BET Says Its not Responsible for What It Airs on its Own Network-BWHAHA! Jeanine Liburd Must be in HELL!

Poor Jeanine Liburd. Bless her heart. She has to be wondering what terrible sin she committed in a past life to be saddled with the daunting task of defending the puerile Stephen Hill and the licentious Debra Lee.

"It was completely inappropriate for what happened to have happened during Lil Wayne's performance and it was absolutely NOT planned," spokeswoman Jeanine Liburd told Journal-isms on Saturday. "Apparently his daughter wanted to join him on stage and in an impromptu decision, Lil Wayne agreed. Journalisms
Jeanine Liburd was once a very smart woman, but now that she's been forced to read scripted text prepared by Debra Lee, she just sounds nonsensical at best, intellectually dishonest at worst. It must suck to be Debra Lee's spokesliar and I know poor Jeanine must be biding her time until the Viacom bosses give ole Debbie Lee the BOOT, except lil' Debbie does their evil bidding so she's not going anywhere anytime soon. Better we direct our anger at lil' Debbie than Viacom. In case you haven't heard, BET did something exceptional, they made a semblance of what appears to be a public apology for their child-pornified broadcast of the BET Awards falsely advertised as a tribute to Micheal Jackson. You can read BET's non-apology over at Apparently BET's idea of an apology is to say "Sorry, but it wasn't our fault. We're not responsible for what we air and RE-AIR." Well Richard Prince, and old school journalist that's still not afraid to ask a question or two got some additional comment from Jeanine Liburd, Debra Lee's Spokes-liar. Again, she repeated that BET is not responsible for what it airs on its own network and then attempts to CHASTEN the viewing public for complaining because we fail to acknowledge that on ONE day a week, BET airs gospel music. She then tries to portray BET as a VICTIM who is being unfairly criticized by we mean ole members of the public. In Jeanine's defense, this lame defense has Debra "Antoinette" Lee written ALL over it. Debbie is the only person I know that will try to plug other TV shows in the middle of an apology.
"The bottom line is, if you don't watch BET or been to one of our presentations then you don't know that we're more 'Sunday Best' than Lil Wayne, you don't know that we have reduced our videos from 70% to 20% and you also might not know the new shows we are launching like 'the Monique Show' and 'the Bottom Line.' No doubt we have a way to go, but the good news is that we are working in the right direction. And while there will always be people critical of the network, we hope that at a minimum people look at the network's future, not just [its] past." Jeanine Liburd, BET Spokesliar-in-Chief
Now IF the sociopaths that worked at BET had any sense, which they don't, they would have stepped up to the plate and said "WE SCREWED UP! WE'RE SORRY!" But no, we know that the putrefied air in BET headquarters causes brain damage. So instead of being ACCOUNTABLE for what they air on their own network, they are passing the buck to Lil' Wayne. Well that does not explain why they REBROADCAST the same exact show with some very bad airbrushing less than 48 hours later. Do you think it was just the underage girls that was the problem, or a song selection that was so profane, every other syllable had to be bleeped out. Heck even one of the performers concedes that the SONG CHOICE was inappropriate:
"That...was a terrible idea that I'll never do to myself again. But I was being pressed from different areas to perform, and I think what really happened at the BET Awards is with the passing of Mike, the climate really changed, as far as the award show goes,” he told Complex. “I don't think it called for us to perform "Every Girl" and "Always Strapped," and I think it was an award show filled with tributes and music and these genuine heartfelt speeches. All Hip Hop
Jeanine I know you have no control of what you actually get to say and that you are working with amoral cyborgs, but here's a clue...continuing to rely on "Sunday Best" as any indication that your employer isn't SATAN is a pretty lame strategy. What you're basically saying is "Yes, we air garbage Monday through Saturday, but oh LAAAWD on Sunday Hallelujah! , we get up and dust off Dr. Bobbie Jones and his sequins and repent of our sins"- only to go back to sinning at 12:01am Monday morning. Notice that when Jeanine was pointing to BET's future, she didn't mention Tiny & Toya or Frankie and Neffe. Notice that BET has done massive campaigns to promote Tiny & Toya, where is their ad campaign to promote Sunday Best? Why is it the only time they trot out Sunday Best is when they are coming under fire? Sunday Best is BET's frozen turkey. It is a common practice for drug dealers to hand out frozen turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure, the 363 other days of the year they are destroying the lives of the poor folks who receive the turkeys, but let's forget the drug addicted babies, violence, crime and tyranny on those 363 OTHER days because today, y'all got a frozen turkey. Now I would believe BET was truly remorseful had they not re-aired the BET AWARDS without changes. I would believe Jeanine if Debra Lee was not twerking it on the front row while Lil' Wayne cooed that he wanted to f(*&$ every girl in the world and drop the P-bomb every five seconds. I would believe BET IF for once in its tawdry history, THAT NETWORK would accept responsibility for what it airs. Jeanine, your network didn't purport to be airing an episode of Sunday Best. You purported to be airing a tribute to Michael Jackson. You benefited from the increased ratings as a result of your deception, but you want to take none of the responsibility for lying to the American public about the content of your show. You can't now whine and complain that people are expecting too much for the amount of notice you had. If Debra Lee was so concerned about not being able to execute what she promised at the beginning of the show, then she should not have made any promises. She should have aired a 5 minute package at the beginning of the program honoring the memory of Michael Jackson and moved on. You got the big ratings by lying to the public and NOW you want to complain because you wrote checks you could not cash. You deserve every ounce of rage the Jackson fans are sending your way because you LIED! LIED! LIED! and then you LIED again and now want to criticize the public for being ticked that you LIED! BET is not the aggrieved party here. That would be the delusional souls who tuned in to your wretched network based on your false public assertions regarding the nature of your programming. Last but not least, you KNEW the lyrics to the song Lil' Wayne was going to spew and you didn't bother to say "Hmmm, this isn't in keeping with the theme, lets make a change. Why don't you do the song you did at the GRAMMYS. Okay?" But NOOOOO you didn't do that because your network is run by a bunch of woman-hating men and WOMEN who couldn't resist the though of seeing the little gremlin coo about P#^$^%*. I don't know who Jeanine ticked off at Viacom to be demoted to go from Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for Viacom to Debra Lee's spokes-liar, but you have our immense sympathy. It can't be easy to let Debra Lee's nonsensical explanations flow from your lips. Get out while you still can Jeanine, there is still hope for you before Debbie finishes your lobotomy. Comments are disabled- Yes, I turned off the comments because the blogosphere is just retreading the same ground- people hate BET. blah, blah, blah, but aren't prepared to do a single thing about it other than complain and sign useless petitions. Complain somewhere else. I'm tired of listening to it. They do what they do because you let them do it.

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Happy 4th of July! Did You Vote? - Howard Kurtz's Hit Job on Black Women Journalists

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