Rampant Rapes of Women of Haiti Continue: "Social Breakdown Fuels Sexual Violence"

Amnesty International just released a new report about the rash of sexual violence occurring in Haitian refugee camps. We've posted about this before, but clearly nothing is being done and conditions are getting worse. You can read about the horrific details by clicking the links below or by reading Amnesty's report.   MSNBC did a special report called "Children of Rape are the latest legacy of Haiti Quake". This quote stuck out at me:

The destruction and death meant many women and girls lost the family and community networks that used to shield them from the threats they now face. Precarious living conditions in the camps further worsened their already dire situation. Source

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The take away is that women have a ridiculously high interest in maintaining stable and healthy families and networks. When civil society collapses, they pay a heavy price.

Here is the link to donate to Amnesty International.

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