Am I The Only One? - Emanuel Wesley Murray Update-OMG Girlz Unholy Attire

Just doing a sanity check. Am I the only one that finds the following two bits of information truly disturbing?

Jailhouse Love

First, remember the alleged murderer of 3-month-old Emanuel Wesley Murray? The one who allegedly threw a 3 month old baby out of a the window of a car going 65 mph? I won't say the monster's name on this blog. Well the monster had a hearing and in the courtroom sobbing was the monster's fiance'.  Nah I didn't stutter, she met her Prince in the pokey:

Ida Williams, who claims to be McTear's fiancée, sobbed throughout the hearing, doubling over when Harb made his announcement.

She said she met McTear in jail and the pair plan to marry as soon as they can.

"He's a sweet person," she said. "He tells me to do right by my kids. We talk a lot about God."

Lillie Bedwell said she had never heard of her son having a fiance in jail until told of the possibility by a reporter.

The last time McTear was in court last month, he was professing his love of Jasmine Bedwell.

"I love you, Jasmine," he said while being led out of the courtroom. Bedwell later collapsed outside the courthouse when asked about the comment.

Williams said there is another woman in the mix. She said another woman, whom she didn't know, had McTear's baby in the past couple of weeks.

"He loves children," she said.

Williams isn't deterred by the accusations of his killing an infant.

"I don't believe he really did that." she said.

Jail records show Williams has visited McTear three times starting June 10. Source

Uh huh right. right. Now he's stalking the old girlfriend, beating her up and throwing her baby out of a car window and your simple $@(&^)%$( is sitting in the courtroom crying telling all the world of your jail house love affair while this fool is crying out to another woman that he loves her?

Jailbait Lingerie

Our second item on today's "Am I the Only One" is this photo from a website I loathe to link to, but will make an exception in this case because the evidence is truly disturbing. If you will recall, we have posted previously about the group of pre adolescent girls who took to the stage at the BET Awards to serve as backup dancers while Lil Wayne performed "Every Girl" in which the gremlin repeated stated that he wish he could (*&%# every girl in the world.  Well the little girls are in a musical group called OMG Girlz and if you thought this video of them was disturbing, is anyone else disturbed by their costumes?  Remember these are 9, 10 and 11-year-olds wearing thigh highs and see-through skirts displaying the appearance of underwear. Yeah right, that BET Awards "performance" was unscripted. Why were they in "costume" if somebody didn't have plans for them to perform?

These poor babies. (Yes I am having the same level of difficulty reaching California Labor authorities, if you are a CA resident call your local state representative's office and ask for them to provide some constituent service and get in contact with the agency on your behalf. )

I give up!

So I'm dusting off the blueprints for my escape hatch and scouting out property near a fresh water source in the wilderness. A wise blogger implored that Black women whould stop looking back at Sodom. I'm beginning to think she's on to something. Y'all are on your own! Surely these are signs of the apocalypse. I'll see y'all on the other side... OR NOT!

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MUST READ: "BET Why Do You Hate Us?"

Wow, somebody else figured out that Debra Lee and the executives who run BET really, really, really HATE Black people. I don't throw that word around lightly.  If Debra Lee was White, there would not even be an argument about whether BET hates us. But alas, some people are blinded by a brown face covering up a white hood. Clutch Magazine just published an "open letter" to Debra Lee asking "BET Why Do You Hate Us." Its far more diplomatic than anything I would write, but its awesomely good. Yes, BET's executives really do hate us, that's not hyperbole and it is so not okay. Comments disabled- Again comments are off because I'm tired of reading your complaints as you stare hopelessly and impotently at the burning crosses Debra Lee keeps setting ablaze in your living rooms. Don't comment on my facebook page either. I'm not interested.

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