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#FatBlackAttack! Alice Randall's Husband SUCKS- Alice Randall Throws Black Women Under the Bus to Hock Crappy Book

Oh what is that I see? oh its some more slander of Black women by another Black woman thirsty for attention. Sorry for the sensational, possibly offensive title- I'm just taking my cue from the New York Times.
For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock, Alice Randall, an incredibly privileged Black woman, detonated a cultural car bomb on Black womanity in the New York Times.

She basically said we're ignorant, stubborn, and reckless... "becuz of our menzeses" In support of her attack on we "less privileged" Black women, she offers only anecdotal evidence of her dysfunctional relationship with her husband and her own struggle with self hatred. There is noting more dangerous than a self hating person- if they hate themselves, what do you think they will feel about your. 

If you will recall earlier this year, the Black women who write for the Washington post and the Kasier Family Foundation defamed Black women everywhere.

Our most recent bigoted anti-Black woman carnival barker, Alice Randall, wants the world to know that Black woman are "fat" because we want to be. Mainly to please our parasitic mates who apparently want us all to die die die. 

Because too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be. Alice Randal, Anti-Black Woman Propagandist. 

Did you ever long for the days when we were being publicly dissected because of our marital status, or skin color, hair texture, or the various STDs that must only afflict we Black shebeasts? Apparently fat is the new perpetual single hood. I don't know who opened the door on this most recent attack, I blame Kasier and the WAPO, but suddenly everybody wants the world to know that Black women are just fat fat fat and we're all gonna die die.

How many middle-aged white women fear their husbands will find them less attractive if their weight drops to less than 200 pounds? I have yet to meet one.

But I know many black women whose sane, handsome, successful husbands worry when their women start losing weight. My lawyer husband is one.

Another friend, a woman of color who is a tenured professor, told me that her husband, also a tenured professor and of color, begged her not to lose “the sugar down below” when she embarked on a weight-loss program.

Who are these Black people? She has to be making this up. Sounds like she's been hanging around Huggie Bear. 

Now I know the sheeple will not be able to resist  coming up in here and sharing their "concern" about we fat Black sheBeasts, but I ain't buying what y'all are sharing. Alice Randall didn't write that editorial for Black women. She wrote that editorial so that other people could gawk at us. She wrote it to confirm every nasty negative stereotype about Black women and wellness she could think of. If I was Alice Randall's husband, I would be embarrassed to basically be called homicidal. I mean she's saying we're all gonna die because we're fat and she's saying she's that way because that's how her husband likes her. So she said it, not I.

It is a horrible slander on Black women that we, more than any other group of women, in this country don't give a rip about our health. Sure, we struggle just. like. every. other. group. of women and it's defamatory to imply that we don't give a rip. 

Notice how conveniently the WAPO and Alice Randall ignore the works of

Black Women Do Workout or Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss  or Black Girls Run or Black Women Losing Weight or  as on reader pointed out on the Facebook Fanpage, even some young woman named Buffie the Body has a Youtube workout series and a website called Bodynomics.  (The name used to be Bootynomics, she explained on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page why she changed it.)

IN this video she talks about what her motivation is to stay fit. Notice she doesn't say anything about men.  Also wait for the moment when she speaks about her grandmother.... again, no mention of men.

She actually works out in what appears to be her breakfast room. No Gym required. Ingenious. 

I actually did this exercise in my office swivel chair and you definitely isolate your glutes and make it difficult to sit back down your office chair :) 

 HA! I bet y'all never thought you'd see a positive mention about someone called Buffie the Body up in here, but her videos are actually pretty good. I love the fact that she's not hyperactive and over the top bubbly. She's like- this is what you need to do and if it hurts you need to go sit down somewhere. She should do a  workout DVD. All you "concerned" anti-fat bigots need to help fund the production of Buffy's workout videos.

There is so much wrong with this current assault on the incredible Fat Black Womanicus - first there is the imposition of an arbitrary definition of health based solely on  weight.  There is the coupling of exercise with weight loss when it should be tied to wellness. There is the over reliance on the junk science of BMI. All black women aren't fat. All fat women aren't Black- the majority of fat women aren't Black. Just because you deem another woman fat doesn't mean she's not fit.

Then there is the lunacy that attacking, shaming, nagging, irritating, annoying, judging fat people will lead to successful health outcomes. How about all you concerned anti-fat bigots try the tactics of sisterhood, camaraderie, competition,  fellowship ? Or heck what ever happened to how much FUN some movements can be? But no, it's always shame shame shame. Judgement. judgement. judgement. How's that working for the fat haters?

When can we start talking about how hopelessly single Black women are again? Remember the good old days of the Great Unmarriagable Black Womanicus Singlesaurus?

And to all the concern trolls who can't miss an opportunity to feel morally superior to another woman by hiding about behind "health" concerns, have a seat. If fear was a motivation to wellness, then we wouldn't still be writing these articles. 

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Reader Comments (15)

Losing weight -- even for those of us who are not obese -- is hard and takes time. Good luck to all Black women who are aiming to be healthier. Keep bettering yourself. And being too skinny isn't healthy either -- although for some reason we tend to ignore that fact.

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLorna Jerome

I had a good chuckle at the "sugar down below" comment, was the person who said that like 80 years old. The article says Black Women and Fat and the link says Why Black Women are Fat. Is she really blaming black men for obesity of black women? And how does she know her husband actually likes her fat vs him feeling her being thinner will get her more male attention.

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterblkchik

Seriously, I am disgusted by a lot of this "fatbashing" and you know something..It goes BEYOND fat bashing ..It is really a hatred of Black women shaped like Buffi, KitToy Johnson and Serena Williams...Women who don't look like what is valued as being "beautiful" by Hollywood standards..If I see one more LESS melanin rich woman arch her back with a pair a booty pop panties along with plumped up lips and a Ban De Soleil tan being celebrated as having the PERFECT body..I am like serious..."GAG ME WITH A SPOON!"....It isn't just Non Black women saying how PURFFECT these women are..but BW....It is just BIZARRE to me. Kim Kardashian has the perfect butt and Serena has a big azz..I mean, that is the type of conversations you read on some of these Black women groups is just full of so much self hate and falling for the "okey doke" that makes "confused" sistas think a facsimile of what many of us was born with naturally is what we should striive for? Give me a "mickey fickey" break!....Adele is empowering..but Jill (scott) couldn't keep her man and needs to drop some weight...It is not about losing weight...it is about loving self enough to strive for your own personal best...Jennifer can sing to the WWs cows come home and Mariah can make it happen for Jenny...But, Sistas need to work on their mental and spiritual health to realize that giving themselves the BEST health possible my movement, eating better and celebrating each day where if "weight" is their only problem; hell, that can be lost. Finding value in yourself will free you up to reach your highest heights!!

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJustWOW!

I read the article. It was quite obvious to me what her real deal was. Her last comments were:

"I may never get small doing all of this. But I have made it much harder for the next generation, including my 24-year-old daughter, to get large."

So for all the noise she is making, her real goal is to be slender. Is that not what she said would make her husband find her less attractive, as she claims? If her aim was to help black women get healthier, for starters, she would have written to a predominantly black, female audience. Instead, she aimed her words at whites. She wants to laugh at heavier black women, and is inviting everybody else to join her. This is those types that are really fat, the lose the weight, and start hating fat people. I can tell that she is still large, but because she has dropped some pounds, she wants to feel even slimmer. She is struggling to get to a point where she feels like a 'hottie'. So she decided to do it by attacking those that are still at her previous weight and higher.

JustWOW!, I'm not sure if I can agree with you. I don't think that the Kartrashian creature has the 'perfect' butt. I can tell that she does not work out regularly, hence the droop in her behind. I would never want to have Serena's body, but her bum is far more toned than Kim whatever her name is. I'm surprised to hear that people (BW) have said that about Jill Scott. I always thought it was the opposite, as most BW online seemed to praise her (I have no gripe with her beyond that silly 'wince' comment she made. NOT a good look). However, she is quite slimmer than Adele (atleast, until Adele beagn losing weight a few months ago), so I'm not too sure what that is about. I don't for one second believe that BW are genetically predisposed to be bigger than others. I think it is purely a cultural (and class) thing. It just so happens that the proportion of BW who grew up in deprived areas, and with fewer opportunities to take the time out of their day to do activities/exercie is lower than whites. It is the same reason Latinos, on average, are heavier as well.

As for this Alice Randall woman, most BM I hear completely and absolutely berate BW for being overweight (this is despite the fact that BM are also more likely to be fat than white or Asian men). Similarly, the higher up a BM gets in life, the more slender his partner seems to get, irrespective of her race, so I'm not sure I buy that BM want their partners to be overweight. And if they do, I can tell you it is not for the reasons this woman claims it is!

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJaliliMaster

As strange as it may seem, there are men out here who prefer a little extra padding on their women and actually get upset if their lady embarks on a weight loss mission.

FYI: Buffy the Body is a video chick/ magazine model, so she does have a particular motivation to stay in shape.
Blogmother comment: So I take it you didn't bother to watch Buffie talk about her grandmother having to take 6 different medications? FYI mi arse. I hate passive aggressive people

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDJ Sniper

Your post seemed to indicate that you didn't know who Buffy was, so that's why I told you. I'm not able to view the video at the moment, so I didn't know anything about her grandmother's health issues.

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDJ Sniper

"As strange as it may seem, there are men out here who prefer a little extra padding on their women and actually get upset if their lady embarks on a weight loss mission." - DJ Sniper

It annoys me how people try to act as if most men are into rail thin women. To me, anything from a Jessica Alba, to a Jessica White, to a Kerry Washington to a Scarlett Johansson, to a Beyonce to a J.Lo, to a curvier, toned woman, is normal size. For all the noise we make about well to do men(i.e men with more dating options) not dating larger women (which for the most part is true), no one ever mentions the fact that these same men hardly ever date very skinny women? Even look at Hollywood. They pressure the actresses to be slim, but once these women go below a certain point, you don't see them in movies. The fact is, most people know there is nothing cute about looking like an anorexic, but I suppose it is more fun to laugh at fat people!

Although Gina, I have to somewhat disagree with you. I agree that there is an over reliance on BMI, but I don't believe that it is 'junk science'. The problem with BMI is that people don't take into account that the calculations only really apply to the 'average' person. Hence, with people that are really toned and work out, in particular men, would be shown to be overweight even though they are healthier than the average person. At the same volume, muscle weighs twice as much as fat. So even though two women, who to the eyes, appear to be the same size, one never exercises and is just slim, while the other works out regularly. It is the one that exercises that would actually weigh heavier, even though realistically, she is far more healthy than the one that doesn't. Most human beings are couch potatoes, we all just like to pretend that it is only the heavier ones amongst us that are.

As to the article, I used to think that berating someone into losing weight works. But really, does it? The softly, softly approach does not seem to work either, however, would it not have been far more helpful if the article writer had given a detailed account of the steps she took that actually worked. The foods she eliminated, how she exercised so as not to have too drastic an effect on her joints, etc, because there are some workouts that I do, that I know could potentially hurt someone who was heavier, so these things have to be modified to each person. Instead, we are just told that she hosts Zumba classes, and she gave a paltry 'recipe' for a healthier version of soul food. I don't know about you, but that meal did not sound very tasty to me.

Had it been a slim woman who had written that article, it would be clear to everyone what her real motivations were. She has lost a bit of weight, so now wants to turn round and throw these taunts at BW that she was once (and I suspect, still is) on the receiving end of. It is like the pupil who was one of the outcasts in school. Then they one day got invited to one of the 'cool kids' parties, so she now wants to join the proverbial bullies, by taunting her former 'loser' friends. She can't see that with the sort of issues she has, she is most likely going to put the weight back on! I wonder who she'll write an article about then?!

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJaliliMaster

Agreed that the tone of the article and the choice of audience is suspect to say the least, I will say that her being in the south may also inform this opinion she puts forth. I say this only because I have been extremely slender most of my life and having lived in the northeast and the south, I can attest to this supposed preference she's discussing. I would not say that all southern brothers really want their ladies big but a markedly large amount of those men do, especially when compared to northern brothers who seem to want as much booty as they can handle so long as the women is not "fat", i.e. she carries her body weight well relative to her height and proportions "little in the waist, pretty in the face".
In my personal experience living in the south, being slender led men to think I was much younger than I actually was at the time, I guess they thought I was underdeveloped? I almost exclusively dated other transplants to the area from the north, midwest or west coast. After sharing my observations with others, I concluded then that there must be some connection to higher weight and perception of attractiveness in the south that maybe just doesn't exist in the north and if so, not in the same way.
Also, I don't know what the male to female population ratio is in Memphis but if it is just about even then the comment blkchik made regarding her husband potentially feeling threatened by her weight loss could be a factor as well considering that her losing weight may actually give her more social currency in the form of more admirers/options.

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCandace

Why BMI is junk science:


I didn't read the NY Times article. Don't need or want to. But I think Gina hit the nail on the head: black women being publicly dissected. Fatness is the current fad...tomorrow, it will be something else. Not sure what's left, though. Let's see, what's been covered in the last couple of years: wealth, education, demeanor, body size, self-esteem, hair texture. Maybe...the size of our feet? diameter of our retinas? what kind of deodorant we use? how we decorate our homes? the number of times we smile in relation to white other women? whether we use a loofah vs a washcloth? brands of toothpaste we use? the rates at which we breastfeed our children in relation to white other women? Possibilities are endless.

Similar to what I said in the post from a couple of months ago: there is a false dichotomy being drawn for fat black women: either you're a borderline self-loathing, striver to be the "right" size, or you're a delusional, "so-called" loving yourself glutton who is impervious to "common sense" about health and body size, particularly as it relates to romantic relationships.

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDaphne

I won't deny that there is a cultural component in why black women are tolerant of being bigger (up to a point). However, I think it's a HUGE leap from that point to saying most black women want to be fat and it's our men's fault. NOBODY wants to be fat. America hates fat people! Losing weight is hard and there's a real lack of knowledge in our community about what it takes, along with a lack of resources. Every predominantly black neighborhood has at least 5 different fast food restaurants within a 5 mile radius. But how many gyms and parks are there? Furthermore, you can count calories all day but quality matters more than quantity. You won't lose weight eating 1600 calories of junk food daily, even though you're creating a deficit, because junk food has no nutrients. And if your body can't draw nutrients from the food you eat, it will hold on to body fat to sustain itself. 1600 calories of whole grains, fruit, veggies & lean protein is a whole different deal though. And the average restaurant entree packs a whole day's worth of calories in a single plate--not to mention the bread basket, free refills on soda, appetizer & dessert.

As far as Randall's article, I don't know why she had to make black women the villain in all of this. Like you mentioned, ALL of America (which is still predominately white!) has an obesity problem. It starts with the food suppliers--I saw a piece on the news recently about how much sugar is in every. single. thing. we eat, from ketchup to bread to applesauce. And sugar is just as addictive as cocaine: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-04-02/news/31276928_1_high-fructose-corn-syrup-sugar-consumption-table-sugar
Yet another reason why it's hard for people to lose weight, and that's doubled by the fact that food is a genuine necessity(unlike alcohol or cigarettes) and can mask issues of sugar dependence. Yes, individual behavior changes will get people healthy but in order for those changes to become widespread, there has to be a structural change in the way we think about, manufacture and consume food.

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrownbelle

I think this whole focus on Black women being fat or otherwise is to continue to remove any focus off of the 60% AMERICAN obesity rate, keep BW the focus of anything and everything perceived as negative, keep WW feeling superior no matter how homely or out of shape, and keep the BC (if that even exists anymore) hating and blaming Black women.

I play in a co-ed social sports team that is overwhelmingly Black, and about 40% female, as required. The very few WW on the team are the sole and only focus of the BM, who unabashedly make their disdain for BW, and for their own Black skins, obvious. No matter how out of shape the WW are, they make positive compliments to them the norm.

For the BW, no matter how beautiful, in shape, or out of shape, they have nothing but hatred and intraracial bigotry for them, and try to play them against the WW. Usually this is done because they feel that the BW aren't giving them, THE BLACK MAN, the attention they stupidly believe they are entitled to. Eyes rolling
(Of course, they then want the BW to support them in every issue when they go crying about racism from thee all powerful and mighty White Man.)

So, no BM don't want BW to remain fat or skinny - most only want BW around long enough to flatter their egos, have sex with, and then leave. This lady needs to be who she is for herself - fat or skinny, and stop worrying about what BM or the white-led media want.

May 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHeyThere!

NEVER In a million years would I think I'd utter the words, "I'm proud of Buffy the Body". Lawd! There must be a rip in the space-time continuum. I read a profile of her years ago and she said she kept her booty by eating junk food. Nice to see her focus on health and NOT weight. I'm also glad to see her taking control of her brand. Geaux Buffy!

May 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBlackLizLemon

All people should concentrate on a healthy lifestyle which would include avoiding process foods and a sedentary lifestyle. I know that most people have gotten the message but that does not mean that all will comply. I say live and let live.

May 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercns

@ Hey there, What about joining a different rec league? That doesn't sound like a good environment to be spending one's free time for relaxation.

May 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDailyLattes

Funny how you were clueless to the fact that "Buffie The Body" is a trashy video vixen, hooker, and stripper. Street garbage through & through. Not exactly the kind of person you want speaking for your cause.....or being a role model. She's one of the worst, most disgusting symbols of Black culture. She's arguably worse than that walking disease and scourge positive symbol of Black womanhood Karrine Steffans. This is why I can't take this website seriously anymore. When WAOD started in 2007, it had so much potential. Sadly it has since fallen by the wayside in a major way.

Blogmother Comment
HA! You can't take the site seriously, yet here you are. I love it that you would love for Buffie the Body to lay dying in the streets like Fantine from Les Miserables. Yet a Black boy could hack up an entire village and have a rap sheet the length of my arm and people would be marching in the streets praising him for trying and demanding redemption. So I am EXCITED that this post might have repelled you. YOU are the kind of person I don't want reading my blog. Go crawl back into the sewer where you came from. Anyone who could use those words to describe another woman HATES Black women.

June 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLurker

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