DEFAMED....Again- SNL's The Bride of Blackenstein

Here is your daily dose of Black-woman-defamation courtesy of Saturday Night Live and gendered suicide bomber Nicki Minaj.   Its a skit called the "Bride of Blackenstein"


Yeah, I thought y'all would find this just as funny as I did... not.  To be clear, SNL would not have gone near this if there were three step & fetch it Knee-Grows soft-shoeing their way to the tune of this tomfoolery and coonery. The ultimate goal is to make sure Black women KNOW their place, which is at the bottom of to totem pole. Nicki Minaj's goal is to make sure she's at the top of the bottom of the totem pole.

Faith and Halima did a duo of posts about the defamation of Black women and how it impacts the quality of our lives. I of course generally dissent from declaring that the Regime of Bullets, Booty, and Bling are the ""Black Perspective" because I think that cedes them entirely too much territory, but I think this segment of Black America, the predatory, exploitive, cultural cannibalism does equal the destruction/ oppression of Black women:



As always, the comments are just as interesting a read as the posts.