Happy 4th of July! Did You Vote? - Howard Kurtz's Hit Job on Black Women Journalists

First of all, Happy 4th of July! I'll see y'all on Monday, Lord willing. Be safe and don't eat any bad potato salad. As for me, I shall be at the movies all weekend long its too hot for anything else. Here are some farewell reminders and mentions. Did you Report BET to the Authorities Yet? Did you call the child labor enforcement people on BET? Bureau of Field Enforcement Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement 320 West Fourth St. Suite 450 Los Angeles, CA 90013 213-620-6330 Watch the video while you can: Send a Blogger to Antartica Did you remember to vote to send a Black Tech Blogger to Antartica? If not, VOTE HERE. We've almost quadrupled her votes, let's put this sister in the lead! Use you email to do something other than send chain letters threatening folks with death if they don't forward the email to 7 other people. Howard Kurtz's Hit Job on Black Women You can head on over to Michelle Obama Watch to read my response to what can only be called a HIT JOB that Howard Kurtz did on Black women journalists. In stead of focusing on the BLATANT SEXISM and RACISM that could allow a young White male blogger to leap frog over these  more experienced women kept in the shadows. Howard Kurtz slams them with specious innuendo  that they can't objectively cover First Lady Michelle Obama... because they are Black.

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Vote for a Black Woman Tech Blogger to go to Antartica

In a week of foolishness and chicanery, this is a welcome relief.
Greetings Friends!
AAAS - the organization that publishes Science Magazine and serves as the online hub for all things Science, Engineering and Math has mentioned my name on one of their online outlets - Science Careers Blogs - the place to go and stay informed about all things science and career related.
Why was I mentioned by Science Careers? There is a great science outreach opportunity up for grabs and I think I am perfect for it -- becoming the official Blogger for an upcoming Expedition to the Antarctic!  I'm hoping my background in science, outreach, and ecology plus my experience in blogging will make me a shoe-in.  But it does require votes from the general public.  That's one reason I am so honored that the writers of Science Careers Blog mentioned me.
Please visit the contest page and consider voting for me.  You will be required to submit your email in order to vote. One vote per valid email.  Voting ends September 30th!
DNLee Urban Science Adventures! © P.S.: My blog has also been nominated for the 2009 Black Weblog Awards in the Best Science and Technology Blog category.  I'd love your support in this effort, too. Nominations close July 25th! Thank you all again for your support and community!
Support this Sister. Stop what you're doing and go vote NOW.

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