What Other Black Bloggers Are Saying About the West Virginia Torture Case.... Dunbar Village Update...and Go Chill Out In Front of Debra Lee's House

Dunbar Village Updates
I have some Dunbar Village updates (because if we don't do it, nobody else will.). The last major thing to come out of THAT CITY was a dog and pony show-like tour of the projects by guv'ment officials. From which absolutely nothing has resulted other than a bunch of sniping and no "action."The City of West Palm Beach, Florida is still stuck on stupid almost 4 months after a 35 year-old woman was brutally gang raped by ten African American teens and forced to perform a sex act on her own child at gunpoint. At the time, we all were asking..How on earth did something like this happen? How could her neighbors listen to this woman and her child scream for three hours and not call 911. How could one of this woman's neighbors say "So what a lady got raped...crime happens here all the time." Well folks we are seeing irrefutable proof that there is something in the water in Florida. The Mayor, Lois Frankel isn't the only one whose performance in this matter is way past poor.

Following the international spotlight landing on their city for this heinous crime, the city commissioners moved into "action" and set up a private security patrol in a place the residents called "hell on earth." Now the money is running out and folks are fighting over funding more security. Now mind you these folks can't even install light bulbs in the street lamps of Dunbar Village, the residents live in Florida without air conditioning despite air conditioners being donated and the Police Chief, Delsa Bush has said that a $1,000 reward is sufficient to induce people into providing information on the remaining six gang rapists that are running around West Palm Beach, four months later.

So where are we now. The city commissioner will be meeting with the Housing Authority on September 19th, WAOD will have boots on the ground as our Guest Contributor Symphony from the blog, Essential Presence has been invited to attend. So we'll give y'all the latest when it goes down. Currently, the WPB Town Council was balking at paying $40,000 for continuing security patrols in Dunbar Village. remember these are the people who recently approved 40 MILLION dollars for a tourist boardwalk. Call Florida's Governor, Charlie Crist and ask him why he isn't weighing in on the zoo-like atmosphere in WPB? These folks are citizens of the State of Florida as well. You can reach him at:850-488-4441


The Black Blogoshpere was all over the attack in West Virginia yesterday. As usual, even our entertainment and gossip bloggers used their highly visible platforms to alert folks about the horror. Concrete Loop, Bossip, Sandra Rose, and Roland Martin all did posts on it. So did Native Son, Mirror on America, and of course Essential Presence is all over it.

Some folks seem to think that WAOD is the only one to have a problem with THAT NETWORK, but we are not alone and new fronts in the effort to stop funding the foolishness are opening up every day.

This Saturday, the Enough is Enough coalition is planning a demonstration at the home of BET CEO Debra Lee. Pastor Coates, the leader has said that already 500 folks have RSVP'd for the demonstration. Please join them on Saturday and send me some text messages updating me.

To RSVP and learn more, go to the Enough is Enough website.

UPDATE: 9/13 More churches are joining in the demonstrations. They now have 600 folks headed to Debra Lee's house to hang out this Saturday. One of my readers in DC has GOT to go and give us a firsthand report.

Seriously... We have got to STOP FUNDING FOOLISHNESS! The cost of foolishness to too high.

I invite you all to revisit our posts, The Five Stages of Grief and the Eight Stages of Genocide. I'll be on National Public Radio on the Show News & Notes. I don't control the topics they select! Search you local NPR listings to hear then the show airs in your area.

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Black Woman Tortured and Raped For A Week in West Virginia - Open Season on Black women continues.

Essential Presence has all of the gory details.

Besides being sexually assaulted, the victim had been stabbed four times in the left leg and beaten, Porter said. Both of her eyes were black and blue. The woman's wounds were inflicted at least a week ago, deputies said.

During her capture, the victim was forced to eat rat and dog feces and drink from the toilet, according to the criminal complaint filed in magistrate court. The woman also had been choked with a cable cord and her hair cut, it alleges.

One of those arrested, Karen Burton, is accused of cutting the woman's ankle with a knife. She used the N-word in telling the woman she was victimized because she is black, according to the criminal complaint.

Deputies say the woman was also doused with hot water while being sexually assaulted. Source

Not in Africa or Bosnia or Central America, in THIS country! Open season on Black women! This will probably be ignored just like Dunbar Village, but there is hope because this time the SIX assailants were White so maybe THAT will get attention from the League of the Immorally Indifferent and the media. I got three letters for y'all C.H.L. I was going to avoid doom and gloom on today because September 11th already makes me sad, but I got three e-mails about it, so it couldn't wait till tomorrow. Thanks WAOD readers (Symphony, Tracey, Phil) for the heads up. I appreciate y'all.

UPDATE:Welcome readers.

Folks, apparently through some quirk of fate's AP story about this West Virginia story is pointing people at this blog temporarily. That is why you are seeing comments from folks you have never seen before and a lot of folks who are saying that we shouldn't be making a big fuss about the lack of coverage crimes against Black women receive. Sure and the AP covered the initial story, but what about a week from now? Will this woman get Elizabeth Smart coverage? Has the Dunbar Village case gotten additional coverage three month's out with six out of ten gang rapists still running around Florida?

Is any news organization covering the fact that NOW, the NAACP, Rainbow PUSH, Rev. Al, Rev. Jesse, Obama, Clinton, Edwards and etc. have all ignored the plight of the poor Black women in West Palm Beach, FL who were forced to live in a placed they called "Hell On Earth?"

Regarding the Knoxville case. I too read about that case and even commented on it on another blog. It kept me up at night too. In fact I have always suspected that the Dunbar Village rapists were copycats of the Knoxville case because they are very similar. So those who are upset about the lack of coverage about Knoxville. I share your ire. Something is going on in this country where we have the weaponization of rape similar to what you expect to find in some third world country on the uptick and mainstream media is quick to put on 24 hour coverage of Michael Vick and is Britney's career over and what did Paris Hilton wear to prison today.

But before you dismiss our legitimate concern that horrific crimes against Black women go underreported, let me ask you this... Have you ever heard of Sakia Gunn? We're not just lamenting this case. We already know what is going to happen. We're not just saddened over Dunbar Village, but over Newark, and Chancey Bailey, Stepha Henry, and Sakia Gunn( This was in Newark too. The Accompanying article lists another horrific crime committed against an 11 year old girl by 19 men and boys! Jesus! Just. Just. Jesus!). Folks are ticked off over Marcie Crane, Kireasha Pam Linkhome, Shirley Geanes, Latoya Natasha Thomas, Dymashal Lashon Cullins, Tyesha Patrice bell, Daphne Philisia Jones, Tamika Antoinette Huston, and all the other Black women that go missing while MSNBC focuses on what Paris Hilton is wearing when she goes to jail.

So temporarily, our tiny little blog is getting traffic from, we hope you understand that this is one of the few places on the planet where we do highlight the War on Black Women. We hope you don't begrudge us this teeny tiny space in the world of 24 hour coverage of Britney, Paris and Lindsey.

To my readers, here we go again, please go back and review our post on The Five Stages of Grief. I hope it helps y'all. Yes, another bad thing happened, but babies are still being born, children still play, you'll still laugh and experience joy and I think most people want to live honorable lives and follow the Golden Rule. If we want CNN, MSNBC, and FOXNEWS to keep covering the story beyond an AP snippet, then we have to demand it. No one else is going to do it for us.

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Where Were You the Day Hell Rained Down From the Sky? What Black Bloggers Are Saying

*** Warning, the following will mention faith, possibly religion. As always PLEASE DON'T PROSELYTIZE in the comments! Y'all always do anyway, but that won't stop me from making the request anyway. My Mama is already on the case, okay. She's got me all prayed up with extra to spare. I'm set.****

I know that today is the day 50 Cent and Kanye West's albums come out and their album sales, Britney Spear's Performance at the VMAs and whether Beyonce (we're giving her the benefit of the doubt) meant what she said when she said she is "jealous" she wasn't born Latina are what people will be obsessed with today, but I want to take us back to September 11, 2001 if you don't mind. This YouTube video has a perspective you probably haven't seen.

I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I was pulling in to the parking lot on my first day of a temp. assignment when Russ Parr said a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I didn't think anything of it. I thought it was one of those little tiny crop duster planes. It was after all, the World Trade Center, how bad could it be?

You might not remember what the late 90's were like, but for people in my age group, it was the era when everything we touched turned to gold. Folks graduating from B-school with six figure signing bonuses.Dot come millionaires. Everybody was headed to a start up or helping to start a start up. The era when we could pick a President based on who people wanted to have a beer with. Do y'all remember that poll? The cold war was over. Whippee! I was arrogant, young and foolish. ( Some of you think I still am... Imagine me now... Just worse!) Then WHAM! That wasn't a little plane and WHAM there was another the WHAM! Another and then WHAM! Another!

The world stood still horrified as we watched people jump from the top of a skyscraper.....but this was no movie... they couldn't fly. They'll never hit DC. They have missiles to shoot things out of the air I heard. WHAM. Um no, that would be a NO! I know people in DC! Are they okay? Who is next? Are we? Did the building just come down? Go fill up on gas because we will be out tomorrow, the folks in the office said. And then there were the Nostradamus prophecies. Did any of y'all get those via e-mail.

Then later as family members took to the street wondering aimlessly holding up photographs. Photos of lost loved ones everywhere. When it comes down to it, isn't that all that matters? Who will look for you if you're missing or gone? -- not a freaking IPO.

Sound Byte Religion Not Enough
I am absolutely certain that those 19 hijackers' beliefs were absolutely wrong. Certain they were wrong. If they were so wrong and were willing to take so many lives as a result, could I be wrong too? What did I believe? Why did I believe it? What do you believe? Why do you believe it?

Yes, you CAN be too stressed to be blessed and sometimes, the Lord doesn't make a way. I didn't want to hear no madness about the Prayer of Jabez increasing my territory when I am watching people jump from a skyscraper or watch a 100 story building plunge to the ground knowing that there are people inside! So I was sitting in church ( It was not Bedside Baptist where our leader is the Rev. Dr. A. Larm Clock, Sr.), one Sunday shortly thereafter and I literally couldn't listen to another "The Lord Will Make A Way.Pray Pray Pray!" sermon. I figured I had better high tail it outta there before I started blaspheming or heckling the preacher from the balcony. It was a serious possibility. If God was up there then surely God had us on call waiting.

The Universe is magnanimous enough to accept that I'm human and flawed and I have imperfect faith. No one ever promised us that our lives would be without tragedy or pain. Through my own little journey chilling out in the wilderness, I learned that sadness is as legitimate as happiness, suffering is as legitimate as joy, failure is as legitimate as success. What or who you believe in or don't believe in, is no panacea. There is no cosmic Burger King where you "have it your way." I grew up and realized that life does not always go according to plan, you don't always get what you deserve, and sometimes THAT is a good thing. The Universe may make a way, but the path may require walking through the valley of the shadow of death, not a yellow brick road and sometimes, it is not a short little trip up to the corner store.

September 11,2001 made me question the government's ability to keep me safe, Hurricane Katrina confirmed that belief. In the end we are all responsible for taking care of ourselves and our families because if the worst happens, the government is going to take a hot minute to get its self together, if at all. Forget what you heard about 72 hours. The new literature says TWO WEEKS!

If you had to flee your city at a moment's notice, how would you get out? If you have kids in school, who would evacuate them? Have you ever seen a copy of your child's school's emergency plan? Do they have one? How would you communicate if the phones were jammed? Would you get stuck in traffic? Run out of gas? Be able to function without electricity for several weeks? Where would you go if you had to flee? What would you take with you and how do you keep somebody else from taking it from you? Check out Don't let US be the only ones that don't have a clue. Other folks are preparing. Are you? Do you know what TEOTWAWKI is? Up until today, I didn't. YIKEs! Seriously, be prepared. I am not prepared according to Captain Dave's Survival Guide.They might sound crazy, but I have the feeling that they'll be maxing and relaxing while we're running for our lives. BTW, the likelihood of TEOTWAWKI went up 14 points in less than 12 hours. Um what does Captain Dave know that we don't?

Lots of folks have given their own meaning to September 11, 2001. Where were you the day that Hell rained down from the sky? When you first heard the news, what did you think? How did it change your life? Let that marinate and leave it in the comments.

**It is early so I haven't seen another Black blogger who has posted about 911, but if they do, I'll try to add a link***

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Someone Else Declares There is a War on Black Women...The "Concubine Conspiracy".. Cancel the Essence Subscription

I know. I know. Imagine my surprise when I saw the title of this article in Black Star News called "The War on Black Women." I called it all the way back in April, but it looks like traditional media is starting to get a clue after say 20 YEARS. It is actually a very good article chronicling some of the foolishness that has happened since Imus. They mention a certain D-list comedian.

Yes, I tend to be melodramatic and engage in occasional hyperbole on this little blog, but when I say that there is a War on Black Women, I mean it. We need to work as hard to introduce that terminology into the lexicon in the way that the "Black man in crisis" or "endangered Black male" have been embedded into the collective consciousness. It isn't that Black men aren't catching hell, but Black women are catching hell too.

In the words of Jill Scott, life has "been hard on [us] too." That's all

When was the last time you heard about the crisis of the young Black female? About the only crisis MSM focuses on related to Black women, at least the ones that get on the front of Newsweek covers and an article in every issue of Essence magazine, is the fact that because we've gone off to college and gotten an education, we're doomed! Yes. Doomed to die old, alone and childless and be eaten alive by our nine cats.

The systematic dehumanization of Black women in popular culture is a WAR and it has CONSEQUENCES. Because we're LESS THAN, when we go missing, nobody cares.. for long. When we're dying in droves from a preventable STD... not newsworthy. When we're claiming the American Dream in large numbers, that's a bad thing because now you gone end up old, childless and alone.

Concubine Conspiracy

"I Be Concubining"

Folks, those are the words of 25 year-old Rickey Lackey expectant father of six before a judge about to sentence him for defrauding a bank.

For reasons passing understanding, he regaled the court with the news that he was about to close a three million dollar deal that would net him $300,000.00 up front. In an apparent bid for leniency, he also informed the court that he had six babies on the way. The judge, doing a double-take, asked him if he was engaged to marry a woman with six kids. His answer, soon to be published in the next edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: "No, I be concubining" (i.e., with numerous women). Wisely, Lackey's lawyer made his client clam up. Incredibly, the judge later said she let the matter drop as not relevant to the proceedings. SOURCE
Now folks, don't think that Rickey here is an aberration, oh no my friends, "I be concubining" has gone mainstream. The Concubine Conspiracy can find no greater friend than Essence Magazine.

Because we're less than, we ought not to be so outrageous as to wait for an offer of marriage before popping out three kids by the same man. Oh no, we ought to rent out our wombs as part of the "concubine conspiracy" (copyright WAOD September 10,2007. Yeah, I'm claiming it!)so that Essence magazine can put us on the cover of an issue called "No Ordinary Love" waxing poetic about why you still with a man that will impregnate you repeatedly, but won't make you his wife. ( Yeah, went. there. again.) While he is running all over the place sowing his wild oats apparently impregnating other women too.

When the "ordinary love" goes *poof* as if the fiction ever existed in the first place, Essence turns around and gives you more free space to advertise the virtues of renting out your womb. As if you are victorious for having to pack up your kids AGAIN and flee your home in a clandestine operation the likes of which the CIA could not pull off with such precision. You get an entire article when y'all part ways for the 1003th time telling us all about yo baby daddy impregnating yet another girl down in Atlanta. Who cares? Really Essence WHO CARES?

Essence if you want to do some real reporting, go out and find some Black men who actually marry the mothers of their children. Put them on the cover. They are out there yet we wouldn't know it from reading your magazine. That's investigative reporting right there! Interview a couple thats been together for more than five years, put them on the cover. Why not? Well because that doesn't fit the script for popular culture dominated by the Hip Hop industrial complex. In the that realm, women aren't just less than, they're the enemy. Despite the fact that they have enough lawyers to draft fifteen thousand prenuptial agreements, De' Ebil Black woman is trying to stick em for their paper.

Since all of these moguls want to be Billionaires... Let me ask you this. How many Non black Billionaires in the world have children, that they claim(yes, I went there Prince Andrew and Stephen Bing!), but don't have a wife? Donald Trump? Nah, he married all of his babies mamas. Bill Gates, Married his Baby Mama. Rupert Murdoch, married. They even marry their mistresses (see Donald Trump and Jack Welch). And please don't talk about Brad Pitt and Angelina. Because I will come back with a laundry list of to combat them. I suspect they are married anyway and when was the last time you saw Brad Pitt up in the club swilling Crystal straight from the bottle, wrapped around another woman while the baby mama is sitting at home nursing twins? Read Bossip's Compendium of "Where is Kim Porter" posts. Oh yes, Essence Magazine. This is "No ordinary love" alright. Foolishness!

Oh and did I mention that when Essence readers got upset with the original "we don't need no stinking marriage" article about Kim Porter and P Diddy Duffy Puffy, the editor in chief had the audacity to get SALTY with Essence readers?

Folks reject the "concubine conspiracy"wherever you see it commodotized, glamorized and promoted. It is just part of the War on Black Women. We ought to start our own magazine as an answer to Essence. We ought to call it "Sense: A Publication for Black Women With Common Sense... Because Lord Knows We Need One."

Consider cancelling the Essence subscription until they bring back Susan Taylor and reinstall the grownups!
Stop funding foolishness!

UPDATE:How on EARTH did I miss Travis Henry, an NFL player with 9 kids in nine different babies mamas. Four different states and this multi-million dollar man is having problems meeting his child support obligations. What's worse than having four babies by five different men ( and naming three after an alcoholic beverage... looking at you Alize' Tang-O-Ray)? Having four babies by one man who didn't take care of the first three. Jesus.... Just. Take. the. Wheel! I am calling foolishness on all involved, the man and the women. Y'all know that if he has any money left by the time he dies, he gone end up stuck lying in his casket in the pool house for a month a la James Brown while all these half-siblings fight over whatever he got left. You know he ain't done yet. He is only 28! Essence, when you gone write a story about this fool? December is open I hear.

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Auntie O Puts On a Show...of Support for THAT CANDIDATE (My Take on the- Obama Fundraiser.Yeah, I went there!...AGAIN!))

UPDATE(9/10): Black America Web has an interesting story about a SUPPOSED gender gap between endorsements from The Black Elite Establishment..... Apparently some Black men are lining up behind Hillary Clinton and One Black Women, Oprah lines up behind Obama, thus BAW concludes thee is a gender war within the Black community. Well we'll take a declaration of War wherever we can get it.

We don't do presidential politics on this blog, but since this definitely falls under Black women claiming their power and the power of the purse, I would be remiss if I didn't do a post on Oprah throwing a 3 million dollar fund raiser for THAT CANDIDATE.

No, we don't mention THAT CANDIDATE'S name around here because of this

You see I don't have a problem with folks taking issue with the length of Genarlow Wilson's sentence, but must we engage in revisionist history and try to portray Mr. Wilson as if he was Steve Urkle and what happened in that hotel room was a scene out of Romeo and Juliet. The two girls involved have been abandoned and forgotten. The 15 year old has even been the target of threats of physical violence. The two girls never get mentioned unless it is to say that what happened was their fault. Have y'all seen portions of the video tapes that were made of these girls? I hope not because that would be child porn, but the brief clip shown during a discussion about the Wilson case makes me think that THAT CANDIDATE did not get a full briefing. "Boyfriends" don't do this to their "girlfriends." How does the 17 year old victim feel when Obama, Sharpton and their ilk are running around calling her brutal violation "consensual." I didn't know you could consent when you were passed out on the bed. Call me CRAZY! ( Some of y'all already do.)

The State of Georgia has seen fit to set an age of consent in order to have various types of sex. Mr. Wilson and his buddies had to be familiar with the term "jailbait". We grew up knowing that 15 will get you 20.

I just wonder if Auntie O knows that Obama is running around calling what happened in that hotel room as "consensual sex between a young man and his 15 year old girlfriend." I know I am an old fogie in my 30's but I ain't ever heard of a teen boy letting his "girlfriend" perform oral sex on 5 of his buddies while he holds a video camera. I can just imagine the general election campaign ads with that clip right there, and I actually liked THAT CANDIDATE. Imagine that YouTube clip juxtaposed with the clip from the video that Mr. Wilson and his buddies made of their hi jinx. Not. Going. To. Be. Pretty. Don't say moi didn't warn y'all. Immoral Indifference is so not a good look here at WAOD.

Read what I said a month ago in Where it the Outrage over R. Kelly and Genarlow Wilson ( Yeah, I Went There).
Let that marinate

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