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Protest in front of BET CEO Debra Lee's House Saturday, September 15th at NOON with 600 other folks

Folks if you live in DC, Philly, Baltimore, seriously consider taking out a few hours of you day to go chill out in front of BET CEO Debra Lee's house with about 600 other people. For more information, you can go to the Enough is Enough website.

The story has been picked up by EURWEB.

At some point, the folks at Viacom might figure out that people who criticize BET might have some legitimate concerns instead of brushing us aside as "CRAZY" or detached from reality.

Yep, anyone who disagrees with BET in any way is anti-Black and CRAZY! Reginald Hudlin said as much on his message board in response to my argument last week that BET's executives "HATE BLACK PEOPLE." In case y'all haven't figured out, for as many BET haters that read this site, I can assure you that BET employees, fans and executives monitor the tiny little site as well. paranoid much? For those wondering how I would know that Hudlin has resumed his "She's A Crazy Anti-Black Cat Lady!" routine, I noticed that ONCE again, I am getting hits from his message board. So being nosy, I had to read the latest. Now to refresh y'allz memory, Mr. Hudlin was the chief public defender of THAT SHOW and was the one who said "THAT SHOW" was "so doggone goood". The AP disagreed. I believe they called THAT SHOW, "tepid" and "tired." That is ancient history, however. Let's talk about BET's latest attempt to "teach" Black America a lesson, "Read a m)$(^#@ Book!"

Per his usual M.O., Hudlin dismisses any criticism of BET as being completely without merit or a RANT. He then trashes the CNN piece ( which I kinda have to agree with him on. Tony Harris was awful, let the guests speak. Where is Soledad when you need her?) But anyway, I want to thank BET's minions for reading this site with devotion.... Your page clicks count too. I really do want a break from y'all till January, unless you do something else stupid, which is highly likely! I waited weeks before I delved into the whole "Read a Book" foolishness just to avoid the headache. Here's what Reggie has to say about us this week:

That woman [THAT WOULD BE ME!]is disconnected from reality. One of the first things Debra Lee did when she took the reins of BET is to cancel BET UNCUT. And she won't acknowledge it because it undermines her rant.

Yes, the director of the animated short and creator of the song were intelligent and well spoken...too bad the "moderator" was anything but. That was the most biased piece of reporting I've seen in a while. The low point had to be when the director was saying how he, like a lot of kids grew up reading MAD and CRACKED, so don't presume kids don't understand satire...and "host" jumps in and threatens to cut his mike off......

Malcolm X, Richard Pryor and Jonathan Swift could have appeared in support of READ A BOOK and it would not have made a difference.

Reginald Hudlin, From the Hudlin Entertainment Message Board

Oh poor downtrodden and picked on BET? It must be so hard to be you. Boo. Hoo. Let's review the record shall we?

“It was a great show for a segment of our audience, it was always controversial because it took videos to a different level,” said BET CEO Debra Lee yesterday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, CA. “Because of all the new programming we’re doing, my view was it was time for that show to end.”
Debra Lee Speaking About the end of Uncut.

Took videos to a different level? Hmm is that what you call BET Uncut. So Debra Lee, Black Jesus' "What Dat Smell Like?" is your idea of taking videos to another level? Or perhaps it was " I got that Drank" that you thought was taking videos to a higher plane. Or Debbie, was it "Fresh Pair of Panties?" Folks, that is who Viacom has in charge of their 3 Billion Dollar Burro.

Note a pattern here. Even when they screw up, they won't admit to it. THEy are the ones who won't "acknowledge" legitimate concerns from Black people. When students at Spelman were in an uproar about Uncut and some of BET's other programming selections, Debra Lee was the one that arrogantly flicked the students' legitimate concerns aside and said BET was doing better than ever because BET was making more money than ever. She was still touting the virtues of Uncut even as she pulled the cord. Doesn't sound convincing to me? Notice she didn't say "BET Uncut was insulting and degrading to a large number of the members of our target audience and I find it inappropriate and it will not continue under my leadership."

Hudlin's posters, seem to think that I have said that BET Uncut is still on the air. I never said that and I link to the encyclopedia article indicating that it was taken off air. What I did say was that the decision-makers that aired Uncut for SIX YEARS are still there, INCLUDING DEBRA LEE. So no, I ain't gone trust the folks that brought us Cita's World and BET Uncut to be trying to encourage Black folks to read a book. You need to do a PSA called " Throw a Brick Through Your TV! So You Can't See our Tawdry Programming!"

Anytime Mr. Hudlin wants to take on the CRAZY CAT LADY from WAOD, he is welcome. We'll have a whole Special Edition of the Black Womens' Round Table where he can take apart each and every one of my arguments. Not. Going. To. Happen. Why? Because our arguments aren't CRAZY! They're valid. You might not agree with them, but they aren't completely without any basis and he knows that. That is why he keeps dismissing public dissatisfaction. That's why his supporters and employees stoop to libel. The bigger they are.....

Maybe BET would benefit from recognizing that those who disagree with their programming decisions aren't a bunch of crazy Black folks out to"bully BET," as one of their employees has stated. Maybe folks have a legitimate belief that your channel has done and continues to do considerable harm to the Black community. Maybe at some point you'll get that every complaint isn't a "rant". Probably not because up to this point, you haven't been acting very bright( Just for clarification, I just called him stupid y'all). But that just makes things easy for the CRAZY folk. BET keeps pitching 5 mph balls over the plate. Don't be surprised if someone takes a swing.

So when can we expect the next BET PSA Reggie? What is the topic going to be? "Don't Do Drugs?" " Look Both Ways Before Crossing?" "Stop Drop and Roll" " Don't talk to Strangers?"

Keep 'em coming BET Geniuses! But could you mind holding off until January 2008? I am sooo tired of talking about your lunacy, I really need more time to "Read a m&*$^*&@ Book!"

BTW. If We're all CRAZY, apparently your sponsors are CRAZY too, because they seem to realize, unlike you, that some of your programming decisions are well past poor. As far as being anti-Black, Who was it that thought it would be a wonderful idea to parade a bunch of poor Black folks on international cable television and brand them all with a derogatory label so that in their shame and humiliation they could learn to "DO Better?" Who was it that thought a blackface cartoon would make a good punchline? That would be YOU!

Until next time....I can assure y'all there WILL be a NEXT TIME.

P.S. I keep trying to tell y'all that this is the beginning of a movement. This is not going away, it is only getting bigger and the internet is helping to connect folk for change.

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If You're Not Angry Too, You Just Haven't Been Paying Attention: Friday Week in Review

Whew this week is over, but not without controversy as we are prone to wade into on occasion. We ain't "Blog of the Year for Nothing" around here. I also want to take this opportunity to announce that the WAOD Disgruntled Readers Support Group will begin meeting at 5:00PM on Sundays in the fellowship hall of the Bedside Baptist Church, where the Rev. Dr. A. Larm Clock, Sr. is Pastor.

We started off what we thought was going to be a mellow week with a post about Oprah throwing a 3 Million Dollar fund raiser for Barack Obama. I used that opportunity to point out a problem that I have with Senator Obama's Characterization of the facts of the case involving Genarlow Wilson. I then brought up that post on NPR News and Notes during my appearance on the Bloggers' Roundtable. Some folks are very unhappy that I brought up the Wilson case and what I think are Senator Obama's mis characterization of the facts of the case before a group of folks who know very little about it. Of course they threw in a few "angry black women" labels as they always do. Well we wear it as a badge of honor because if you are not angry too, you just haven't been paying attention.

I don't have a problem with the 8th amendment arguments that there was an excessive sentence in the Wilson case. What I have always said is that in making the 8th amendment argument, you don't have to sanitize the facts of what happened in that hotel room or try to make Genarlow Wilson into a saint. Well what's it to you? I'll tell you why I broke the party line and committed heresy by pointing out this problem... because somewhere there is a 17 year old girl ( I guess she is about 19 or 20 now) that says that she was raped and I believe the videotape of the events in the room corroborate that. Not prove, but corroborate. Somewhere there is a 15 year old girl who was drawn into this case and she's getting death threats. But nobody bothers to mention that. No, we have to try to make what happened in that room seem as if it is a scene out of Romeo and Juliet. Well the last time I checked Romeo didn't pass Juliet around to his five buddies.

The argument that the sentence was excessive is in no way diminished by acknowledging that two teen age girls have also had their lives turned upside down as well. What About Our Daughters? So if asking "what must those girls be feeling right now?" makes me "angry" then so be it. Y'all can read some of the responses to my appearance on NPR's News and Notes. Some of the posters didn't like the fact that I brought up Obama's sanitizing of the facts in the Wilson case. yeah, I used that forum to bring this up. I knew I was committing heresy by not sticking to the party line, but when history records this case 20 years from now, maybe a sliver of a footnote will be that somebody said "what happened to the girls in this case?" But I'm not supposed to ask that question am I because what happens to young Black girls aren't really all that important to some folks. Yeah, I said it.

Monday we talked about the Concubine Conspiracy to convince Black women that the best they can do is rent out their wombs and become a "baby mama." We pointed out Essence's role in trying to mainstream "I be concubining!" Sandra Rose has an update on the tawdriness that is Puffy Diddy dee da de' and his veritable cornucopia of babies mamas.

I thought Tuesday was going to be my 9-11 tribute day and I put up a post early asking Where Were You the Day Hell Rained Down From the Sky? If you didn't get a chance, drop a comment in the basket.

I didn't want to post about anything else on 9-11, in fact I vowed not to ( my regulars know how my vows go. I should really stop making them right?) Well as I did my early morning e-mail check an I mean like 4:00AM, three folks had already e-mailed me because they couldn't sleep after reading about this horrific case in West Virginia of a woman being tortured. Some kind of way CNN.com ended up pointing to us( probably because we were one of the earliest blogs to post about it). So of course the comments section went crazy. This blog almost went private. One button is all it takes folks. I couldn't believe folks were cutting up on 9-11. Maybe 9-11 just affects me more than other folks. It always reminds me that life is so short and that there evil folks out there that are a threat to us all.

Then we wrapped up the week posting Robert Byrd's YouTube menagerie from his infamous "barbaric" speech about Michael Vick and dog fighting. I used it as an opportunity to point out that crimes against dogs have gotten more news print than crimes such as Dunbar Village which are committed against Black women.

Don't forget that on Saturday September 15, 2007, 600 people have signed up to go demonstrate outside the home of BET CEO, Debra Lee. You can join them by going to Enough is Enough.

Stop Funding Foolishness!

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Will West Virginia's Senior Senator Take to the Senate Floor on Behalf of Black Women in the Aftermath of the West Virginia Rape and Torture Case?

Y'all remember this post called " Maybe Black Women Should Be Pitt Bulls in Our Next Lives: The Hypocrisy of Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons. " I basically note that Rev. Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons issued a statement condemning Michael Vick for dog fighting and were silent and immorally indifferent to the plight of the Dunbar Village gang rape victim. I know for a fact that BOTH of them know about Dunbar Village because I have exchanged messages with some of their high ranking staffers. Well Rev. Al and Russie ain't got nothing on Senator Robert Byrd from WEST VIRGINIA.(he really gets going around minute 5:00)

Byrd took to the Senate floor in an impassioned speech about barbarism. Except it isn't barbarism against human beings. I don't have a problem with folks speaking out against dog fighting. Its heinous and the folks that would stoop so low as to abuse an animal would probably abuse a human being.

We got on CNN's anchor , Larry Smith, when he said that dog fighting was worse than rape, but apparently he was right and we were wrong because if you compare the level of coverage that dog fighting got vs. the Dunbar Village case, that could be your only conclusion. If you consider the fact that the NAACP came out on behalf of the multimillionaire Vick who is more than capable of defending himself, yet called me to tell me that they would not be speaking out about Dunbar Village, then it is not unreasonable to conclude that folks are more concerned about dog fighting than vicious crimes committed against Black women.

Maybe y'all can get Senator Byrd to take to the Senate floor to speak about Dunbar Village and the West Virginia torture case on behalf of Black women, whose murders, kidnappings and rapes are apparently less newsworthy than the plight of FIDO.

You can email Senator Byrd by going here.

Tell him about the looniness that is the government of West Palm Beach and the RADIO silence coming out ot the Florida governor's office.

And just to confirm that YouTube is going to send us all to hell in a handbasket, here are two "remixes" of Byrd's Speech about dog fighting.

NO, Really YouTube is sending us all to hell in a handbasket, the remixers got more "creative".

Well this one just went to far. What possessed them? So. Not. Funny putting Byrd's words in MLK's mouth.

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NPR News and Notes Open Thread- 9.12.07 WAOD on the Blogger's Round Table

The audio from my appearance on News and Notes on September 12, 2007 is up. We talked about Cornel West, Mos Def, Oprah, Obama, Eddie Griffin and Black Enterprise and thanks to one of my guest panelists who managed to slip in a reminder about Dunbar Village

To those NPR listeners who remember my original appearance from back in early August, since my last appearance talking about the Dunbar Village, the League of the Immorally Indifferent has not sent out a single statement, not even an e-mail directing people to the Victim's Assistance Fund. The NAACP DID call me back, but only to tell me that cases like Dunbar Village were not within their "mission." The national media has moved on despite the fact that potentially 6 gang rapists are running around Florida. But undaunted, we launched a multimedia campaign and Symphony, one of the WAOD contributors had a YouTube clip that made the local news in Florida. I produced my first internet PSA and it has received over 22,000 views in less than two weeks so even without these "leaders" and the mainstream media, we are evolving around here to get our message out. Scroll around the sidebar for Dunbar Village info and our original appearance on NPR in August. Thanks for visiting.

Update: Uh Oh, some folks are upset about our discussion about the Cornel West-Mos Def train wreck. In addition to being a "Crazy Cat Lady", "Black man hater", I can now add "Uncle Tom N@^%$er" to the list. It is good to know we are having an impact. Welcome folks from the message board in addition to being CRAZY!, please also include that I am the reigning "Blog of the Year". Welcome to What About Our Daughters? Our Disgruntled Readers Support Group meets every Sunday evening at Bedside Baptist Church where our Pastor is the Rev. A. Larm Clock, Sr.

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What Other Black Bloggers Are Saying About the West Virginia Torture Case.... Dunbar Village Update...and Go Chill Out In Front of Debra Lee's House

Dunbar Village Updates
I have some Dunbar Village updates (because if we don't do it, nobody else will.). The last major thing to come out of THAT CITY was a dog and pony show-like tour of the projects by guv'ment officials. From which absolutely nothing has resulted other than a bunch of sniping and no "action."The City of West Palm Beach, Florida is still stuck on stupid almost 4 months after a 35 year-old woman was brutally gang raped by ten African American teens and forced to perform a sex act on her own child at gunpoint. At the time, we all were asking..How on earth did something like this happen? How could her neighbors listen to this woman and her child scream for three hours and not call 911. How could one of this woman's neighbors say "So what a lady got raped...crime happens here all the time." Well folks we are seeing irrefutable proof that there is something in the water in Florida. The Mayor, Lois Frankel isn't the only one whose performance in this matter is way past poor.

Following the international spotlight landing on their city for this heinous crime, the city commissioners moved into "action" and set up a private security patrol in a place the residents called "hell on earth." Now the money is running out and folks are fighting over funding more security. Now mind you these folks can't even install light bulbs in the street lamps of Dunbar Village, the residents live in Florida without air conditioning despite air conditioners being donated and the Police Chief, Delsa Bush has said that a $1,000 reward is sufficient to induce people into providing information on the remaining six gang rapists that are running around West Palm Beach, four months later.

So where are we now. The city commissioner will be meeting with the Housing Authority on September 19th, WAOD will have boots on the ground as our Guest Contributor Symphony from the blog, Essential Presence has been invited to attend. So we'll give y'all the latest when it goes down. Currently, the WPB Town Council was balking at paying $40,000 for continuing security patrols in Dunbar Village. remember these are the people who recently approved 40 MILLION dollars for a tourist boardwalk. Call Florida's Governor, Charlie Crist and ask him why he isn't weighing in on the zoo-like atmosphere in WPB? These folks are citizens of the State of Florida as well. You can reach him at:850-488-4441


The Black Blogoshpere was all over the attack in West Virginia yesterday. As usual, even our entertainment and gossip bloggers used their highly visible platforms to alert folks about the horror. Concrete Loop, Bossip, Sandra Rose, and Roland Martin all did posts on it. So did Native Son, Mirror on America, and of course Essential Presence is all over it.

Some folks seem to think that WAOD is the only one to have a problem with THAT NETWORK, but we are not alone and new fronts in the effort to stop funding the foolishness are opening up every day.

This Saturday, the Enough is Enough coalition is planning a demonstration at the home of BET CEO Debra Lee. Pastor Coates, the leader has said that already 500 folks have RSVP'd for the demonstration. Please join them on Saturday and send me some text messages updating me.

To RSVP and learn more, go to the Enough is Enough website.

UPDATE: 9/13 More churches are joining in the demonstrations. They now have 600 folks headed to Debra Lee's house to hang out this Saturday. One of my readers in DC has GOT to go and give us a firsthand report.

Seriously... We have got to STOP FUNDING FOOLISHNESS! The cost of foolishness to too high.

I invite you all to revisit our posts, The Five Stages of Grief and the Eight Stages of Genocide. I'll be on National Public Radio on the Show News & Notes. I don't control the topics they select! Search you local NPR listings to hear then the show airs in your area.

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