Genarlow Wilson, Dunbar Village and the Duggars: The Messages We Send To Girls posted a piece, In Duggar Scandal a Troubling Message to Girls.   I thought the point Cathering Pearlman made about the Duggars and their supporters was on point.

This is basically what the supporters of the sexual predators( Genarlow Wilson, Dunbar Village, etc,., we've covered over the years have been saying to Black women and girls. I read this in an article about the Duggars. Never watched the show or saw the appeal. Saw a TON of this type of thing when I interned in a courtroom in rural NC.

"The message to the victims, and to girls everywhere, is clear: You are not protected. Telling authorities what happened to you will neither protect you from its happening again nor bring your assailant to justice; men and boys are more valued and you should defer to what is best for them; blame yourself and do it silently." Cathering Pearlman,

Basically this is why we drive Genarlow Wilson apologists crazy. How dare we ask about the girls in the case! Oh the horror in caring about Black girls < /sarcasm>

The girls in this case aren't even a part of the conversation when  you hear from Duggar supporters. It is like it never crossed their minds that there has been ACTUAL DAMAGE DONE. Sexual abuse is not a "victimless" crime. And when the perpetrator hasn't suffered any real consequence other than embarassment later in life, we really don't owe the predator anything. He's already been given a great deal by escaping punishment.

All of the mandatory reporters in who knew about this and didn't report it, should be prosecuted.