The End of the Beginning of the Dunbar Village Trial

We're asking for contributions to cover the cost of hiring a freelance journalist in West Palm Beach Florida to cover the Dunbar Village Trial for WAOD readers. You can donate by using the Chip-in Widget in the sidebar. You can embed the widget on your own blog or website. Jury selection is slated to begin tomorrow in the first trial in the Dunbar Village case.  We've been covering the Dunbar Village case on this blog for over two years. Did you ever think it would take 2 YEARS for this case to go to trial? A couple of months ago several readers indicated that they would be interested in having a reporter cover the trial specifically for the WAOD audience. We're still hammering out the agreement, but plans are to have an award winning journalist with 20 years of experience cover the trial and other prospective from the community. This reporter is from the West Palm Beach area. Barring any last minute breakdown, WAOD plans to have a reporter in the courtroom during the trial as well as out in the West Palm Beach community to attempt to answer some of out outstanding issues related to the case such as:

    Where are the other 6 suspects? How on earth did Laruel Robinson, Executive Director fo the WPB Housing Authority keep her job? Why did residents listen to the victims scream and not call the authorities? Where were the suspects parents, while they were out running around at 11:00 at night?
This is an experiment and a case study for future similar efforts with cases that have a much lower profile. Any excess balance will be reserved for future coverage. If we break even, we'll do this again. If we have any excess balance, we'll immediately begin to plan for other coverage. Those donating $100 or more will receive an autographed preview copy of my first full length book, tentatively titled "For Cybercrusaders Who've Considered Organizing When the Blog is not Enough." The first person donating $1,000 or more will receive the original storyboard, pencil etchings, dialog,  coffee stains and all of my first original animated short. You can sell it on EBAY when I win an OSCAR. Just to show you that I'm serious, here are some stills. Okay again, sorry I forgot to sign it. Who/what does this loo... on TwitpicMy latest creation. What Say you? on Twitpic Yes, I've improved tremendously and will barreling ahead now that I will be handing off most major planning  of Blogging While Brown 2010. Previous Posts Dunbar Village Two Months Later…Janjaweed in America.. A Matter of "Homeland Security"- Newark Update Essential Presence’s Video on Dunbar Village Makes the News What The Heck is in the Water in West Palm Beach, FL and Where the Heck is Governor Charlie Crist on Dunbar Village Power Speaks to Power. It’s Time Black Women Reclaimed Ours-New Balance, Disney, State Farm Weigh IN XXL Magazine calls Dunbar Village Victim "some hooker down in Florida" Black Women, That Burning Cross on Your Front Lawn Was Brought to You By …….Corporate America National "End Mayor Lois Frankel’s Foolishness" Day – Her performance in the Aftermath of Dunbar Village Way Past Poor Fourth Dunbar Village Suspect Arrested… Local Congregations Embrace Dunbar Village Lois Frankel, Mayor, West Palm Beach Responds (sort of) to Our Letter About Her Handling of Dunbar Village The Next Wave – The League of the Immorally Indifferent Done up YouTube-style. The Five Stages of Grief- The League of the Immorally Indifferent on Dunbar Village,Newark, Chauncey Bailey, Stepha Henry… I’m at Stage Two Where’s the Outrage over Kelly? Genarlow Wilson? ( Yeah, I went there)- UPDATE Where’s the Outrage Over the Florida Gang Rape??? | | | Dunbar Village – RAZE IT TO THE GROUND AND SALT THE EARTH SO THAT NOTHING WILL GROW THERE! – How to Help.- Where in the World are the Rev’s? | | | Maybe Black Women Should Be Pit Bulls in Our Next Life —The Hypocrisy of Russell Simmons and Rev. Al | | | August 7, 2007 – National Day of SHAME- Black Leaders’ Silence is Immoral- Call them on their CRAP! | | | National Week, Month, Year of Shame-” Immoral Indifference”- I’ll be on NPR Today | | | The List of Immoral Indifference is Growing – Obama Aides Give Conflicting info-Didn’t know? | | | Janjaweed in America. How Do We Apply For UN Peace Keepers?- Immoral Indifference to Dunbar Village Continues. | | | Earlier Posts about the NAACP and Dunbar Village

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And I Bid You Adieu

Posted by Faith of Acts of Faith In Love and Life blog

Thank you Gina and WOAD readership. Guest-blogging here has been an experience that I've yet to unpack. I have learned a lot and being challenged at holding certain principles was the only way to know for sure I was willing to maintain them.

I think I was able to add a certain dimension and unique perspective as a contributor. I will happily return to participant status. I appreciated the opportunity to address a larger blog audience and hope others are able to gain new insights that will benefit them.

Yes - my focus was on challenging the status quo, identifying allies, accountability and other steps that would assist the necessary mindset reorder that will help black women and girls. It is one that I - as are many others - working through as we speak. With all due respect to those that took issue with how I managed the comment threads it was not my goal to become everyone's best friend or allow dissenters to have free reign to add to the confusion many of us are working through. Putting pen to paper fingers to keyboard was a great way to suss things out.

This battle for our very lives is being waged and many are asleep at the wheel - or about to drive off a cliff!!

We will need to be even more diligent at identifying escape routes, outright enemies and fence-sitters who could block our paths. We don't know who our real allies are until they've been tested.

This is not the time for hand-holding, coddling, obfuscation or allowing further confusion, denial and deflection to take over.

My goal was to share some of the things I've learned and get people out of their comfort zones. We have a closing window of opportunity to secure our health and well-being, build alliances and get rid of disordered thinking. The ones who will be victorious are those that seek to save themselves and align themselves with other like-minded individuals.

Onward and upward!!

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