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Georgia NAACP Continues It's Support of Violent Attacks on Teenage Black Girls- Attempts to Intimidate Law Enforcement in Creflo Dollar Case

Thank you Creflo Dollar for providing a platform to display the malevolence and indifference that the institutions of the Black community have towards Black girls. Over the weekend we saw large segments of the Black church reaffirm their support of the violent oppression of Black girls by supporting the alleged choking, slapping, body slamming, and punching of Creflo Dollar's 15 year old daughter. Now the NAACP wants a piece of that pro-violence against women action. 

Despite the fact that there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of law enforcement impropriety, the NAACP is intervening on behalf of the pastor of a 30,000 member congregation, because multi-millionaire Creflo Dollar is unable to defend himself against the mean old evil law enforcement agency Dollar's daughter had to call to come rescue her. This was a TEXT BOOK domestic violence response. The aggressor in a physical dispute got carted off to jail... AS HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN!  For the record, when I call 911, I'd like the cops to show up. Thank you in advance. 

The arrest came after Dollar’s 15-year-old daughter and a witness, the girl’s 19-year-old sister, told deputies that their father physically assaulted the 15-year-old.

“Today, many parents in any household have vivid recollections of being firmly disciplined during childhood and can directly reflect on how that discipline made them better adults. In order to ensure fairness [translation: in order to scare law enforcement into letting Dollar WALK], the NAACP wants to make sure that first responders to alleged domestic parent/child dispute calls are skillfully trained to clearly distinguish discipline from child abuse,” the NAACP press release said.

Fayette County NAACP President John E. Jones also weighed in on the topic.

“We simply want to make sure that Pastor Dollar is allowed to be a responsible parent and discipline his children,” said Jones. “Parenting children in this day and time can be very challenging because many children believe that they can call the police at any time to stop any unwanted discipline. Little do they know that this can subject their parent or them to an arrest. Conversely, unruly or undisciplined children could get physically hurt or suffer worse punishment when they act out and come in contact with law enforcement. African-American children suffer the most in this situation. The parents are in a dilemma whether to forgo disciplining their children or to leave it up to law enforcement. Should we be apathetic, lax or indifferent and let the courts send our unruly children to jail or should we as parents do our duty and appropriately discipline our children? These are the questions every parent is asking today. The responsibility of the NAACP is to get out front and ask these culturally sensitive questions that affect the fundamental cause of freedom, equality and justice.”

Essentially echoing the statements of the local branch, the press release noted that Georgia State Conference NAACP President Edward O. DuBose is seeking factual information on how Pastor Dollar was handled and wants to make sure there is not a rush to judgment or a pattern of behavior by Fayette County officials towards a particular segment of its citizens. The Citizen.

There is a RUSH TO JUDGEMENT... against Creflo Dollar's two daughters.  These KNEE GROWS are saying that girls should be CHOKED if they are unruly.  This is NOT about discipline. This is about ABUSE. Either he choked this young woman or he didn't. Either he's a liar or both of his daughters are lying. I find it HARD to believe the 19 year old is going to side with her 15 year old sister just for kicks. If she told police Creflo choked her little sister, I believe her until she says otherwise. 

This is part of a disturbing pattern by the Georgia chapters of the NAACP. They clearly hate Black women. It pains me to say this, but the men and women who run those organization don't value the lives of Black women and girls and they constantly put this on display.

If you will recall, it was the Georgia NAACP that fed Shirley Sherrod to the wolves.

If you will recall it was ANOTHER Georgia NAACP, the West Metro chapter gave rapist Genarlow Wilson and award for having sex with an unconscious 17 year old girl with a half dozen of his buddies and making child pornography. In addition, Mr. Wilson was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl. For that, the NAACP gave Mr. Wilson an award. For doing what exactly? Hitting the record button?:

Nationally syndicated radio host Warren Ballentine, who has used his show to speak out against what he considers racial injustices called the award "a wonderful thing." Augusta Chroncile.

Now just read about the brutality Mr. Wilson metted out to his 17 year old victim:

The videotape was "Exhibit A" because it depicts a horrific crime: a gang rape of a semi-conscious, 17-year-old girl, followed by a bizarre display of sexual precociousness by a 15-year-old girl. That's the truth recorded by Genarlow and his friends that fateful night. I suspect that is also why Ms. Bernstein hated it whenever McDade used it to rebut her version of Genarlow's crime.

No matter how much (two glasses of Cognac) the 17-year-old may have had to drink, no matter how much she may have flirted with those boys, she did not consent to having sex with all of them, one right after the other. Yet it never occurred to the "smart" and "spiritual" Genarlow to say, "Stop it. We should not be doing this." No. Genarlow watched, waited and gladly took his turn. When they were through raping her, Genarlow helped his friends drag the comatose victim to the bathroom. They opened the door, pushed her in, watched as she fell to the floor and closed the door. I guess she wasn't much fun anymore. SOURCE

Although it was not the Georgia NAACP, the West Palm Beach Florida Chapter marched on behalf of four teenaged boys who gang raped a Black mother and child

The NAACP wrote a brief on behalf of a man who raped an 8 year old. It was a particularly BRUTAL attack. I'm providing redacted facts:

Patrick O. Kennedy, a man from suburban New Orleans, Louisiana, was sentenced to death after being convicted of raping his eight-year-old stepdaughter. The rape was uncommonly brutal: it tore the victim's _____ "from her ____ opening [ ] to her____opening. [It] tore her_____ on the interior such that it separated partially from her cervix and allowed her ____ to protrude into her_____. Invasive emergency surgery was required to repair these injuries.".[

In other words he ripped this little Black girl to peices and the NAACP came running to his aid. 

Please keep me informed if these IDIOTS plan on marching for Creflo. They are going to do it. It's what they do, protect men who brutalize Black girls. 

The Creflo Dollar case is one where the police DID. THE. RIGHT. THING. It is incredibly common in domestic violence situations where there is a confirmation of a PHYSICAL ATTACK, that someone be taken into custody. Would we rather the police have given Pastor Dollar preferential treatment and later went on to kill his daughter? Because THAT'S exactly what used to happen when law enforcement would respond to DV calls and leave the victim to fend for herself.

The ONLY purpose for the Georgia NAACP to become involved is to insure that Pastor Dollar is allowed to brutalize his teenage daughter without limits. If this was a battle of David vs. Goliath are you really going to argue with a straight face that a 15 year old is the Goliath. There is NO EVIDENCE that the police acted improperly so the only reason for the NAACP to get involved is to suborn justice and destroy the legal protections against violence against girls. 

Does it suck to be arrested? Yep. But it sucks more to be killed by your father.

Reader Comments (20)

Every time I think about joining the NAACP, I see a story like this. Even though they don't care what I think since I'm not male, I will be contacting Mr. Jones and Mr. DuBose to ask them why they hate black girls.

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDonnadara

I joined th NAACP at one time. I never renewed. Black folk truly, truly hate us don't they?

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKim

If Creflo's daughter wasn't hospitalized afterwards, then it wasn't all that serious. If she still has all of her teeth in her mouth, then it wasn't all that serious. If Creflo's wife Taffy is still sleeping beside him at night, then it wasn't all that serious. And more importantly, if Creflo was able to post bail and go free the following morning, then it wasn't all that serious!

It's very typical of our people to misinterpret a father disciplining his daughter as abuse, or completely twisting it into a male gender vs female gender type of thing. I will be very relieved when this very silly gender war and power struggle between Black men and Black women comes to an end. How did we come to the conclusion that Black girls in American are at a high risk of danger just because a prominent Black male pastor had to do what most fathers today fail to do? This is so very foolish and so very typical of our people!

If that 15 year old child would have gone out to that party, got drunk and even worst, came home pregnant, Creflo's name still would have been trashed just the same. It's just so sad that many Black women today cry, fuss and complain about Black men NOT stepping up to the plate, and when they do, they are looked upon as a threat and even a greater danger to our Black children. Our children are very rebellious today, namely because of the negative devices we expose them to.

Raising children today in the 21st century is a much greater challenge than it was 40 plus years ago. Young, immature, inexperienced parents today are more afraid of their children now than ever before. Babies raising babies! This is one of the major reasons for the every increasing statistics of teen pregnancies, homicides, drug and alcohol abuse, high school drop-outs and the glorification of the hip-hop and thug sub-culture. If we are going to ever mold and shape Black America for the better moving forward, it has to start with tough love in the home. Our biggest challenge today as Black parents is keeping our sons out of prison or the local cemetery, and our daughters off the pole and out of the neighborhood abortion clinics! In the long run....Creflo may have saved his daughter's life!

I sincerely wish Creflo and his family the very best!

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersrcoop44

srcoop44 and his ilk are exactly what is wrong with this country and EXACTLY why Black Women need to WAKE THE HELL UP! It is not enough for these idiots that EVERYONE admitted on the police report that this 15 year old girl ended up crying on the floor. That is abuse any way you slice it. A 15 year old girl has to be bruised, missing teeth, hospitalized and have validation from her abuser's partner in crime before it is actual abuse! And let's not kid ourselves if she had ended up in the hospital, some fools somewhere would still be justifying it! If ANYONE doubts that black women and girls are at risk in black communities "srcoop44" just broke it down and made it plain for you!

RUN!! BLACK WOMEN! RUN AWAY!! Abuse of black women and girls is so normalized that people are defending the abuser, ignoring the facts, blaming the victim and talking about "power struggles". Let's be real the only people checking for Creflo's daughter that night was her sister and the officer who arrested Creflo "beat her down" Dollar!

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLMH


This was abuse, pure and simple; perhaps the reverend regrets this now, but is too arrogant to least admit it publicly.

I can only guess if he ever apologized to both his daughters. :(

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterrevmamaafrika

And the fact that Rev. $$$ never said the police roughed him up, abused him, treated him unfairly, etc. is also very telling. Since this the case, WHY THE HELL DID THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF CHICKEN-LIVERED PEOPLE GET INVOLVED?

So the NAACP volunteered to get involved in this particular case? Where are they with all the death penalty cases, voter intimidation cases, anti-immigrant legislation, the VAWA, sexual abuse of prisoners, etc., that could really use their time, legal and media expertise?

:( :( :(

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterrevmamaafrika

@revma the point isn't to protect Rev/ Dollar's rights, the point is to intimidate the police into letting him off scott free. Creflo makes TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars a year. He is more than capable of taking care of himself.

June 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterThe Blogmother

Some of these Black folks have lost their ever loving minds. When a full grown man physically assaults a 15-year old, it is abuse. If he had attempted to choke his wife, his butt would have been hauled in. Why should his 15 year old daughter be expected to be treated differently?

And let it be known, she was fully within her rights to hit him back. Yes, I said it. If someone (I don't care if it's mother, father, sister, brother, cousin or stranger) strikes you, you have the right to grab the first thing you see and beat the holy snot out of them. We have to stop equating violence with love. It's violence. Parents wouldn't strike a stranger and not expect to lose their teeth, why should they have the expectation that their children should be knocked around without consequences. Likewise, you wouldn't let a stranger choke you out, why should you let yourself be subjected to violence if it is your father. Too many women allow themselves to be abused physically and emotionally because they were "disciplined" as girls to be submissive to authority. This must end.

I grew up around violence sold as discipline and wish just once one of those kids had taken a chair and knocked the sh*t out my aunt. She scarred her children for life and they deal with the effects of her discipline daily.

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMonica

"...the NAACP wants to make sure that first responders to alleged domestic parent/child dispute calls are skillfully trained to clearly distinguish discipline from child abuse,” the NAACP press release said."

WTF? Seriously? How absolutely despicable for so many reasons.

Too annoyed to say anything more right now; may say more later.

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSpinster

"The NAACP wrote a brief on behalf of a man who raped an 8 year old. It was a particularly BRUTAL attack."

This alone is a good reason not to support the NAACP (although I thought the victim was White and that the death sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court).

And for the NAACP to support a rich man like Cash FLow Dollar instead of reaching out and supporting the thousands of Black children/women who are victimized by criminals means that the NAACP is not relevant to Black women.

Historically, the NAACP served an important purpose in securing civil rights for Black Americans, but obviously it has decided to become a criminal-supporting enterprise.

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLorna Jerome

This is the tip of the iceberg. There will be more incidents going on . I am not sure if the there is a scripture , but I do remember hear a saying what goes on the dark will soon come to light. I am glad that BW know that these things are not in their head and it is an all war or excuse assalt on Black Women and girls and I hope many wake up before it is too late.

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSheila


Even when I was kid in high school, the NAACP struck me as more interested in empowering themselves than truly advancing Black people as whole. My dislike for the NAACP (Negroes Against the Advancement of Colored People) has long since turned to loathing.

The NAACP keeps taking positions that harm Black people, especially Black women : gangsta rappers, gang rapists (see Dunbar Village above), opposition to school choice, sex-selective abortion (i.e, mass murder of future Black women), so-called "gay marriage," (i.e., more fatherless Black homes = more violent Black thugs), etc.

So, NAACP offering legal defense to a "health and wealth" preacher like Creflo Dollar is sadly par for the course.

Wicked perfectly sums up the NAACP.

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFred

I sent a thank you note to Sheriff Hannah this morning.

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commentershlbshl

To all you so-called black christians who think beating a child to death and choking is discipline: this is why so many black people don't know how to handle conflict. White slave owners beat us. Did it make us want freedom less? No. It made us want freedom more. I grew up with this type of 'discipline' and I am not close to my father. In fact, in lead me to enter an abusive marriage. Good thing I woke up and got myself out. Just because you give birth or father a child doesn't give you the right to abuse them and this was abuse. So, if this was his wife everyone would be crying for her to leave him. But since this is his child he can treat her like a punching bag. Lord thank God I left a lot of black Church going, Kool-Aid drinking folks behind.

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commentershell

There is a old saying " The devil will make a way for its kind" . Creflo Dollar and the NAACP are truly foul human beings and the young lady has ever right to call the police on that thug. I truly believe Creflo Dollar has abuse his daugther before. She needs to sue her father for violation of her civil rights.

June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterL.Higgins

I think what especially angers me... actually, I'll list a few things that anger me about this mess.

1. Denying the daughters' stories, saying that they're liars. So... you're calling your own daughters, liars? Good look, Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all.

2. The zombie-sheep - from the poorest of the poor to so-called scholars - blindly defending Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all, saying (among other things) that the daughter sounded too calm so this must've been concocted to get "the man of god" in trouble.

3. Deflecting blame from Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all & passing it on to the police department since we all know that the police never do their job when it comes to BM. </sarcasm>

4. Negroes Against the Advancement of Colored People (thanks Fred!) saying that Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all needs help. So... strong enough to assault a child but too weak to defend against the big bad BM bashing cops? Oh.

Proud to be an American... expatriate.

June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSpinster

Most of the people who are in the NAACP ARE church going people. The more prominent members of larger churches will probably have more influence within local chapters of the NAACP.

Church going people tend to be conservative thinking. This has a lot of drawbacks, but simplifies choices in life.

Conservative thinking people almost always side with the more powerful in any disputes, support traditional roles for men and women, with women clearly in a subservient shut up role and children even further down the list.

So you get a prominent Reverend with a large church, he might have members who are in the Georgia NAACP or he probably knows influential members of the Georgia NAACP.

These people maybe conservative thinking and you get them defending this very rich man against his daughters claim of abuse.

This is the problem of all organizations, the powerful get more attention and favor at the expense of the weaker.

I wouldn't call it hate but more blindness. Doesn't matter the cause, it still has the same devastating impact on the most vulnerable black women.

June 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteriamme73

Spinster wrote:

4. Negroes Against the Advancement of Colored People (thanks Fred!) saying that Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all needs help. So... strong enough to assault a child but too weak to defend against the big bad BM bashing cops? Oh.

I can't take credit for the NAACP joke. I heard it on a radio show called "Garza and Snyder Live."

Sadly, that funny, thought-provoking show is now on hiatus. :(

June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFred

I'm sure the moment this case has been adjudicated that branch of the NAACP will be getting a very nice donation from Pastor Dollar.

The NAACP disgusts me.

June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVal

There's a big difference between "stepping to the plate"
and "beating the cowboy piss" out of your child. What kills
me is that he'd probably try and kill her future husband if he did
this to her.

One of the dudes I write for here in Philly is the president of
the NAACP. We're gonna have a talk.

June 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDenise

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