My Shortfilm, Storyboard and Screenplay Now Available as a Learning Tool

I'm going to remix my first film, but for those who would like to see the original film, here it is.  I've uploaded the first cut to Sparkeo as a learning tool for those of you interested in how the film went from a script to a storyboard to a movie. Actually, I did another rough storyboard first, then the screenplay then storyboarded again. Anywhoo. Perhaps the most comical is to compare my line drawings and handwriting on the storyboard to the final product.

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Yes, the whole package is $10 in accordance with the final lesson in my filmmaking class, "You should get paid for your work because movies are the most difficult type of intellectual property to create."  Sparkeo also has an afilliate program so if you sign up and embed the video on your blog and someone watches it, you get %20 of the sale. I figure, better you than YOUTUBE.

 Sparkeo lets you dowload course materials, in this case, the storyboard and the screenplay. In addition, you can aske me questions about the project, and I'll answer them.