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We Know Ebony Magazine Refers to a Convicted Child Rapist ( Genarlow Wilson) as "Glorious" 

Thanks for your emails about this horrific article and the Tweets from Ebony Magazine.

Notorious to Glorious: Genarlow Wilson is No Child Molester and Never Was

Yes, this article title is a lie- he is infact a convicted child molester. 

Blog  management is aware of what Chandra Thomas Whitfield and Ebony Magazine have published. Our online tactical team is responding. For the latest updates about this immoral behavior on the part of the editors at Ebony.com, please read the WAOD Facebook Fan Page. And for those who forgot, here is a summary of the videotape Mr. Wilson and his buddies made from an attorney who saw the  videotape during the trial:

"The videotape was "Exhibit A" because it depicts a horrific crime: a gang rape of a semi-conscious, 17-year-old girl, followed by a bizarre display of sexual precociousness by a 15-year-old girl. That's the truth recorded by Genarlow and his friends that fateful night. I suspect that is also why Ms. Bernstein hated it whenever McDade used it to rebut her version of Genarlow's crime.

No matter how much (two glasses of Cognac) the 17-year-old may have had to drink, no matter how much she may have flirted with those boys, she did not consent to having sex with all of them, one right after the other. Yet it never occurred to the "smart" and "spiritual" Genarlow to say, "Stop it. We should not be doing this." No. Genarlow watched, waited and gladly took his turn. When they were through raping her, Genarlow helped his friends drag the comatose victim to the bathroom. They opened the door, pushed her in, watched as she fell to the floor and closed the door. I guess she wasn't much fun anymore."

Again, we thank you for your vigilance in response to Mr. Wilson's PR team. This article is an attempt to cover up the fact that he squandered his full scholarship to Morehouse and failed to graduate. Just reading it you can tell how entitled and self serving Mr. Wilson has become... strike that- he always WAS this entitled- that's how he ended up in jail in the first place. 

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