Hide Your Kids: Kanye West's "Monster" Performed by Sesame Street Characters

I was supposed to put up a post today mocking Chris Brown on his successful "graduation" from Anger Management, but my  post about Kanye West lynching women found itself being teleported across the internet at blazing speed so I want to marinate a bit before I respond via a post. Though you can read my hand to hand combat with Kanye's  Delusional Wombat Stans in the comments section. 

So in the interim, here is a video of Kanye West's "Monster" being sang Sesame Street characters.  Prepare to be horrified as these children's' characters drop all manner of profanity and the n-word.


If you need a mild dose of Chris Brown mocking, you can head on over to Blackvoices where I discuss the lessons we can all learn from Chris Brown's Twitter meltdown last week "Twitter Can Get You Fired: Chris Brown FAILS Anger Management". It doesn't quite carry the bite of a WAOD post, but its a nice prelude. 

Those outraged by the whole Sesame Street Characters spouting profanity might want to contact the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and flag the video on Youtube so that only registered users can view it on the site.