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Thanks to AJ in Austin for setting our MeetUp page up. We are still trying to figure this out, but you can see the countdown to the airing of "Hot Ghetto Mess." Everyday in this fight we learn something new. We are still learning MeetUp. If you have some experience and can help guide us, let us know. By tomorrow afternoon, I should have a list of the locations for the watch parties in Austin, Atlanta, DC, NYC, and Los Angeles. New locations are being added everyday. If you or your organization can host a watch party in your city or town, email our new volunteer-dedicated e-mail address waodvolunteer (at) gmail (dot) com.

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What Black Bloggers Are Saying about " Hot Ghetto Mess"

Blogging While Brown
I appreciate the offers of help, keep them coming, I have not had a time to organize them today, but they are a priority. I have decided to just take off Thursday and Friday and all of next week to make sure that “Hot Ghetto Mess” is “ Hot Ghetto Gone!” Even if we do not succeed, I don’t want to look back on this time in my life and think that I didn’t give it everything I had at the time.

I want to thank all of my Black blogging brethren for staying on top of this issue. There is some really good writing out there. Y’all know I like to do my “What Black Bloggers Are Saying” posts. The opposition to the abomination that is BET's "Hot Ghetto Mess" isn't just coming from What About Our Daughters? Here we go:

You have got to read "We Aren't All Ghetto, Reggie" over at Nat Turner's Revenge. "This show isn't a cultural microscope, and no, it won't be about dialog or debate. Negro, please!!! It will be about ratings, showcasing and fostering even worse behavior and fostering voyeurism by our own people. You want to do something meaningful then put the news shows and documentaries back ON. No? I didn't think so."

Afronerd got into a running online skirmish with Reginald Hudlin on an unrelated matter. However, you can see why BET hasn't canceled "Hot Ghetto Mess" yet. He thinks bloggers and other people online are a joke or a vocal minority. I told y'all Harvard didn't hand him out a helping of common sense. All this goodness and light that the Hudlin is getting in the media is a departure from Hudlin's online personality prior to this controversy. He's not a very nice man. In fact he's crude and rude. Who is the one who is "Ghetto"?

Why Black Women Are Angry ( Y'all she's not really angry.) She isn't convinced with Donaldson and BET's excuses either. "All this ridiculous form of reasoning merely sounds like rich Black people trying to feel better about themselves for capitalizing on the worst of us. How would we feel if white people produced this about us? " She points out that no other group of folks would tolerate this. "The sad thing about all this is you can't tell me we, as Black people, don't understand the powerful impact of images. Sometimes it seems the people at BET just don't care."

LaFemme Americaine Noire points out that it is the height of hypocrisy for BET to now try to position itself as the arbiter of good taste. In her post BET is a " Hot Ghetto Mess," she brings up BET's sordid history. "BET itself is a hot ghetto mess! All one needs to do is think about the shows they've presented over the last 7-10 years as so-called "entertainment". From classics such as Uncut and College Hill, BET has outdone itself with programming that consistently shows the very worst in the African American community. They have no problem with airing music videos and promoting artists with misogynistic messages. They got rid of their news division because it supposedly wasn't profitable enough and replaced those shows with low brow nonsense. Yet they have NERVE to air a program that tries to tell other people to do better?"

Natalie over at What About Us, Mommy? Give us a shout out. "I am sick and tired of seeing the same BS on TV day in and day out and people making money off of it. As Black people, we need to say no." Thanks Natalie!

Toxic Shock "If BET is supposed to be for African Americans, can't they take the high road and support change, rather than perpetuating a cycle that encourages prison culture, pimps and ho's, and is anti-woman and anti-education?"

Karsh over at Black Gay Blogger heard our SOS- "Right now, this blog is campaigning very heavily against BET’s new series "Hot Ghetto Mess" and serves pretty much as a clarion call to action through the Black blogosphere. Surf on over and help out, would ya?" Thanks Karsh!

The American Race was one of our earliest supporters and they still have our back. "Right now I just want to say I "told you so" that Gina would be an "impact player." She started in April, right after the "iMuss" compelled her to "do something."

The Electronic Villiage points our how ridiculous it is that two college educate black people are choosing to exploit the Black people least able to defend themselves. he isn't buying Jamilla Donaldson's story that she is in it to help folks. "She is no better than a street corner pimp in my view."

Reporters you don't just have to talk to me. Here are a number of voices in opposition. Each with their own unique perspective. I'll try to do another one of my "What Black Bloggers Are Saying" posts tomorrow evening as well.

Speaking of Black bloggers.. Read this story and tell me if you notice ANYTHING missing? THIS is why you need to go to Blogging While Brown.

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Help Is On the Way

I can't go into it all right now, but a coordinated inter-generational campaign of online and offline activists the likes of which the world has never seen is being amassed to nip this FOOLISHNESS in the bud. (Okay, y'all know I am prone to hyperbole, but I think that might actually be accurate). We haven't been abandoned. They just don't move as fast as we want them to sometimes.

I'll tell y'all the rest this evening. Be encouraged and keep calling and writing.

It is time for Debra Lee to decide if "Hot Ghetto Mess" is worth the onslaught that is about to be unleashed.

FYI. If you would be willing to talk to a reporter about your feelings on Hot Ghetto Mess. E-mail me your full name and telephone number so I can pass it on to them.

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We're at DEFCON 2 - Yes, We Have to Attempt to Reach Viacom

Continue to contact your US Senators and Representative. If you need language to put in your e-mail, you can find it here in one of our previous posts.

Even though they may try to foist this off on BET, we also need to contact VIACOM's leadership. I can't believe they haven't intervened in this foolishness and told Reginald Hudlin to go sit down somewhere. Tell them you have a problem with them broadcasting a show that is the derivative of a website that contains rampant nudity, photographs of very young children being abused and neglected, and is being used as a tool for internet bullies to torment teenagers. Tell them that you have a problem with Viacom using a racist cartoon character to promote a TV show.

Here is an internet contact form, ( I selected "Viewer Services and "BET Networks") but I tried to track down info so that you could call and e-mail members of the board as well.

Ask them to please intervene and stop BET from airing the dehumanizing "Hot Ghetto Mess" on July 25th. Tell them that we've contacted advertisers, they've pulled out, but BET is still unrelenting.

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 258-6000 ( They will try to pass you off to BET. I promise. Ask for the President and CEO's office. At least try to ascertain if they even KNOW about HGM)

Remember, that these folks don't work FOR Viacom. They are high level people in their own right. You can see the text of my e-mail over at The War on Black Women, our overflow site ( I get long winded on occasion)

Blyth J. McGarvie, 757-345-3595
William Schwartz -
Sheri Redstone - - 781-461-1600( the email is a guess, but my e-mail hasn't come back undeliverable)
Robert K. Kraft ( still looking)
Thomas Dooley ( still looking)
George Abrams ( still looking)
Charles E. Phillips ( President of Oracle. Still looking for contact info. He's a Hampton and NYU grad anybody got access to the one of those schools' alumni databases?)

Check out this awesome article written by Mo Kelly- " BET: Staying True to Its Ghetto Mess Legacy" Yesterday was a good press day for BET. Aided by members of the Los Angeles press corp, they tried to make it seem as if once again, anyone who dares criticisms is irrational or paranoid. Mo'Kelly explains why BET only has itself to blame for our legitimate distrust.

UPDATE(AM): Reading the BET press release disguised as an AP wire report by LYNN ELBER of the AP BEVERLY HILLS, I thought that reporters had given Hudlin a pass at the TCAs. NOt so fast, my friends, the real deal is beginning to emerge. BET didn't do so awesome afterall. Check out the accompanying photo of Jam Donaldson. This ain't that kind of site. I'll leave this one to my much more talented entertainment blogging brethren.

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Call TO Action - All Hands On Deck

We have to seriously consider the possibility that there are actually companies who are willing to associate their brands with something called " Hot Ghetto Mess" based on an internet bully's website and whose logo is a blackface cartoon.

This show is now a very attractive prospect for some morally bankrupt companies. If the plug does not get pulled, this may very well be one of the most highly rated shows in the history of cable television. That may be an irresistible proposition for some advertiser.

We can't wait until the 26th to start organizing public demonstrations and protests. We have to start planning now for a course of action. Feel free to throw in your suggestions. But here are a few of mine:

1. We need someone with some graphic design and video editing experience. The minute "Hot Ghetto Mess" goes off the air there needs to be a YouTube response something to the effect of Company X thinks Black People are a HOT GHETTO MESS" OR "Hot Ghetto Mess was Brought to you by Company X" or " Company X doesn't care about our daughters." Etc. E-mail me at whataboutourdaughters at gmail dot com. We are going to hit them with a multi media onslaught that will make Jib Jab and Hillary 1984 look like a Disney cartoon.

2. We also need to have people in all timezones and regions watch the show and record all advertisers including local and regional ads and the specific product advertised, the time etc.

3. We are going to send out an Action Alert as soon as we have the list complied and target the local branch of any corporation who advertises on "Hot Ghetto Mess" We'll need someone who is adept at drafting press releases to come up with something to send to the local media in all of the cities where protests are planned. So if a certain car insurance company decides to purchase an ad on "Hot Ghetto Mess" the we'll pick a local branch and focus on it. Whether the agent knew about the show or not! If BET ends up using ads from psychic hotlines, internet gambling, liquor companies, or check cashing places, then target the headquarters of the local cable provider perhaps target them anyway.

4. So we need to start setting up Meet-up groups or something similar all over the country. You have to start organizing in your individual cities NOW. Chicago, DC, Dallas, Iowa City, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta. Everywhere where you can get five concerned citizens together to go hold up a placard. I need someone to volunteer to spearhead this.

5. We might even think about focusing on the local cable provider BEFORE "Hot Ghetto Mess" premieres.

If you see something on this list that you think you can do. Leave a comment in this thread and send me an e-mail.

I STILL can't believe that this is happening to us.

I REALLY didn't want to do anything too structured. This site was only supposed to an information source. One lone individual doing her thing in her free time. Observing the Iron Rule. How on earth did we end up in a battle with one of the most powerful media empires on the planet? LIFE HAPPENS!

In the meantime, you HAVE to call or e-mail ALL THREE of your Congressional Legislators. That means your US Representative and BOTH of your US Senators . EVEN IF YOU DON”T LIKE THEM. EVEN if they belong to a party you are not too pleased with right now.

SUGGESTED LANGUAGE FOR YOUR EMAILS (Courtesy Of One of My Readers. Thanks!)
To the Honorable (Your Representatives first and last name here),As a young African American woman and mother (or man/ father), I can no longer stand for the ill conceived programming that cable channels such as BET are broadcasting daily. Coming soon is BET's "Hot Ghetto Mess" that they describe as a "car wreck you can't look away from" in its depictions of African Americans circumstances that leave much to be desired. It is this reason that I support ala carte cable (cable choice). I refuse to let my cable subscription pay for programming that continues to create and reinforce damaging stereotypical images of Black men, women and children with far- reaching effects. I ask that you urge your colleagues in the House and Senate to support the The Family and Consumer Choice Act of 2007 introduced by Rep. Lipinski in June. Thank You,(Your Name)

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