Grown Folks Guide to Dealing With McKinney Pool Party Video. 

I continue to be amazed by the level of learned helplessness demonstrated by fully grown Black people in the face of circumstances that require us to be..... Adults. One of those circumstances is when our children are placed in danger of serious bodily harm or death. So why are fully grown Black people catching the vaoprs over video of an out-of-control, unprofessional, and incredible foolish law enforcement officer bringing deadly force to a pool party.

Central to this disproportionate use of force and unnecessary escalation of what at worst is being called a fist fight and a rowdy party, is the officer's treatment of a bikini clad 14-year-old Black girl. She is clearly walking AWAY from him and he approaches her, manhandles her, at one point yanks her by her braids nearly plowing her head into a concrete sidewalk for no other reason than she is being "mouthy." Being mouthy is not a crime. And even if it were, being mouthy is not a crime punishable by a traumatic brain injury or death by asphyxiation.

Many people are going to try to drag you into arguments about whether or not this incident was or was not racism. Good luck with that! Let me know when racist hearts and minds are changed through internet arguments... I'll wait.

 There are only three questions that need to be asked about the McKinney pool party video:
1. Was anything the children did punishable by death by asphyxiation?
2. Was anything the children did punishable by death by bullet?
3. Was anything the children did punishable by a traumatic brain injury?

If the answer is NO, then the next question is, when will this officer lose his badge. If the answer is YES, walk away- the person you are speaking to is insane.

Stop arguing with racists about whether or not they are racist. Stop debating whether the girl in the video was being mouthy- it isn't a crime. Stop arguing about whether the children "belonged" - trespassing is not a capital offense.