Angel Taylor - Search for the Black Taylor Swift Part 5

In December, I asked WAOD readers to help me find a Black woman who was a singer songwriter along the lines of Taylor Swift. Read Where is Our Taylor Swift So during the entire month of February, we're featuring the young women recommended by your fellow WAOD readers. Therefore if any of the artists have raunchy lyrics hidden under a rock somewhere, blame your fellow WAOD readers!

Up next is Angel Taylor. Now she ranks up there with Priscilla Renea in my music preferences, at least based on this one single, “Not Even Human.” I don’t like a lot of horse whining and excessive falssetto runs. She kinda reminds me of a Joanie Mitchell / Anita Baker with a hint of Michelle Branch.

She probably comes the closest lyrically to Taylor Swift than any of the other contenders so far. By that I mean unrequited love and teenage/young adult angst.

THE PERIOD OF SUGGESTIONS IS CLOSED! So don't email me all these wonderful artists that you now want included. The posts have already been written in advance and no additional artists or modifications will be made. Just take note the next time I ask you to give me names, and participate.