What the Heck is "Economic Abuse"?-Allstate Foundation Blogger Initiative

Okay normally I would have chucked this email in the ole' annoying publicist email trash can of doom, but I am always surprised when publicists A) bother to address me by name (you'd be surprised how many do not in their mass emails and b) actually send me an email promoting something that my audience is interested in. Today, June 30th, the Allstate Foundation is attempting to raise awareness of "Economic Abuse." We're all familiar with economic abuse already, we just didn't give it a name. Its basically where an abuser controls you through finances. As a child I remember quite clearly that my Mama had "HER" own credit union account :) She even took us to credit union meetings. The parental unit also had the joint banking account, but I think without intending to, she basically taught us to have a bank account that was OURs even when we got married. From the Allstate Foundation:

Economic abuse is a tactic commonly used by abusers to control their victims’ finances and prevent them from leaving a dangerous relationship. However, the survey also revealed nearly eight out of 10 Americans link economic abuse to Wall Street woes or irresponsible spending. “Many people associate domestic violence with physical cuts and bruises, but bruises on your credit score and being cut off from access to money, create lasting scars that make it hard, if not impossible, for abuse victims to recover,” said Jennifer Kuhn, manager of the Economics Against Abuse Program at The Allstate Foundation. “For victims of domestic violence, economic abuse is much more personal - and dangerous.” To better educate Americans about this often overlooked aspect of domestic violence, The Allstate Foundation provides the following signs to recognize economic abuse: • Taking money, credit card or property from a partner without their permission • Racking up debt without a partner’s knowledge • Purposely ruining a partner’s credit score • Forbidding a partner from earning money or attending school • Being forced by a partner to hand over paychecks • Cancelling insurance or credit cards without the partner’s knowledge • Harassing a partner at work to negatively impact a job “A downturn in the economy impacts us all, but it disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable members of society, including domestic violence survivors,” said Rene Renick, director of program and operations at The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). “Now more than ever it’s important that domestic violence survivors build economic skills to overcome financial instability, a major barrier to escape and stay out of an abusive situation.” The Allstate Foundation, in partnership with NNEDV, recently developed a Financial Empowerment Curriculum to help victims achieve financial independence. The Financial Empowerment Curriculum includes financial tools and information designed to enable survivors of domestic abuse to fully understand their financial circumstances, as well as engage in shortterm and long-term planning (e.g., budgeting tools, step-by-step planners, tips, etc.) to accomplish their personal goals. “Our goal is to raise awareness about how economic empowerment can lead to a safe and financially secure future,” said Kuhn. “With resources like the Financial Empowerment Curriculum, we’re providing tools to domestic violence survivors and others who may need financial guidance in these tough economic times.” The user-friendly curriculum is available in a variety of formats, including hard copy, Spanishlanguage, DVD and downloadable versions at www.ClickToEmpower.org. Also available are elearning modules to help people of all incomes and earning power work toward long-term economic empowerment. Other national survey findings include: • More than three-quarters of Americans (76 percent) believe the poor economy has made it more difficult for victims of domestic violence, and two-thirds (66 percent) believe it has caused an increase in domestic violence. • 44 percent say the most difficult barrier to leaving an abusive relationship is financial security. • Almost 60 percent of Americans don’t see a connection between harassing a partner at work and economic abuse, even if it may cost the victim their job and ultimately limiting income. About the National Poll The Allstate Foundation “Crisis: Economics and Domestic Violence” poll was a nationwide telephone survey of 708 Americans conducted in May 2009 by Murphy Marketing Research. The survey sample was generated by random digit dialing and represents a margin of error of +/- 3.7 percentage points. The survey sample was designed to closely mirror the breakdown of the current U.S. population with 10 percent African-American and 10 percent Hispanic respondents. For the full survey results, please visit www.ClickToEmpower.org.
You should consider reading the entire study.

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An Open Letter to Parents re Posthumous Press Conferences- Do NOT Pull a "Joe Jackson"

Dear Parental Unit, I know this goes without saying, but I just want to stipulate the following requests for the record.   In the event that I should predecease you:

  • Under no circumstances is any preacher by the last name of Sharpton or Jackson to be in the general vicinity or camera shot with you at any Posthumous Press conference.
  • Under no circumstances are more than one lawyer allowed to speak on behalf of the estate.
  • Last but certainly not least, under no circumstances are you to use said posthumous Press Conference to promote a record label, a clothing line, fragrance, deluxe grill, bootleg DVDs, rental property, fruit, inkjet toner refills or any other commercial venture.
Eternally Your Child, The What About Our Daughters Commissioner of Chicanery & Foolishness Prevention. PPS. Don't let me see y'all in the audience at the BET Awards either!!! (**leaves to make some revisions to the will regarding disinheritance upon appearance on any BET-related show.**) I thought these things went without saying, but Joe Jackson, Father of Micheal Jackson,  has ruined it for all parents hoping to use a press conference regarding the mysterious death of their children. Katherine Jackson, it ain't 1975 anymore, get cha' boy PLEASE!

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