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Trial for the Murderers of Sgt. Jan Pietrzak and his Wife Quiana-National Media Still Ignoring Case 

When I first heard that this poor Black woman, Quiana Pietrzak was brutally raped and murdered by four Black marines was married to their White supervisor, I KNEW that this was probably a hate crime. If you want to see some RAGE from SOME Black people- put a Black woman in a happy relationship with a non-Black man in front of them. Now to those of you who don't feel that way, I'm not talking about YOU. But let's not act as if far too many members of the Black community view Black women as community property and want to dictate every aspect of their lives, especially who they are allowed to date and married. 

We started writing about this case in 2008 - > Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak Raped and Slaughtered By Her Marine Husband's Men- They Bragged on MySpace About It. Here is what the prosecutor said during opening statements:

"Profit was part of it. But was this really just about dollars and cents?" he said. "No. This was about having the power to see the fear in somebody's eyes. It's about taking pleasure in the sexual humiliation of a woman and tormenting her husband by making him watch." 

DeLimon quoted one of the defendants as referring to the 90-minute ransacking of the victims' property and abuse of the couple as "party time." 

"The extent to which they could prolong the suffering of this husband and wife, married for just 68 days, was limited only by the defendants' sadistic creativity," the prosecutor said. Source

 A hate crime designation won't actually increase the potential sentence, but why the journalists covering this case don't want to address that aspect of the case is bizarre. And why hasn't this case and the trial gotten MAJOR media attention- four marines kill their commanding officer  and his wife on US soil? That's a story! CNN force fed us the Jodi Arias case for what seemed like forever on all of their platforms and I can't find one story on their site about this case. 

Quiana was killed while writing thank you notes from their wedding. They looked so happy

Y'all know that if Quiana Pietrzak had been a White woman, this would be on Nancy Grace in constant rotation.  

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sad but true .. how long before we turn this foolishness around

May 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterOL Griffin

Black women being loved, adored and being content and from a non-black man. let the fainting spells begin.
I know this may be off topic but is on topic. I was watching celebrity files and they were talking about athelete
Rae Carruth . He was charged with conspiracy of murder but not murder. He gets out in 2018, which is 5 years from now. I hope he is not my next door neighbor. I agree with you Blogmother, had this been a white woman and black man like the black man from Ohio saving the white girls and has been charged with domestic violence of his Black wife, the hypocrisy. I have to contact CNN, Nancy Grace station and ask the question which I already know the answer to on why have they not brought any of these idiots to justice. The work will continue until we get answers and results. Like I mentioned Rae Carruth was charged with conspiracy but not the murder of the young lady Charrica Adams. the only reason they knew he had anything to do with it because she mentioned his name in the 911 call. He is a sociopath and I hope these idiots get justice because had these been white woman not only will she get justice they will be jail as quick as your head spins. I know they say justice is blind, but slow as molasses. There is justice and there is just-us.
Keep doing what you are doing Blogmother and I will be making those contact right now because justice delayed is justice denied.

May 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterShaylah

"Y'all know that if Quiana Pietrzak had been a White woman, this would be on Nancy Grace in constant rotation."

Exactly, because only white women are seen as women in their eyes. So they are they only ones that are worthy of respect, protection and a voice. I live maybe an hour away from where this travesty took place and it is completely horrendous that nationally it still has not been reported in the manner that it should have.

I think that it has everything to do with how America and American media views our society. In that representation it does not include Black women as women and it does not include four Black men (wearing America's military uniform) being representative of the image that they want solidified in the minds of people around the world. So I think that racial animus has definitely infected both sides of how this horrendous act was perpetrated and in how this case has been quieted in the media.

The disdain that Black women receive within the Black community is palpable and undeserved. WE ARE NOT THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S PROPERTY.

May 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTrulyPC

Yes, the story is not being reported as a hate crime, its simply being reported as 'financial opportunity' to rob the house, and then kill the couple inside. When this is clearly a hate crime by black men towards a black women/white men couple. And of course the black community and the 'black activists' are completely silent about this. And the abuse and murder of black girls and women by black men in their own communities and around the world.

But they have all the time in the world to rally for black men like trayvon martin and oscar grant who were killed by non black men. The only time I see stories about black girls/women being abused or killed is when other black women post the stories on their own sites. I have seen multiple stories on different news outlets of the SAME white women - 48 Hours, Dateline, 20/20 etc. But not ONE story on black women, even when she's dating/married to non black men.

I'm not even mad that white people don't report stories about black crime/murders. I would more expect each race to report crime/murder in their own communities. Yes I'm mad at how they gush over bleached blonde white women - whether they're victims or murderers - And they're reluctance to punish criminals when they're white. But I also don't expect whites to report on crimes of every race on the planet - black, mexican, indian, Asian, etc. That would be impossible. I could see how whites wouldn't report the killing of black teen mother living in the ghetto.

I would expect the black news reporters and black activists in the black community to report the story, because she's black - even though they never do. But if its a black woman living in suburbia killed by black thugs, and the story doesn't get reported, as is the case here. I would know that whites are overlooking the story because it involves a black woman. Does that make sense? You Agree?

What's also funny is that black men and the black community have nothing to say when black kids are sexing each other at inappropriate ages. And when black girls are teen mothers - from having premature sex with pedophiles who aren't in jail. Or when black women are struggling single mothers juggling multiple jobs by herself, who has been abandoned by the kids dad. Or when black girls/women are being physically or sexually abused by black men.

But when black women date/marry interracially. Suddenly she's a sellout and black women/white men couples get mean mug stares on the street, get harassed or attacked in public, or killed. When black women NEVER harass, attack or kill black men/non black women couples. Even when they don't like to see them together. The hypocrisy is disgusting!

And this is why black girls and women should stop procreating with, living in communities with, and supporting black men. Because these black men are treating black women like slaves, and abusing or killing them when they don't do what they want. And black women should look to other races of men outside the black community who will love, support, and protect them, and not treat them like property.

May 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLalah

This might be a weird statement but - The rae curruth story was bizarre - him having his girlfriend killed for being pregnant - because her death could have been avoided by him simply using condoms. Or simply paying child support. Black men pressuring black women to not use condoms, but gets mad when she gets pregnant! Some of these black men are sociopaths and psychopaths! In the end, I guess it was worth it for him, because he's getting out in five years when he should have been killed!

Of course I also didn't see the same amount of outrage from the black community about this story. In the way that they show outrage for crimes or murders against black men by whites. Because this happens all the time in the black community. Black men pumping and dumping the black women that they impregnate leaving them single mothers. And if they choose to stay in the relationship, sometimes he abuses or kills her. I think more black women should start dating/marrying non black men. They would be a lot happier and stress free.

May 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKeisha

LOL at this! These black men and other blacks wouldn't be mad if black women / white men couples were 50 yrs old, or someone they considered too dark skinned or ugly! - Although I know dark skinned black women who date out get harassed too! Which means they pick and choose which type of interracial couples to harass or attack or kill! Only black women - white men couples are targets! And they NEVER attack black men in interracial relationships! Those ratchet blacks people are silent about that! Hypocrites!

May 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlicia

Black men in interracial relationships with "white woman" are never harrased or targets by black females, really? That being said of course this is beyond harassment, it was a violent crime that ended in murder. Do I think in part it was racially motivated, yes.

But, it's beyond a stretch to say that black female white male couples are more probable potential victims of violent attacks by enraged black men. I think these men were violent dangerous criminals and not in any way the norm. interracial romances are extremely common in the military. I believe that there is a significant amount of black female white male romances in military circles.

May 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertusk91

Black men in interracial relationships with "white woman" are never harrased or targets by black females, really?'

Yes REALLY.Black men are more likely to be physically assaulted by each other for any reason than a black woman.I would also say that black men AND white and other non black women are more likely to harass and target black women than the other way around.Hell some of them have made a lifetime career out of it.

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTruth P.

They may not get physically assaulted by black woman but, they are certainly harrassed. But, honestly maybe I can't say or judge because I have only had relationships with black woman.

Still is say theses guys were violent dangerous criminals and in no way the norm.

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertusk91

I'm honestly, and also sadly, not surprised that this isn't being reported on as any sort of hate crime (and is probably being ignored in large part because of its hate crime implications) The white-controlled media would have a hard time conveying the reasoning behind this attack (the longstanding view of the black community that black women are simultaneously owned by, yet also accountable for upholding said community, which is turned on its head when a black woman marries outside the race) without coming under fire for racism. And most black-controlled media has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo with regard to black women, so no help can be expected there.

When it comes to violence faced by black women-white men couples, I don't think it matters whether the woman is light or dark-skinned. If it's a dark-skinned woman, black men would still be angry because they'd still consider her to be one of "their women", even if she's the lowest in the group in their eyes (instead of "If I can't have you, no one can", this is "Even if I don't want you, no one else is allowed to either")

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterQueenofTarth

"They may not get physically assaulted by black woman but, they are certainly harassed."

Black men and the white and non black women they are with are NEVER harassed by black women as much as THEY harass black women.It is a part of many black men and white women culture and JOBS to literally harass, hate on, belittle, create hardships and challenges for black women.I'm speaking institutionally and on an individual personal level.

It is literally the livelihood and culture of black men and white women.

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTruth P.

tusk91 is acting simple and wants to gaslight and argue. Everyone knows as a collective that black woman/white man couples get harassed, attacked, and in extreme cases killed by black men. They don't want to admit how the black community and other blacks still try to control black women in every way, even while they claim not to want black women. There are NEVER stories of black women attacking or killing black men/non black women couples.

People like tusk91 are acting simple and don't want to admit that. Another black man gaslighting the violence towards black women from black men when in interracial relationships. Why is he so concerned about black men/non black women couples if he's supposedly married to a black woman? Because he wants to protect black men's reputation while throwing black women's issues under the bus.

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlicia

This back and forth with certain people is ridiculous. Black men who come to black womens' sites to gaslight or to tell black women that they're issues are unimportant or not that bad. Ignoring the fact that black women are the ones who have held up the black community for decades, until they decide to leave and date/marry out.

Which I think I all black women should do. And also ignoring all the violence and sexism that black women have to deal with from black men that comes from the black community - saying how unattractive black women are, comparing them to other races of women, refusing to marry them even if they have kids together etc. And how black men do the exact opposite for non black women.

These types of black men and their damaged black women supporters will NEVER admit what they have been doing to destroy their own people and their own community for decades, and how they want all control over black women. Black women flee while you can! And date/marry out with non black men!

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterShannon

Creating hardships and challenges for black woman and black people Institutionally has always been a function of "white supremacy" and that was created and run by white men period.

I am not fool enough to allow the script to be flipped that now all of a sudden institutional hardships and institutional "racism" is the product of some alliance between black men and white woman. Another thing I am not fool enough to swallow is that black men now all of a sudden have a "separate culture" that is not tied to in every way to black woman.

My wife has been reading a book titled "The warmth of other suns" the epic story of Americas great migration by Isabel Wilkerson. She's the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize by the way. In that 2000 plus page book it is about the struggles and hardships of black men and black woman together. To escape the hardships of southern white supremacy to more hopeful lands.

Simply to much history and "culture" shared with each other to try and rewrite history now.


June 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertusk91

There is not one news story about black women assaulting black men with non-black women. There have been multiple stories of the opposite and not once have I've seen anyone bring them to attention "NATIONALLY". I'm not surprised about this outcome. Our community is all about protecting black men in the big mean ol white man's world. II used to requent BV and there was a black man on there who worked in the business who also openly admitted that black women and black girls don't sell stories, basically it's a more proper phrase for "We don't give two damns in hell about black women or black girls). He said that and stood by it in a proud way. I was disgusted and cursed him a good one, sorry. Anyone read the story about the interracial Wal-Mart couple where a white man was harrassed and accused of kidnapping his biracial daughters? Because there's just no way a white man can be in a intimate marriage with a black woman, produce beautiful biracial children and love them. That visual is only reserved for black men and white/non-black women **side eye** I remember watching WWYD a television show regarding the same situation about interracial couples. They had actors acting out a scene about interracial couples with children of the spouse from a same race relationship. One had a black man and a white woman with her white daughter. The actor playing the prejudice dude (who was white) was acting like he was concerned about the black man having the white girl as his daughter same situation like the Wal-Mart one, all of the people in the restraunt defended the black male including white people, and of course two black males. They told him how ignorant he was for not understanding that a black man can father a white child, and be protective and loving of her. They reversed it and showed a white father with his black daughter much like the Wal-Mart situation the white actor did him the same and no one came to his defense they agreed with the actor guy. I don't know why people don't believe the negative perceptions people make about black women being in a interracial relationship especially with white men. It doesn't matter if she's attractive or not I've seen black people make "bully" like possessive comments about black women married to white men.

I say all the time how black people believe black women are only "property" and exist for the betterment of black males and blackboys. No one cares about black women or little black girls, and they wonder why "some" black women scream I'm independent to the rooftops. That's what happens when you're forced out to defend on your own. I see it all the time under articles be it on blogs or somewhere else black men and black women, yes these "Only my black KANG" black women bullying black women who are even remotely interested in interracial dating, saying some of the most foul insulting racist stuff, I would expect from someone who isn't black. Black women are not dolls where they think they can dress us up, and make us into what they want us to be, black women are not puppets whom they feel they can control, black women are not toys in which when they're done playing with us throw us to the black of the closet until they feel like being interested in us again, black women are not inanimate objects with non-human qualities or lack emotion and feeling, black women are not copying machines only needed to make other black bodies, and we are not battle weapons for black men and the black community to get back at whitey.

If you're a black woman in the black community and can be honest with yourself, you'll realize that the black community is no better than white America when it comes to black women. I've seen comments with my own eyes black people blaming black single mothers for every darn thing, black men are never held accountable for ANYTHING. Do you all frequent YouTube? The black men on there that bash BW have a large following and a lot of them are black women, it's pretty damn sad. Do you honestly expect black people to care about a black woman being murded by black men, especially one in a interracial relationship? They'll defend the black male murders before they defend the deceased sista. Remember when black people blamed the baby mother of the football player who murded her? I remember being on another forum I no longer visit of black people condoning a man shooting his child's mother because he assumed she cheated and his kid may not be his, they said "Shoot I don't blame him, I'd shoot the bitch too". I don't understand the lack of support or care for black women in society. The black community doesn't give a care in the world when black women are abused. Doesn't matter in what way (verbally, emotionally, physically) they often say we deserved it since we're already seen as subhuman, unruly, masculine and beastly. It's so disgusting some of the stuff I read from other black people. When Whitney was going through a drug problem she was dragged through the mud by black people, when Amy Winehouse was on drugs black people were like "Poor baby I hope she gets better, I love her". It's so disheartening how people views us as subhuman. Like someone said they don't view us as women.

June 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLady A

I remember Steve Harvey made a joke about the Rae Carruth case, and I don't recall anyone calling him out on it. As a young black girl at the time, it sent a strong message how the Bc viewed crime against Bw.

The fact that Quiana Pietrzak was a happy Bw whose character cannot be attacked, she was in a non-traditional relationship with a non-black man and the victim of Bm, it is much more favorable for BW haters to ignore her. Also, I bet the military had a hand in killing any possible hate crime charges and limiting the amount of national attention this case received.

June 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimP

TUSK91 - 'Creating hardships and challenges for black woman and black people Institutionally has always been a function of "white supremacy" and that was created and run by white men period.'

ALICIA - So when black men do this to black girls and black women - raping, killing, sexually abusing, not getting an education, refusing to get jobs, beating, gang violence, violent neighborhoods, saying other races of women are more attractive then black women, black men in jail for selling drugs or for murdering OTHER black people, black teen mothers, black single mothers, refusing to marry black women even if they have kids together, when black men become rich they suddenly claim they 'can't find any black women' to date/marry, and that's why they date/marry out with other races of women - is the fault of white men and white racism.

YOUR AN IDIOT. And I hope men who think like you die out.

Even if white racism were to blame - which its not - for the way that black men treat black women - black men have had no problem continuing the tradition of disrespecting black girls and women, like they've been doing for decades. His comments are amusing - placing everything wrong that black men do on white men and white racism.

BLOGMOTHER could you please ban this person, so he and his 'black wife' - if he's even married - can go back to gaslighting black girls and women somewhere else?

June 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlicia

"I am not fool enough to allow the script to be flipped that now all of a sudden institutional hardships and institutional "racism" is the product of some alliance between black men and white woman. Another thing I am not fool enough to swallow is that black men now all of a sudden have a "separate culture" that is not tied to in every way to black woman."

I am not fool enough to pretend that ALL white men are black women's enemies.Or to pretend that racist white men are black women's ONLY enemy or even the most deadly enemy at this point.You have never not once heard me deny the existence of racist white men who torment black women.No script needs to be flipped.You simply need to open your eyes to what is happening TODAY.White women have always done everything that they could do to further white supremacy.They tend to benefit from it next in line to white men.Black men and white women in positions of power routinely cause hardships for black women in the workforce and on a personal level.They view us as disposable and when we are not disposable we are used for some agenda so that they can advance in life.This new alliance is the new reality.I don't view ALL white women in this way just many.I don't view ALL black men this way just most.

"I am not fool enough to swallow is that black men now all of a sudden have a "separate culture" that is not tied to in every way to black woman." Black men are a complete and different separate entity from black women and black children doing things that will ONLY benefit them.The only way that the majority of black men in Western countries are tied to black women at all is through using black women to get ahead in life.Whether it's through making a career of slandering them,using them to promote their interests politically or using them for sex.

June 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTruth P.

@alicia no, I will not ban tusk91 for gas lighting because how would people who don't know what gas lighting is recognize it if they were never provided an example?

June 3, 2013 | Registered CommenterThe Blogmother

Alicia - You completely misunderstood my meaning if you thought I was blaming white supremacy for any negative actions of black men.

Truth P - At least you heard or seem to understand what I was saying but, forgive me if I don't agree with your conclusion.

"The only way that the majority of black men in Western countries are tied to black women at all is through using black women to get ahead in life.Whether it's through making a career of slandering them,using them to promote their interests politically or using them for sex."

- Really?, I'm sorry that is just an opinion that I just can't agree with but, I guess I can recognize that is the point of view of some.

Thanks Blogmother for not banning me and maybe I am guilty of a bit of 'gaslighting" if I am understanding the meaning correctly. I have been a very long time reader of your blog and have often commented when it 'gets thick" in my opinion but, I have never been disrespectful to any one I don't agree with.

June 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertusk91

@Alicia- Banning someone because they respectfully disagree the opinion of another does nothing but create an echo chamber. Is that what you want?

Blogmother comment - Actually I wouldn't mind an echo chamber, I like the acoustics. What Alicia or anyone else, including you wants is irrelevant. The only wants that matter here are the blog owner's, that would be me. So either comment on the post or don't comment. I don't need additional site administrators.

June 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterv

I didn't even read the rest of the comments after Tusk's first one because I just wanted to call out that BLATANT LIE. YES, black women and girls who date out, ESPCIALLY white men ARE harassed and attacked on the streets and in private venues by black men, ESPECIALLY when they (black men) find that woman to be attractive. I know, b/c I've lived it. I know, because I have friends who've lived it. Yelled at, harassed in restaurants and bars, taunted my dates trying to provoke fights, horrific service if the bouncer or bartender was a BM, cab drivers who suddenly were angry when the white dude that they picked up for a fare held open the door for his black date... DUDE who do you think you're kidding?

This is not even the first nationally reported attack! What, two years ago a high school kid in upstate New York was HOSPITALIZED b/c a group of black men saw him walking down the street holding hands with his black girlfriend! I don't hear stories of black women in groups going after black men and yelling things on the streets when walking down them. Mean looks, yes, those occur. But GANG BRUTALITY? And constantly noted by those who date out? Nah, that's mainly black women who receive those remarks, taunts, and attacks. In fact, there was a young black BWE blogger that was MURDERED by one of her classmates over a YT video b/c she was "moving on". Detroit(?), if I'm not mistaken? Stop playing.

June 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDailyLattes

Before I go further, let me be clear that I see very valid points in much of what you are saying Lady A!!!!!!!!!To be the devil's advocate, enough of these "only my black kangs"women supporters that are WOMEN have also taken men to task for interracial relationships. To be fair also, a lot of times, "people ( both women and men) in a lot of these "nothing but a white/nonblack knight in shining armor/damsel maiden" relationships have often been called to task when it comes to this issue because they both bash and generalize the opposite gender-and flaunt their partner to piss people off even in cases where nobody does "ANYTHING" to "some" of them. Some of them- because SELECTIVE problack bigotry does highlight a case for self reflection-but IR tomfoolery does too. Enough also do more than their share of black-bashing and open self hatred. Depending/not depending on their situation, they rightly or wrongly call black women to task for being mammies for preferring non-IR relationships but fail to see how being possible bed wenches is not necessarily any better or much different either. On occasions, in public, some of these pro-interracial fools also bring attention to themselves to black people that are at times not even thinking about them by acting brand new for no reason at all throwing uncalled for shade. Another thing that don't help these folks-men and women-is that they will downplay /give the mistakes of their nonblack partners a pass but gaslight the opposite gender of black people when they do the same stuff in social media. In reference to this when it comes to women-an admittedly old case in point, they will sing the praises of Kim Kardashian and glorify/gloss over her sexual escapades but stay dissing Karrine/Kat Stacks for theirs. Personally right or wrong these are all grown folks. I also think KK is pretty/even can be nice from what I have glanced so I AM NOT HATING or saying anything out of jealousy. Karrine/KS is not necessarily above criticism for being black or Kims actions should not necessarily be highlighted because she is white either but my thing is how is one woman better than others if they both are doing the same stuff. The same can be said in reverse but this is a woman sight so as a women, this is one clear example. None of this excuses the hate crimes like the example above, this is just said to say that some of these advocates of interracial dating are not free of their own brand of foolery. IR supporters are" just" at simple at times as they both rightly and wrongly say monoracial supporters are. With no tact, class, or honor to boot either! Yet claim as much when no indication is on display! I leave with this questions for some IR supporters, if you have at times legitimate gripes for dating out, why is it above the realm of thought that people may have legit reasons for not dating out-and how can you be sure that other people who support black love have not had certain valid complaints for not pursuing non-black men. For me personally(!!), I give all men the side eye particularly and including black men. I do admittedly prefer black men over others. But I do think quality non-black men are better than trifling supposed?/presumed?/ brothas???(everyday of the week and twice on Sunday) and just as good as decent black men. I just personally don't buy the okedoke more non-blacks are better,I personally think it is about roughly the same(and selective cosmopolitan others who are pro-IR strike me as being as sheltered as they paint non-IR supporters.)

That said, black misogyny, chauvinism, and patriarchy by both black men and some selectively non reflective women on too many occasions, is a problem and a big contributor to much of the hypocrisy in todays black community. Where "are" the "black male interracial supporters" along with much of the black community in cases like this. I personally do still believe that a lot of interracial dating does indicate racial insecurity by a noticeable amount of blacks(men and women) based on the way they go about it but black men for all their bellyaching and whining(both legit and nonlegit) are just as guilty of being jealous TO THE SAME DEGREE of black women dating as they rightly/wrongly claim we are with them. I guess what I am saying is much of my beef-and maybe others- is with the way some "simple interracial supporters" go about their cause: and, their own brand of hypocrisy-rightly and wrongly calling out the perceived/ actual bigotry of pro-black others but not their own internally focused black bigotry among other things doesn't help things either. .Monoracial love couple can be simple but so can interracial ones!!! But yeah black women do have a right to agency over their objectives, decisions, choices, and lives when other folk -particularly black men-clearly in all too many cases show no concern and fail to have the genuine interest of black women at heart. Just saying. Oh and Lady A, I say none of this to attack you, I just wanted to throw out things some things these "reactionary interracial supports" gloss over. Yeah, there are legit unpleasant gripes about both black women/men that we can stand to here, but these black bashing IR supporters who generalize the opposite gender are no better either. But yeah, I see what y'all mean on most of the stuff yall say. I really do. I also want to add a gripe as well. It is a-mazing how people outside/black willl use the high profile mistakes of black men to gaslight the whole community and black women come to their collective defense even as they condemn said incident of the a black male individual in question but when black women are gaslighted as a gender and their mistakes are used as a way to blast the whole black community, more men then less" do not" do the same even when/if they even sense similar dynamics taking place. I am not saying blindly defend "every black woman" in a questionable incident but keep it real - be brave enough to constructively critique that incident while shooting down the anti-black generalizations about black women and the black community at the same time. But then in expecting that of many black men, that is apparently asking too much when they appear to be just as selfish and short-sighted as they accuse women of being! Sorry for the long piece and any repeats. Just saying.

October 17, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterabw

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