Your Michael Jackson open Thread

Press Preview For Michael Jacksons Juliens Auctions Exhibit I'm in meetings all week. Here is your open thread. I'mma keep my mouth shut. If you want to know some of my contemporaneous thoughts, follow my Black ops twitter account :)

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Khadijah Williams:From Homeless to Harvard

Nothing is impossible. be careful about giving up young women because of their circumstances. Roslyn sent in this story about Khadijah Williams. She's 18 years old and she's headed to Harvard:

Around here, Khadijah is known as "Harvard girl," the "smart girl" and the girl with the contagious smile who landed at Jefferson High School only 18 months ago. What students don't know is that she is also a homeless girl. As long as she can remember, Khadijah has floated from shelters to motels to armories along the West Coast with her mother. She has attended 12 schools in 12 years; lived out of garbage bags among pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers. Every morning, she upheld her dignity, making sure she didn't smell or look disheveled. LA Times
Khadijah was born to a 14 year old mother. Who dragged her from place to place. Khadijah, understandably is reluctant to criticize her mother even though the woman packed up and left with Khadija's sister when she was in the 11th grade:
When her college applications were due in December, James and Patricia London of South Central Scholars invited Khadijah to their home in Rancho Palos Verdes to help her write her essays. When they went to return her to skid row, her mother and sister were gone. Khadijah accepted the Londons' invitation to spend the rest of her school year with them. LA Times
Its a poignant story.  I emailed the reporter to see if she has a scholarship fund.

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