Monica Conyers-Two Piece and a Biscuit Alert:We Still Endorse Her Even if She's Now a Felon

Monica for Mayor Every time I do a "Detroit" post, I lose readers :) How do I know? Because they take the time to email me to say they are NEVER reading this blog EVER AGAIN! EVER! Because I have repeatedly pointed out that the voting populace is glutton for punishment. They keep electing embarrassments like Kwame Kilpatrick and then get mad when I point out, they ought to be embarrassed.Well prepare to stop reading this blog again, because our second most favorite Detroit politician, second only to Mama Kilpatrick, is in the news AGAIN. I'm shocked. In fact some readers tried to clown me last week about not posting this as soon as I learned about it. I'm still recovering from BWB and was out of town.

As you know, THIS BLOG was the first to offer up an unsolicited endorsement of Detroit Councilwoman, Monica Conyers to be Mayor.

We even printed up these nifty Monica Conyer's t-shirts. Quite frankly after reelecting Kwame "textual healing" Kilpatrick we think MOCO, our affectionate name for Monica Conyers is the leadership Detroit deserves, not to mention that she's a boatload of trainwrecky goodness that bloggers LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!! I mean she got clowned by an 8th grader after she referred to the Detroit Council President, Ken Cockrel as "Shrek." While her description of Cockrell might have been dead on, it was not something one would expect from a sitting councilwoman. MoCo got into at a hotel in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. She's allegedly been in bar fights, threatened to shoot someone and threatened to have someone killed. She's fought LOUDLY with other council members and mayoral staffers and generally been an undignified MESS, yet none of this placed her political future in jeopardy because this is DETROIT!

From tawdry text messages and a mayor resigning in disgrace to the 0-16 Detroit Lions and the collapse of the auto industry, it had been a tough year for Detroit's image even before Friday. So tough, in fact, that the corruption plea by Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers was met by some with a shrug. For scandal-weary Detroit, where residents are becoming inoculated to the jokes of late-night comedians and the scoldings of Washington politicians, Conyers' plea was just a "part of a long line of abominations," said Michael Bernacchi, professor of marketing at the University of Detroit-Mercy. "We've been in a cesspool for so long, laden with so much bad imagery, this doesn't change the image." Freep
The only way to get rid of a political leader with no discernible leadership qualities other than the ability to get elected is to have them plead guilty to a FELONY and have the prosecutor demand that they resign. Oh did I mention that she hasn't resigned and it is unlikely that the citizens of Detroit will force her to resign.
Conyers has now admitted to taking a paltry $6,000 in bribes in connection with a $1.2 billion sludge contract. She faces five years in prison, which should leave her with plenty of time to draw up those bras. But I'm going to miss her in public life. She is an enigma wrapped up in a Sam Riddle. When the spotlight is elsewhere, Conyers can be a bright, intelligent, well-spoken woman. But when the camera is trained on her -- and Conyers can't resist a camera -- her personality veers toward the erratic and infantile. Freep
On a serious note. When will out politicians stop selling their freedom for a two piece and a biscuit? $6,000?? $6,000??? Are you serious? $6,000??? If you are going to risk your liberty and your political future, can it be for six figures instead of 5? Why sell yourself and your community so short. If you are going to be corrupt go ALL THE WAY like Blago! Two payments of $3,000 on a billion dollar contract? Definitely a two piece and a biscuit alert.

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WAOD Success Story

Now this is why I blog. This lurker sent me an email asking what she could do to help in a case we covered a few weeks ago in her area of the country. I made a few suggestions about making contact with a local organization on the ground and instead of sitting back and telling me what else I needed to do, like some sad souls, she TRIED what I suggested. I can feel her beaming through the email. I told y'all the WAOD lurkers are the bestest lurkers ever!:

Hi Gina,

I hope that this email finds you well and refreshed from your BWB conference. I just wanted to let you know that you ARE an inspiration. So I took your advice and talked to one of my friends my congregation (she has tons of experience with Victim Assistance and she is a former Domestic Violence victim herself).

I believe that we are going to begin some type of program or ministry dealing with these issues because she says that she has already talked to the Congregational Leader about it and he was cool with it. However, I believe the focus will be on minority women in general because I don't attend a "Black Church" (left them eons ago). The Messianic Jewish Congregation that I attend is extremely diverse (read: Spanish, West Indians, black s, whites, etc.), so it would be very difficult to get just a black group, although my friend with the experience is black and she will probably be heading the program - so I'm sure that'll make a difference too.

Anyway, said all this to say that I wanted to thank you for being my inspiration to do something, however small it may be.

p.s. I’ll keep you posted

I'm so proud of you zoe1231! You get it! You have figured it out! That each of us in our own small ways can make a difference in our local community. You didn't wait on some charismatic leader to show you the way. You reached out within your own local community and found someone doing important work on the ground. Let us know if we can support you from 35,000 feet in the air. I know that your service in your community will do as much for you as it will for the women and girls you help. Definitely keep me posted. YOU inspire ME :)

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