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Happy Friday! "I'll get you my pretty and your little blog too!"

Whew! Well another Friday and we're still here. I guess that spell didn't work. I've earned a day off after the past three weeks of battling foolishness, chicanery and EVIL!

If you read Wednesday's post, but didn't read the comments, there was a great discussion about the decline of "journalism"- to the point where professionalism at many Black online platforms with traditional counterparts are run by people with little to no training. Which is fine, if you're running an indie blog- its a whole other thing when you're representing your site as an extension of a magazine that's been in the homes of most Black folk for decades. 

If you missed last Friday's post, Michel Martin, the Black lady who used to work on Nightline had a public meltdown over Genarlow Wilson. There also was some really bad attempts at astroturfing in the comments section. 

And if you haven't had a chance to read it, the Poynter Institute posted an article featuring an expert in victim's rights commenting on the horrifyingly poor job most journalists have done in reporting on sexual assault -What Ebony story can teach journalists about covering sexual assault.

Have a great weekend!

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