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The Crucifixion of Kasandra Perkins:Victim Blaming, Black Maternal Homicide and Stupidity

Folks couldn’t even wait for the body of Kasandra Perkins to be lowered into the ground before they started blaming her for her own death.  I don’t know if horror is the right word to describe the coverage of Kasandra Perkins death by mainstream media, Black blogs and Black Twitter. Almost immediately the  discussion  on Black blogs turned to what Miss Perkins must have done to cause her own death.

Meanwhile, mainstream media is conspiring to make sure that Jovan Belcher isn’t held responsible for Miss Perkins’ murder. They are working overtime to attempt to make her murder about traumatic brain injuries instead of the controlling bullying and entitlement bred by sexism and misogyny. The focus in mainstream publications is NFL concussions  and the headlines on the Black blogs will be child support and Trey Songz concerts instead of maternal homicide and intimate partner violence.

In other words-> Let’s Blame Concussions and a Dead Woman because we don’t want to acknowledge sexism and misogyny and we certainly don’t want to hold a young Black male millionaire responsible for his own actions.  Lucky for you, you don’t have to rely on or accept the mainstream media narrative. 

According to the CDC, black women have a maternal homicide risk about seven times that of white women. Black women ages 25-29 are about 11 times more likely as white women in that age group to be murdered while pregnant or in the year after childbirth. http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-201_162-4009249.html

Go tweet about THAT! 

Not twice as likely. Not Three times as likely. Not five times as likely, but ELEVEN times. Miss Perkins was just outside the 25-29 age range. Victim Blaming 101:


The Kansas City Star reports that Jovan got into a heated argument with Kasandra around 7:50am stemming from her arriving home at 1am following a Trey Songz concert. http://theybf.com/2012/12/01/kc-chiefs-linebacker-jovan-belcher-kills-girlfriend-then-commits-suicide

OH dear. SHE went to a Trey Songz concert. SHE arrived home at 1am. SHE caused a heated argument. Other articles make it a point to mention that Miss Perkins was drinking while she was out with friends and Mr. Belcher called her several times to inquire about her whereabouts. Oh dear, a woman over the age of 21 who had arranged childcare went out with friends for a concert and consumed alcohol- oh the HORROR!

Then came the stories about how GREAT Jovan Belcher is. how no one saw it coming. 

“Jovan was a happy, proud father, with pictures of his baby on his Facebook page,” Jovan’s agent Joe Linta told SI.com’s Peter King on Saturday Dec. 1. “This is shocking. Something went crazy wrong, and we’ll probably never know what it is.”http://hollywoodlife.com/2012/12/02/jovan-belcher-kasandra-perkins-fight-shooting-trey-songz-concert/

OH he must have SNAPPED. She must have done something to “push” him over the edge because HE could not possibly be a controlling murderous bully.

Then came the outright defamation, obfuscation and redirection. Deadspin published a hit piece courtesy of an anonymous “friend” of Mr. Belcher.

I won’t post the defamation here, you can read the article over on Deadspin where everything from her college transcript to her employment record is used against her. 


The friend wanted to stress that the concert was, at most, a tipping point, and that the relationship had soured previously. In further emails, he was frank that his aim was to give us Belcher's side of the story, and in defending his late friend he came off as cruel toward the murder victim, going so far as to call her "the catalyst."Deadspin


SHE was the catalyst? HE had no control over his action because HE probably had a TBI- oh no it has to be concussions that are responsible....ANYTHING other than Jovan Belcher was a controlling bully who felt entitled to shoot his girlfriend. 

Because mind you, Mr. Belcher managed to not kill his mother who was in the next room. He managed not to kill the security guard at the Kansas City Chief’s stadium. He managed not to kill his coach and the team manager. So were these some special “concussions” that only affected the part of the brain that deals with girlfriends?


In 2008, ESSENCE magazine asked me to write an article about Dorothy Dixon. Dorothy was a mentally disabled Black women who was tortured and killed- and by tortured I mean for months, knives sticks, cuts, burns and they also used her body for target practice. The coroner pulled out dozens of BB gun pellets that  were embedded in her skin. She was pregnant and had another child who was an infant. ESSENCE’s angle was that when pregnant Black women are tortured and killed, mainstream media  doesn’t cover it. While the deaths of pregnant White women, such as Laci Peterson, get covered for years.

In the course of writing the article, I had to do an ton of research on maternal homicide. New and expectant Black mothers were killed in the most gruesome ways.  Almost every single case! We’re talking baseball bats, being buried alive, duct tape. Mr. Belcher shot Miss Perkins 9 times!  Many of the girls I wrote about were teenagers killed by much older boyfriends. That was newsworthy in and of  itself, but the fact that so many of them are dying -11 times as many- should have cause some type of community-wide outrage and campaigns--- but crickets. I finally concluded that we didn’t want to cover the genocide on new and expectant Black women and girls in order to protect teh precious:


I point out the difference in response to Black women and girls being slaughtered and our community's never ending quest to preserve young Black men. http://www.whataboutourdaughters.com/waod/2008/8/19/essence-magazine-highlights-dorothy-dixon-and-other-victims.html


I should have added AT ALL COSTS.

If you’re shocked that Miss Perkins is dead, you shouldn’t be. Because she was a Black woman  in her 20s with a child of less than a year old, statistics tell us that she was at a relatively high risk of being murdered by her child’s father.  ELEVEN TIMES more at risk of being murdered because she was a Black woman and almost certainly to be blamed by certain segments of the Black community for her own death. You won’t read this anywhere else but HERE. 

For any reporters or bloggers that would like to write something DIFFERENT about this story, please do consider doing something called “research” by typing in “maternal homicide” and “Black women” into Google. I know Google searches are incredibly difficult, but try and stretch yourself. 


Here is a summary of the CDC’s report on Homicide in new and expectant mothers. 

So in closing, because I can never say this enough, the person responsible for Kasandra Perkins' death is Jovan Belcher. There was nothing Miss Perkins could have done to cause Mr. Belcher to murder her in cold blood. He pulled the trigger the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th, and 9th time he shot her.





Reader Comments (76)


"Well Bob Costas may have been on to something. Belcher is a professional athlete, making great money, living in a very nice house, IN A VERY NICE NEIGHBORHOOD, why did he need a gun? To protect himself from who?"

I think you bring up an interesting point.

Costas was on Lawrence O'Donnell's program, and he shared an anecdotal bit of information that I thought was curious. He said that at some point before this particular tragedy occurred, an NFL coach told him that he took an informal locker room survey during a training camp, and that 65 of the 80 players present admitted to owning a firearm.

I think that certainly does beg certain questions with respect to whether or not professional football players--possibly athletes in general--are disproportionately armed, and, if so, why this is the case. Presumably, these people have the means to live in relatively safe neighborhoods that enjoy a responsive, attentive police presence, to install state of the art security systems in their homes, and generally avoid situations where the likelihood of finding themselves in the middle of a shootout is high. Why the pressing need for so many guns?

December 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commentershlbshl

For a guy in the NFL with a bunch of money and supposedly everything to live for, to kill his the pregnant mother of his child probably means that something in his head went wrong. There is nobody that says that this is not a heinous crime and a tragic situation.

People are trying to figure out what happened not to save Belcher's name, but to prevent the next Belcher from following suite. We can't put logical blame on a illogical situation. People do snap and do monsterous things. No different than a mother who comes home and kills her children one day. We read about this all the time and make projections that aren't necessarily true.

I haven't seen one article that said that she is to blame for Belcher's behaviour. How many NFL players kill people period, much less their pregnant women. We don't even have a complete picture of what happened between these tow young people to even form an opinon on what happened.

December 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKeith


Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Shaun Smith gives a common sense answer to your question on why football players choose to be armed:

"If you have daughters, you should (have a gun). You have to protect yourself. You work so hard to get to where you at, I'll be damned if I’ll just let someone take it from me.”


Smith is right. Because football players make so much money, they and their families are targets for thieves, kidnappers, etc.

Furthermore, just because your neighborhood has lots of cop patrols means very little if a thug is at your front door trying to break in. It will takeminutes for cops to respond to your 911 call; you would be dead within that time. This reality makes gun ownership increasily a must for football players.

So, Costas' argument about football players being "too well armed" is about blaming everyone and everything except the real culprit: Jovan Belcher.

As Blogmother has pointed out before, thugs lie Belcher engage in violent behavior because they are thugs.

December 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFred

"We don't even have a complete picture of what happened between these tow young people to even form an opinon on what happened"

@keith he got mad and he killed her.

December 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commentertruth p

@Lissia said "This behavior doesn't come from nothing, but athletes seem to be especially protected by society that values athletic performance over moral and ethical behavior."

Yes. I work in education-and we're trying to work with children to figure out how to identify emotions and problem solve from an early age-and I see that many parents see their childrens sports ability as these kids only chance out. This attitude encourages us to spend money in an industry that uses up our children and spits them out once they no longer have entertainment value. The team owners are the ones getting rich. Why is it that these team owners are making millions while schools are holding bake sales for books.

I'm really sorry to hear about this story and I hope that the baby is able to have a chance to thrive in ways that her mother did not.

December 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFX

Neither Costas (in the interview with Lawrence O'Donnell), nor I, made any definitive assertions that football players were "too well armed". Quotation marks serve to indicate direct speech, and if you're going to use them, please take care to use them only in the case of things that are actually stated.

Rather, I very deliberately phrased my remarks as a series of questions--questions that I felt very logically arose from a data point that was shared by Costas. I wrote that I thought that this particular story begged the question of whether or not football players are disproportionately armed. The idea is that a question allows for either a negative or an affirmative answer. Maybe football players are disproportionately armed, maybe they are not. But I do think it's a legitimate question to ask in light of Costas' story. I then asked why, IF there is indeed some merit to the contention that they are disproportiately armed, this would be the case.

Moreover, if there is some merit to your contention that football players are targets for crime and violence because of their wealth, then it would stand to reason that there would also be a more general correlation between income and gun ownership. I don't know enough to say either way, but that's another QUESTION that's worthy of investigation.

For whatever reason, you comment history on this thread indicates that you are heavily invested in taking the gun issue out of the equation with respect to Kassandra Perkins' murder. That's your business, and that's fine.
I, however, think that a number of factors converged to bring about this woman's homicide. This position does not absolve Jovan Belcher of responsiblity in any way, nor would I ever suggest such a thing. Please don't direct that straw man at me.

December 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commentershlbshl


Racialicious posted this article, and I'm glad they did. I was glad to read Lupica's story last Sunday because he was the only one, in the NY Daily News that is, that focused on Kassandra Michelle Perkins. All of the other articles were focusing on her killer, mainly because he was from Long Island. I feel so sorry for that poor baby who will have to live for the rest of her life knowing her father murdered her mother and then committed suicide.

December 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEva

So I see on social media the Chris Brown defenders from the incident with the comedian have redirected their focus to victim and her family in this case, now they are against domestic violence again. There can be no middle ground if they are serious about fight domestic violence

December 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterblkchik

*APPLAUSE!!* Thank you for writing this. Thank you on behalf of all women. I tweeted this article. I'll be posting it on facebook when I can. Keep up the excellent work! We need more people to write this type of story.
Last Sunday, my step-son left the sports channel for more than an hour, while we were all cleaning the house (background noise). At one point I said, "Are they still talking about that football player?", "Yes", "Well, that's enough of that!" and off went the tv. I don't mind him watching the sports channel, but if all they are going to do is speculate, and hero-worship a murderer, no one in my house is going to watch it.

December 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterthemadgranola

Im from Austin, Tx the same place Kasi was from. I wasnt a close friend of Kasandra but we knew of each other, if we saw each other we would speak maybe hold a small conversation. One thing i can say is i NEVER heard anything bad about Kasi EVER. She was a very very very sweet girl, and she smiled ALOT, she used to work in a store in highland mall called Underground Station I would always go in the store to see if Kasi and a good friend of mine were there so i could talk to them and crack jokes. When i heard the news of what happened I honestly DIDNT BELIEVE IT WAS HER. The first thing that came to mind was WTF???? When i heard Jovan shot her i knew in a instant he was CRAZY! Kasi was a GOOD PERSON, You hear that alot when someone passes but REALLY there isnt one bad thing someone could say about her. She was BEYOND BEAUTIFUL (pics do her no justice) and the was SWEETEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, one thing i liked about her was SHE KNEW SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL AND SHE KNEW HER WORTH, unlike most females in our city. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BLOG because i feel like people are really saying F*** her. I dont consider myself as a friend of kasandra because i didnt know anything personal about her and after high school i never heard much about her at all, but i shed tears because i KNOW FOR A FACT SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE MURDERED THE WAY SHE DID! "MR BELCHER" is just like any other MAN, wants his cake and to eat it too. I talked about the situation with a friend of why he killed her and like i said before Kasi knew her worth and i told my friend im sure she told him she would take her and her baby and come back home to Austin with her family. Ive read reports lately that say MR. BELCHER had dinner and spent the night with ANOTHER WOMAN the same night he killed Kasi for coming home late from a concert. SOUNDS LIKE ANY OTHER MAN IN HIS RIGHT MIND BUT WANTS IT ALL, the kind of conniving bastard that says "IF I CANT HAVE YOU NOONE CAN". My heart goes out to Kasi's close friends and family who are people i do know personally. They are suffering a TREMENDOUS loss, alot of you that are defending Kasi. I want to let you know that you are definitely doing the right thing I wasnt there but IM 100% sure she didnt give this man a reason to murder her in cold blood to shoot her not 1 time not 2 times not even 4 times but 9 times. IT BOGGLES my mind that people are making him look like he was a good genuine person BLAH BLAH THIS AND BLAH BLAH THAT!!! I guess its true that God is calling his angels home because Kasi was an Angel. I hope jovan belchers mother tells zoey the absolute truth about what really happened on Dec.1st 2012 when she is old enough to ask questions and i pray for her when that day comes. And if you believe in God right now Kasi is resting peacefully with no worries no crying no hurt, while Jovan is suffering in hell. I dont wish death or hurt on anyone but for murdering such a sweet and beautiful person and taking your own life just so you dont have to suffer the consequences, he deserves to burn in hell!

Kasi you are missed and loved and your story has touched people across the nation, YO ASS IS EVEN ON BET AND CNN AND THANGS GURL!!!! lol!!! I just wish you wouldve been recognized differently not after your gone. EVEN I WISH THIS WASNT YOU and i still cannot believe somebody murdered you. ATX MOURNS YOU BOO!!!


December 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMe

Wanda wrote:

I didn't allow my sons to play midget or school-related football (much to my husbands sadness, but I made the call...). Violent sport participation begets violence (football, boxing, wrestling).

Wanda, do you have any evidence to support your position?

I bring this up because one of my cousins has been on both his high school's wresting team and football team. Yet, he is the most well-manner, chivalrous young Black man you could meet. Clearly, playing violent sports isn't an indicator that a young man will become a violent thug.

Even in professional football, this holds true. When is the last you heard of Tim Tebow (NY Jets) or Michael Oher (Baltimore Ravens) insulting a woman much less attacking one?

Bottom line, Belcher would have been a thug if he played ping pong because that what he chose to be. Conversely, my cousin chooses to be gentleman despite the stereotype held by some that football players are incapable of respecting women.

That's the nature of free will.

December 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFred


USA Today recently printed an article revealing that 3 out of 4 NFL players are gun owners. One part of the article perfectly summed up why gun ownership among football players is so high:

According to numerous players, it's not a secret that the NFL is loaded with firearms. One of the reasons routinely mentioned is protection, and one of the incidents players often cite is the death of Sean Taylor, a Washington Redskins safety who was killed in a home invasion in Miami in 2007. He was 24.

Redskins kick returner Brandon Banks echoes the mantra that it's all about protection. The third-year player, who declined to say whether he owns a gun, says "70% of the NFL players have guns. Guys get them as soon as they start getting some money, when people start knowing where you live."


Isn't it interesting that Costas forgot about Sean Taylor in his gun control rant? Perhaps because Taylor undermines the narrative that football players living in upscale neighborhoods don't need guns for protection and are overly paranoid.

Taylor's death is a tragic reminder that determined professional thieves can evade police patrols and bypass top-notch security systems to break into NFL players' homes. Hence, a gun becomes the last line of defense for players and their families.

So, can you really blame NFL players for being well armed?

December 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFred

And as usual.....
This post goes off on a tangent circle around all the issues except the most pertinent one.
Kasandra Perkins,
Kasandra Perkins
Kasandra Perkins

Kasandra Perkins May your name not be forgotten in rush to find reasons, politics as usual, agenda throwing, agenda defending, exception given, obsfucation tactics going on.

Let those with eyes, ears and a functioning medula oblongata use all senses to see how quickly those who really don't care one jolt beyond using you and your name as a prop for their slant or agenda.

Kasandra Perkins, may their whispers not deter you from resting in peace and may your creator protect whatever legacy you can possibly create through your child.

December 9, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterab

There is validity in a host of the comments and here however, I would LOVE for women to begin to accept responsibility for the decisions we make. Especially, the decisions that condone men disrespecting us. NO one is ENTITLED to our bodies or hearts, yet we hand them over without first ascertaining whether our partner deserves them. We then hold them responsible for the most precious parts of ourselves. STOP handing out the responsibility for our hearts and bodies to men that have neither asked for nor earned them.

December 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMonica

Fred: "Wanda, do you have any evidence to support your position?"

I do stand my position that sports like football tend to encourage an overall tolerance of violence within our culture.

I also don't engage in individual, case-by-case analyzing of who is or who isn't a "thug." I am more concerned about the unacceptable level of violence that permeates our society.

December 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWanda

I love all the hubbub about relating his concussion to his actions...did Rihanna snap and go after loser-ass Chris Brown after he gave HER a bloody concussion??
And Belcher was an absolute piece of work - just saw a police video on deadspin.com that was taken at 3am on the morning of the atrocities - his car was on the side of the road and he was PASSED OUT DRUNK in his car (with the engine running!), but the officers that pulled up on him LET HIM DRIVE AWAY (instead of getting arrested for a damn DUI like any other non-famous person)! And before he left the scene, he actually said, "I have to go deal with my OTHER GIRL, man" and proceeded to spend the next few hours with some chick named Brittni...
His baby is 3 MONTHS OLD. Unbelievable...

December 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTylerPurrden

I'm still trying to understand Bob Costas' argument. IF dude wasn't armed with a pistol he wouldn't been able to kill his girlfriend or himself. I guess he would have calmly removed himself from his home and sought counseling to determine the root of his anger and jealousy. I wonder what Costas would say if he choked her and then jumped off a bridge.

I generally don't advocate academicians examining Black culture but I'm beginning to wonder if a degree of black male misogyny stems from subconscious hatred of their single black mothers. I wonder how many black men resent their mothers for not being June Cleaver. I wonder how that resentment impacts how they treat women outside their family and the women with whom they choose to mate.

December 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMonica

The day this all happened, my husband and I talked forever about how it was going to get spun in the media and that we both agreed Jovan had probably been abusive to women, not only this woman, and it should shock no one who had ever seen him act abusively toward a woman. That the other players should stop saying he was a nice guy because clearly he wasn't -- nice guys do not murder anyone in cold blood, let alone the mother of their child.

December 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRita Arens

@ Monica, well yes some of us do take responsibility and when we do that, we are called "dykes."

:( :(

December 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterrevmamaafrika

Thank you for your article! I appreciate your honest and direct approach to this subject. As a white woman AND a survivor of domestic violence, I have gained additional insight from you. I too am extremely frustrated and disheartened with the attitudes of our culture toward women in general, but now understand better the greater peril and obstacles that black women face. Thank you. And keep doing what you are doing. Take care, D

December 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDonna F

"I love all the hubbub about relating his concussion to his actions...did Rihanna snap and go after loser-ass Chris Brown after he gave HER a bloody concussion?? "

Considering her dating and lifestyle choices since that horrific incident, I think one can assume that the damage he did to that girls head was not just physical. No sane woman would let a man who almost killed her and then dumped and abandoned her unconscious body at the side of the road, at night, back into her life, in anyway whatsoever.

December 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJaliliMaster

I must say that it is refreshing to see media that actually memorializes the real victim instead of glorifying her murderer as anything other than a murderer. It seems that victim-blaming of females is common in our society when it involves violence against women, but that this phenomenon is especially acute when the victim is a black female and her assailant a black male. This is one of the reasons why I believe that the black community is characterized by cyclical dysfunction. Many black men and women seem to give men a pass or are quick to justify the black male's behavior especially when that behavior harms a black female. We saw it when R. Kelly was exposed as the child molester that he is. I remember black females making comments like "she knew what she was doing", referring to his underage victim. I then listened to these same morally bankrupt females pledge unyielding devotion to R. Kelly because "his music is bomb".

I also remember reading an article about Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam blaming Desiree Washington for being sexually assaulted by Mike Tyson. According to Farrakhan, what should she (Ms. Washington) have expected when she went to his room late at night half-dressed. However, I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised by Farrakhan's utter disregard for black women since he also said that black mothers are to blame for their boyfriends making sexual advances towards their female children because these mothers fail to remain physically attractive to their boyfriends. And yet this is a man that some blacks look to to fulfill leadership responsibilities and to provide moral guidance.

What vexes me is that it is this kind of dysfunctional thinking that has permeated the black community. I have seen article after article and blog and blog where many blacks of both sexes are quick to blame black females who have been shot and even killed for refusing to give some man her phone number, but then these same black men are sympathetic to white females who became victims under similar circumstances. It seems that DBR black males and even the DBR black females are damaged on two fronts: racially and sexually as the brunt of their aggression is placed on black females. Some 70% of black children are born to single black women. Another poster inquired as to the effect that this has had on black males. Well it seems that we are seeing these effects which explains why blogs like this have to be written in the first place.

December 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterProfessorMegan

Something tells me this is not the first time he was violent with her. Men don't just snap and shoot their girlfriends. Crazy? No. Woman Beater? Yes. This is a classic case of domestic violence resulting in death. I would bet alot of money hes put his hands on her before.We have this habit in the black community that somehow if a black man makes alot of money then he could do no wrong. Who wants to bet folks around her said "Girls hes a good man just don't provoke him" everytime she came up with bruises from an argument?

December 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterM

I hope you don't mind a response from a woman of white and Native American ancestry. I regularly read your blog and welcome the insight it gives me on the experiences of women that almost never get covered in the media.

I'm wondering if this repression of statistics- at least in the part of the media that claims to be "liberal" doesn't stem from their poorly done attempts to "not look racist". Poorly, because I see racism seep through on those networks daily.

But despite the bare lip service they occasionally give any issues concerning women, they are often vilely misogynist, and that includes to white women that don't fit into their narrow band of acceptable women and girls- those "acceptable" women are usually- young, white, upper class, pretty, thin, and often dead. Even white women who don't fit into that narrow band of the media's social class, and even if they do but are middle aged and older and/or the least bit overweight get the full bore of sexism directed against them if they dare challenge the privileged of the elite white males to do whatever they wish.

Which is why no one in the media calls out the real danger of the white males who do almost all of the mass shootings in the United States. It reminds me of the extreme level of hatred I've seen in a significant number of 20 something white males directed toward any woman who dares not be a complete servant to their sexual fantasy needs- by daring challenge their point of view- which they see as fact not opinion, or even by the mere fact of a woman's age, weight or that they have children that they feel an equal or greater devotion to than the children's fathers- even fictional characters!

There's a truly psychotic level of misogyny in our country that is treated as normal in the elite white culture as well. It sickens, angers, and at time frightens me. I have no children, but I still want all of our daughters to live in a far less misogynist world than what we live in now.

December 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCiarda

"But despite the bare lip service they occasionally give any issues concerning women, they are often vilely misogynist, and that includes to white women that don't fit into their narrow band of acceptable women and girls- those "acceptable" women are usually- young, white, upper class, pretty, thin, and often dead. Even white women who don't fit into that narrow band of the media's social class, and even if they do but are middle aged and older and/or the least bit overweight get the full bore of sexism directed against them if they dare challenge the privileged of the elite white males to do whatever they wish."

This is more the fault of so-called feminists than anyone else. Bw sussed out very early on that most white feminists were not really interested in equality for all women, but just wanted to stand on the backs of other non-white women in order to join white males in their oppression. In response to BW complaints about the attitude of majority of the white feminists, they just accused BW of being 'jealous' (they never stated what BW were jealous of). It is worth noting that Asian, Hispanic and other minority women came to the exact same conclusion regarding many white feminists. There is a reason that every single 'feminist' in America that is lauded or given any public voice is white. Pretty much the same reason every civil rights 'leader' that had any voice in the media is male. It is not just about the media. It is because the dominant groups in any of these movements think that our (BW) voices don't matter.

"Which is why no one in the media calls out the real danger of the white males who do almost all of the mass shootings in the United States. It reminds me of the extreme level of hatred I've seen in a significant number of 20 something white males directed toward any woman who dares not be a complete servant to their sexual fantasy needs- by daring challenge their point of view- which they see as fact not opinion, or even by the mere fact of a woman's age, weight or that they have children that they feel an equal or greater devotion to than the children's fathers- even fictional characters!"

First of all, those types of incidents are rare. School shootings happen more often in America, yet which one of them (Newtown), got any attention and caused so much outrage? What you said is true, but applies to younger white men. This did not come out of nowhere. Whenever the priviledged class ignores the dysfunction, crime, violence and oppression in an underclass, thinking that they can contain it, the dysfunction always spills over. For decades BW have been speaking up against the misogyny in hip hop, because they knew that this came up from the oppresion a lot of BW faced in their communities. White feminists never paid them any attention, and preferred to instead, coddle these BM as their fellow victims of white male oppresion. Those black men that were ready to defend BW's dignity were ignored by these same feminists. Yet look at the reaction they had when the rapper Eminem made a song that was unflattering to his mother and ex-wife (both ww). They actually wanted to take him to court and have him banned. The seeds of these public displays of misogyny you complain about were sown a long time ago. If white feminists hadn't been so arrogant to think that the world should revolve around them, we could have really addressed theses sorts of issues long ago. Instead, we have young wm from well-to-do backgrounds who now see women the way many in the underclass do. I guess folks' chickens are coming home to roost!

December 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJaliliMaster

Those are staggering, and completely unacceptable numbers!

The jovan belcher (lack of capitals intentional) aftermath, was indeed a sickening display. The Chiefs played the game for their "fallen teammate"?! He wasn't a fallen anything. He is a murderer and a coward. If anything, play the game for Kassandra Perkins.

Until Black mothers stop allowing young black men to go through life unaccountable for their actions in the areas of procreation, nothing will change. That if they don't want to take personal responsibility for what happens, than they need to buy condoms and use them. A dog doesn't realize he truly doesn't get to sleep on the couch, until he spends a few nights sleeping in the yard.

January 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDiana

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