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Ebony.com Finally Runs Promised Series on Rape and Sexual Assault:Better Incredibly Late than Never?

Breaking my blogcation to announce that Ebony.com is thwarting my plans to celebrate the two-year anniversary since they made this failed promise to their audience:


Our controversial story on Genarlow Wilson, a young man who was convicted of child molestation at age 17, raised a myriad of issues of pressing importance to the Black community....

In addition, we are developing a three-part editorial series to educate Black America about these issues and to provide a platform for the powerful voices of women who have been affected by rape and sexual molestation. We encourage everyone to join this conversation. --Ebony.com (July 14, 2012)

My sources tell me that they are finally going to run their promised series.... two years later.

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On Blogcation. Be back In the Fall. Facebook. Subscribe to Blog for updates. 

It's officially time for my annual blogcation. Yes, I pumped the breaks somewhere in January.  I will continue to post on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page, but I have no intention of posting on the blog for the next three months.  If you want to receive an email whem I start posting again, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. If you can figure out my Twitter ID, I'll probably be posting over there occasionally as well.

Get off the internet. Go outdoors. Relax, read a book and dance on tables... or whatever.



#BringBackOurGirls Rallies Planned in DC, NYC and London to Rescue 200+ Kidnapped Nigerian School Girls

For readers who don’t follow the WAOD Facebook Page, three weeks ago, terrorists kidnapped 234 Nigerian school girls who were away at school taking their final exams. The kidnapping is part of an intentional and organized campaign to close schools in northern Nigeria and I suspect ultimately the entire region. Earlier, this same group slaughtered 69 boys at school.

The Nigerian military initially lied and said that only 100 girls had been kidnapped and all but 8 have been rescued. The true number is closer to 234 and 40 of the girls escaped ON.THEIR.OWN with no help from the Nigerian government.

Reports from the region are that the girls are being taken as child brides and are being sold to other terrorists for $12. That’s a euphemism for saying that the terrorists are systematically raping these children and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

As I stated on the Facebook page, there are so many violations here.

Targeting schools and the mass rape of children is a crime against humanity.
The Nigerian government turning a blind eye to the crime against humanity.
The family units that have been ripped apart.
Girls who were courageous enough to seek out an education in a dangerous world are paying a horrific price for wanting a better life.

My Twitter and Facebook feeds have been filled with Black women who have been agonizing about the plight of these girls for weeks. There is a sense of helplessness because they are overwhelmed by the gravity of the event and the appearance that there is little a Black woman in the United States can do to help. It’s a war zone, the terrorists are heavily armed, the Nigerian government appears apathetic and inept, and the world community appears indifferent. ANd oh yeah, there’s an ocean or two between here and there.

In an ideal world, the internet would organize a Kickstarter campaign to hire agent Brian Mills to parachute into the forest and rescue the girls. But life is not a movie. In real life there are not good guys and bad guys, there are evil guys, slightly less evil guys, the apathetic and the engaged.

I posted about the girls repeatedly on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page. The post is one of the most viewed posts in the page’s history.

The second thing I did was call both of my US Senators and US Representative. I told them that I wanted to know what the US government was doing to aid in the recovery of the girls. I’m calling back today to set one of them straight - a staffer lied and said there was no legislation introduced about the girls and that is not true, the US Senate introduced a resolution condemning the kidnapping yesterday. The State Department gave the kidnapping a passing mention in a press briefing. Susan Rice the White House National Security Advisor is tweeting about how “horrified” she is about the kidnapping. That’s nice, but you are the National Security Advisor, surely you could do more than feel bad :(.

So we have a crime against humanity, an incompetent or apathetic government, little to no resolve from the world community to do anything and a group of heavily armed terrorists hiding out in northern Nigeria.

Just because you can’t do EVERYTHING doesn’t mean you don’t do anything.

This is clearly a problem that must be directly  solved by powerful heavily armed or heavily financed entities. Those tend to be governments and religious institutions. Generally I am not a supporter of online hastagtivism, petitions and rallies - mainly because we never explore other methods of direct action. And I think it is ridiculous that you have to get 100,000 people to sign a White House petition to get the President of the United States to speak about something his National Security Advisor is tweeting about when last week he was commenting on a basketball melodrama.

However, this is one of those times where spectacle is called for.

I am aware of three rallies being held in support of raising awareness about the kidnapped girls and urging civil society to intervene on their behalf.

New York City
Saturday, May 3rd
Place: Union Square
Manhattan, NY
at the corner of E14th St. and University Place
It’s called Rock a Crown for #234

Washington, DC
Tuesday, May 6th
Embassy of Nigeria
Washington, D.C. 20008

London - Saturday May 3rd

Oakland, CA - Saturday May 3rd

Philadelphia, PA Saturday May 3rd

Link to Rallies Around the World

I saw a flyer for a rally in Atlanta, but the “promoter” was “problematic.” There are multiple rallies being planned in Atlanta. The flyer I was referring to was discussed in this post on the WAOD Facebook page. An alternative rally in Atlanta is happening on May 3rd ( Saturday) at Woodruff park.

If you know of more rallies, please share.



Now That Ebony Magazine is Done Apologizing For Jamilah Lemieux- Will #TeamEbony Keep Their Promises From the LAST Apology?

This time last week, Jamilah Lemieux, the Sr. Digital Editor for Ebony Magazine was careening around Twitter like a drunken sailor (as usual) when she slipped on a banana peel. She slid under a bus. The  Republican National Committee boarded the bus along with the conservative media establishment and gunned the engine. Ms. Lemieux’s Employer, Ebony Magazine, hopped out of the way of the oncoming bus, issued a public apology and publicly reprimanded Ms. Lemieux.

EBONY acknowledges Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux's lack of judgment on her personal Twitter account...Ebony

As with all Twitter hashtag hijinks, analytics were captured, cable television appearances took place, Change.org petitions were launched, additional hashtags were launched,Ms. Limieux kept her job and added an extra zero on the book deal her literary agent is probably negotiating right now.  We get our post-Twitter-crisis essay about courageously  surviving the Twitter crisis to which Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Fannie Lou Hamer did a collective “Gurl Bye!” from the grave.

 Everybody wins! Increased Page views, Twitter impressions, and name recognition. Until the next Hashtagapolypse which should erupt in the next 56 hours or so.

As my eagle-eyed  readers have pointed out, this isn’t Ebony’s first public apology for the actions of the digital  team. Almost two years ago, I had to interrupt my blogging retirement plans to respond to a post on Ebony.com glorifying a convicted sex predator, Genarlow Wilson.  

As part of their Genarlow Wilson debacle apology, Ebony promised to do a three-part series on rape and sexual assault in the Black community. In a post called "Moving Forward Together:Ebony Commits to Keeping an Important Communty Conversation Going" the editors of Ebony.com said the following:

In addition, we are developing a three-part editorial series to educate Black America about these issues and to provide a platform for the powerful voices of women who have been affected by rape and sexual molestation. We encourage everyone to join this conversation. #TEAMEBONY

Almost two years later.... no series. So much for a "commitment" to keep an "important" conversation going.

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Reason #517 To Delay The Wedding (Ray Rice and Janay Palmer): The Groom Just Got Indicted for Beating Up the Bride

I'm not going to even try to get inside the mind of a woman who chooses to marry a man who beat the hell out of her ON VIDEO and who got INDICTED for doing so. For people who are saying that the only reason Janay Palmer married Ray Rice is for money, you're wrong.

I know of women who stayed in violent relationships with men who were completely broke. Clearly, Janay Palmer has the right to stay in whatever relationship she chooses. Ray Rice, however, doesn't have the right to beat her up.And the Baltimore Ravens are a wretched organization for running interference for Ray Rice.

The Ravens released a statement Thursday that read: "This is part of the due process for Ray. We know there is more to Ray Rice than this one incident." ESPN

You would have thought you learned you lesson from the Patriots' Aaron Hernandez debacle.

At first I thought they got married th day after he was indicted so that he could invoke spousal privilege and keep her from testifying, but apparently New Jersey has an exception to the spousal privilege rule. They maynot need much testimony if it is true that they have Ray Rice on video throwing an uppercut.

The public will certainly get a clearer picture if the full video reportedly in the police's possession ever sees the light of day. One witness earlier told Deadspin that Rice threw an "uppercut," while another said he hit Palmer "like he [would punch] a guy." Deadspin

Janay, he's going to hit you again. Probably when the counseling sessions and the criminal trial are over. But a man who upper-cuts a woman and knocks her out needs far more than couples therapy.

Janay, make sure you've made out your will and selected a proper guardian for your daughter because NFL players have a well established history of killing the mothers of their children, just ask the families of  Cherica Adams, Kassandra M. Perkins, and Nicole Brown Simpson.