DEFAMED! During the Superbowl- Check Out Pepsi's Anti-Black Woman Propaganda

Don't you just love what they folks at Pepsi thinks is "funny." Let's see, how do you open up your Superbowl commercial line-up?? Oh yes, by defaming Black women and tap dancing and wallowing and gleefully perpetuating the stereotype of the angry Black woman who kicks, slaps, and otherwise physically attacks her husband and concludes by committing a violent physical assault on a Blond haired blue eyed White woman.


Yep, the folks at Doritios are really proud of their anti- Black woman propaganda.

And the first @PepsiMAX ad... "Love Hurts" It took more than 40 takes to get that last shot...ouch! #crashthesuperbowl twitter


Clearly no Black people with a conscience work there.  So in review angry, violent, insecure, remorseless, Black women is how Pepsi views those of us who go to work every day and purchase their products.  Racism, Domestic Violence, and Hate Crimes, all to sell  soda.