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Clear Ultra Shea Responds to Your Concerns About Ebony.com on Facebook - Genarlow Wilson Articles Disappear (AGAIN) From Ebony.com

Those of you posted your concerns about Clear Ultra Shea sponsoring disturbing content over on Ebony.com should have received the following response on their facebook fan page. They are directing you to contact Unilever.

thanks for flagging your concern. The placement of the CLEAR ad is in no way related to or in support of this article. At CLEAR, our top priority is to develop safe, high-quality products that consumers can be proud to use. To reach someone in our consumer services department about CLEAR, please contact consumer.services@unilever.com. Clear Ultra Shea FB Page

As of Saturday, The Ebony Four (Kierna Mayo, Genese Cage, Jamilah-Asali I. Lemieux, and Geneva S. Thomas.) had removed all of the controversial articles, the initial post, the comments, and the "official" response. This would be the second time they have taken down the content. I don't know if they plan to repost it a THIRD time.

And yes, I have prepared a response in the event they come back for another bite of the poisionous apple that is Genarlow Wilson. 

If you get a response from Unilever, please post it in the comments, on the WAOD facebook page or use our comment form. 

Thank you!


Reader Comments (5)

Kierna Mayo, Genese Cage, Jamilah-Asali I. Lemieux, and Geneva S. Thomas ARE A DISGRACE to black women and the black community. I'm completely appalled and freaking outraged that they would celebrate this rapist! Sorry folks but at the end of the day, taking turns having sex your buddies on an UNDERAGE minor while this MINOR was drunk and out of their minds is RAPE. It's not consensual and I don't care how you slice that.

Why does the black community circle the wagon when black men act foolish, attack black women, rape pre-teens, and kill their spouses. Paging: Chris Brown V. Rihanna, Kanye West v. Taylor Swift, Ike Turner v. any woman he's been involved with, OJ Simpson v. Nicole Simpson, R. Kelley v. Pre Teen girls, Mike Tyson v. Ex Wives and Rape CONVICTION, Creflo Dollar V. STRANGLING HIS OWN DAUGHTER, and those wild animals down in Florida who beat, raped a mother and son and forced them to perform sex acts on each other. It was Al "Permed UP Sharpton" and the NAACP who went crazy over ensuring those animals got a fair trial!

I'm sure Ebony's rape apologists will have R. Kelley on the cover of Ebony. Geesh, we wonder why our community has soo many issues. It's really the WOMEN who coddle, condone, excuse and PROTECT the abusive pathology and predators of our community. Generalow Wilson has served his time, he needs to have sit down AND not be celebrated for RAPING a minor! He was guilty of a crime. He should have served all his time. But didn't. Was AWARDED A FREE scholarship and DIDN'T graduate! So, can anyone tell me why this guy continues to get accolades, SHINE and love!

July 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMiss thang

"Geesh, we wonder why our community has soo many issues. It's really the WOMEN who coddle, condone, excuse and PROTECT the abusive pathology and predators of our community."

say it again!

July 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJane

Miss thang

Which girl are you referring to? The drunk girl is the same age as Wilson. Plus, at 17, she was of the age of consent, thus not "underaged". While at 17, she was technically a minor, so was he. So the age thing is a wash. Also, both she and Wilson were drunk and both appeared similarly "sleepy" on the video. This begs the question of whether there is a widespread belief that the charge of intoxication rape is gender specific. Apparently a woman can have sex with a man while he is in any condition, but not the reverse. Where is the equality in that?

Blogmother comment - don't answer his question. He's lying he hasn't seen the tape. And if he saw the contents of the tape then he has viewed child pornography. He really doesn't want the answer to his question, he wants to control what you say and think with these passive aggressive questions. Just say what you mean...Genarlow's trolls don't know when to stop. </B>

July 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJay

Please let this post.

Firstly, this idiot and probably the idiots at Ebony refuse to believe the FACTS of the case. A quick google will get you to the case. The girl was 15 years old. In the state of Georgia she was a minor. She was DRUNK. She admitted this and so did Generalow. So, if you as a man or woman choose to have sex with a DRUNK minor you're begging to get locked up! I would even add if you have sex with a drunk adult, you are waaaay too close to the edge of Federal Priston Time. Fools: Is it worth getting locked up? But keep listening to those apologist at Ebony and that's just where you'll be.

I would add, I would NEVER have sex with anyone who is DRUNK, especially if this person and I aren't married or in a long-term relationship. I do realize that consensual couples do crazy things. However, this was CLEARLY not the case. This was a case of a bunch horny, stupid, pack of rapists taking advantage of a young teenaged girl who was not in her right mind.

I'm sure if this girl was mentally impaired. i.e. Retarded. Ebony and Generalow's supporters would still find a way to blame the victim. Again, I could careless that she performed those acts. The fact of the matter is she was MINOR who was DRUNK which in my book means mentally impaired and not able to make a rational decision.

July 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMiss thang

Miss Thang.

The legal issue with the 15 year old girls was solely with her age. The issue of intoxication was only with the 17 year old:


"A second girl, 15, also attended the party, but did not drink or smoke. She had what she later said was consensual oral sex with Mr. Wilson. But according to the law, a 15-year-old is below the age of consent. Mr. Wilson went to trial on charges of rape and aggravated child molesting."

July 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTrina

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