CEO
General Mills, Inc.
Number One General Mills Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55426

Dear Mr. Powell:

I was recently made aware of General Mills’ association with the rapper Nelly as part of a promotional campaign for the Honey Nut Cheerios line of products. I write to inform you why I find this particular association deeply problematic, and why, unless your company severs its relationship with Nelly, I will no longer purchase General Mills brand products.

In 2004, a group of students at Spelman College organized a protest against Nelly’s scheduled appearance at a campus bone marrow drive. At the time, Nelly’s sister, Jacqueline Donahue, suffered from leukemia. Their opposition to the presence of the rapper at the historically black women’s college was spurned by the exploitative, sexually explicit, deeply misogynistic imagery featured in the rapper’s “Tip Drill” music video. The young women challenged the rapper to appear in a campus forum to discuss the larger theme, typified in the artist’s “Tip Drill” video, of the pervasive racialized misogyny in rap and hip-hop music. Instead of appearing on campus and engaging with these young women, Nelly elected to forgo this opportunity, pull funding for the bone marrow drive, and cancel his appearance. Yet, because these young women and the larger student body were not unsympathetic to Nelly’s philanthropic cause, and contrary to his accusations, another bone marrow drive was held in his absence.

As you may know, Spelman College has a long and storied history of not only educating black and minority women, but of advocating on their behalf. The young women’s challenge to Nelly constituted nothing less than a full embrace of the most laudable of the institution’s core values. Unfortunately, to this day, Nelly chooses to remain obtuse and mired in anger about the role that his art and his actions played in the protest. On a recent edition of HuffPo Live, when asked to reflect on the incident, Nelly opined that, if given the opportunity to act differently, he would instead “kick somebody’s ass”.

It is the combination of both his stated desire to inflict violence on the young black women who organized the protest, as well as the totality of a body of work in which the rapper traffics in the degradation and hypersexualiztion of black women, that renders him unfit to represent a brand that touts itself as a “family friendly advertiser” and targets its products to children as young as 9 months old. It is my view that having Nelly in your employ as a spokesperson not only represents an implicit approval of the rapper’s threats of violence against black women, but enables him to further profit from a career, that at various points, has capitalized on misogynistic scourge. For your own edification, I urge you to view the artist’s “Tip Drill” music video as well as his recent appearance on HuffPo Live.

Nelly’s recent public conduct belies that which is befitting of a corporate spokesperson, and I ask that he be released him from his duties to Honey Nut Cheerios and General Mills. It is my hope that you will see to it that this matter is resolved in a swift and decisive matter. Until such time, I am compelled to find alternatives for the General Mills products that I would otherwise regularly purchase for my home and pantry.


cc: Scott Lee, Associate Director
Honey Nut Cheerios

And another with lots of links from Toyin:

I find it shameful that you have Nelly as a spokesperson for your brand.

Especially, as in the comments made in the articles below, he wanted to 'kick somebody's ass' 
I'm pretty sure you would not have him as a face of your brand, if the women's college in question were white.

These comments were made recently, over an incident at Spelman, a decade ago. The black women at this college refused to have him present as he wouldn't adhere to his side of their deal. Which was to discuss his video at the time 'tip drill' when he came to do a marrow awareness for his sister. FYI - they still held the campaign, just without him

I will mention to the mothers I know, to be aware, as well as other people i know. I'm sure word will spread.

Read at leisure:

Would love to hear about your letters and emails, post them in the comment or for my lurkers, you can always send to me via email using our comments form. 


Honey Nut Cheerios Hate Black Women and Girls? Spokesperson, Nelly, Says He Wants to Beat Up Spelman Students #MustBeTheHoney

No. This is not one of my hyperbolic blog post titles. It is a reasonable question in light of the current spokesperson for Honey Nut Cheerios. In an interview on Huffington Post Live on November 12, 2013, anti-Black woman bigot and has-been recording artist Nelly declared that he wished that he had gone to Spelman College and beat up the students who wanted to discuss the troubling images of Black women in his video "Tip Drill."  The Spelman incident was almost a decade ago, but Nelly is still VERY ANGRY that young Black college women would dare to question his misogyny and hatred of Black women:

“The Spelman thing, the only thing I feel I would’ve did different is kick somebody’s ass…that’s just how it felt to me, Pimp,” he said to host Marc Lamont Hill. “I don’t have my sister. And I doubt it if half of those girls are still campaigning for what they quote, unquote took advantage for that opportunity for.” Nelly at 4:27 of this HuffPost video



For the record, Spelman held the bone marrow drive ANYWAY. He refused to participate because he didn't want to discuss the fact that he thinks it is perfectly fine to swipe a credit card through the naked buttcheeks of a Black woman. 

Nelly is clearly a lost cause. He has all the markings of a controlling, violent anti-Black woman hate propagandist. Let's have a conversation about General Mills. 

Why in the hot holy hell is General Mills running national television commercials featuring a man who publically declares that he wants to beat up young Black women because they dared to question him about a music video? Folks this interview took place about three weeks ago. General Mills has been blaring their partnership with Nelly on all of their social media channels since at least August. 

I just discovered their partnership with this anti-Black woman bigot last night when I saw a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial featuring Nelly.

This is problematic for a number of reasons:


  • The Honey Nut Cheerios Bee and the phrase Must Be the Honey ( a riff off of Nelly's Must be the Money) Is being used to target children as young at 9 months old. 
  • The spokesperson for a national cereal brand feels comfortable speaking about wanting to engage in acts of violence against women - and he did so unreservedly. 
  • If the targets of the hate speech and profestations of violence were young White women, General Mills would have already announced the termination of their association with Nelly. Instead, they are continuing to run national television spots and promote Nelly and his misogyny-filled music to young children. They even have an entire website called "MustBeTheHoney"
  • General Mills has published standards about marketing messages that are not inclusice and respectful of ethnic affiliations:
  • Family-friendlyGeneral Mills is proud of its reputation as a “family-friendly” advertiser. We will not produce advertising that would undermine the role of parents and family, or respect for community authorities. General Mills will air advertising only on programming it deems suitable for the family-oriented nature of its brands and products.Special care also is taken to ensure that all marketing messages are inclusive and respectful of ethnic and religious affiliations. General Mills

I guess Black Women aren't included in the policy for "respect and inclusiveness." 


Now if partnering this children's cartoon with a grown man running around talking about fantasies of beating up young Black women is a problem for you, you might want to let someone at General Mills know.

The man responsible for partnering with Nelly is Scott Lee, the associate director of Honey Nut Cheerios. 

The CEO of General Mills is Kendall J. Powell.


General Mills phone number: 1800-248-7310

General Mills Fax number: 1-763-764-8330

Mailing address:

General Mills, Inc.

P.O. Box 9452

Minneapolis, MN 55440

General Mills Online Contact Form. 

General Mills Blog Post Celebrating Nelly collaboration

Instagram Account promoting Nelly Collaboration.

Twitter Account Promoting Collaboration with Nelly

I plan on letting them know about Nelly's public statements about committing acts of violence against Spelman students. Remind them about their professed statements about their corporate responsibility and ask them if having their spokesperson make public statements about violence against women is consistent with those values. 

“We wanted a campaign that was fun and would bring a smile to people’s faces,” says Scott. “BuzzBee’s collaboration with Nelly will give him some swag as he continues to spread the news of Honey Nut Cheerios and highlight every day moments of joy." Scott Lee, associate director of Honey Nut Cheerios. 

I'm not experienceing joy right now Scott Lee.

Nelly would not DREAM of making the same comments about other groups because those groups aren't having it. 

And as a reminder. Here is the Tip Drill video that set off the controversy almost a decade ago.

Make sure y'all play that for the CEO of General Mills when discussing this matter. 

Nelly feat. St. Lunatics - Tip Drill from Bahati on Vimeo.


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