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WAOD Readers Bend the Arc of the Moral Universe: Debra Lee's JUSTICE!!!

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. - MLK

Jeanine Liburd , here is another one for your clippings pile.  Has it been over three years since Debra Lee launched this blog from obscurity to the AP Wire? Remember when Debra Lee and Reggie Whatshisname were acting as if y'all getting major advertisers to run from BET like the plague was no big deal.  Remember when Debra Lee crowed that "BET is doing better than ever because BET is making more money than ever?" Y'all remember that? Well she was lying. I've known this for several years because BET employees have told me as much.

Yes, you all owe the CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET) a big thanks. If she had not been so obsessed with her anti-Black animus in 2007, a minor campaign started by this blog and its readers would not have caught fire.  

According to my sources, we cost them MILLIONS.  But the dollar amount dwarfed the public relations Black eye that you guys handed Lil' Debbie and her legion of multimedia crack peddling employees.  back then BET tried to front as if they didn't care one whit about the public outcry about their 2007 lineup, but now they are owning the butt whipping y'all handed out three years ago thus confirming what we all knew, that they LIIIIIIIIIIIE. Oh Debra Lee LIIIIIIIES! So BET wasn't affected by the public outcry about their multimedia meth? Check out this blip from a recent Ad Age fluff piece written by Andre Hampp about Janet Rolle, the Chief marketing Officer for BET:

As recently as 2007, BET's ratings were at a standstill and the network was viewed as a risky environment for major marketers like State Farm and Home Depot, who pulled their ads from a reality show called "Hot Ghetto Mess." Not to mention Procter & Gamble Co., which was urged by watchdog groups to pull its ads from controversial shows (it ultimately resisted).

But 2009 called for a refreshed, more culturally relevant BET Networks, which meant it had to get back to its roots: its audience. Ms. Rollé teamed up with BET's research team to better understand what the BET brand meant to black consumers in a post-Obama America.  Ad Age


Who do y'all think make the environment "risky"? That would be YOU!  You're Welcome Ms. Rolle. Glad to do our part to help you find employment, but try not to get involved in any Reginald Hudlin-type "shenanigans" or Debra will show you the door too. Yeah I know the 411 on THAT too!

In other news, BET.com lost HALF of their monthly visitors. Yes, half! But they are doing better than EVER.

In June, BET received 3.5 million unique visitors, compared with 2.9 million for AOL Black Voices, 2.3 million for MediaTakeOut.com and 1.7 million for Black Planet.

In September, the rankings were AOL Black Voices, 2,568,000; MediaTakeOut.com, 2,144,000; BET Networks, 1,702,000; and BlackPlanet.com, 1,695,000, according to the ComScore figures. Essence.com dropped from 968,000 to 943,000 unique visitors, and BlackAmericaWeb.com, which was not included in the June figures, had 343,000.

"Mimi Valdés will be leaving BET Networks and we wish her the best in her future endeavors," spokeswoman Jeanine Liburd said. Journalisms

I see Jeanine is still sticking it out working n the bowels of Hell as Debra Lee's  Chief Spokessheeple... bless her Hell-bound soul. 

The moral of this story is don't let anybody tell you that your online voices are futile. Don't let anybody tell you that because you can't see the impact at that point in time that you should just shut up and take whatever crap large conglomerates like Viacom and their red headed step-weasels at BET hand out. Even when they won't acknowledge that you're winning, trust and believe that you are. 

Now a second wave is coming and I can't want to see what Lil Debbie tries to say then. 


Hat tip to WADO reader Brian for sharing that link. 

Reader Comments (2)

Right Gina. What advertiser in their right mind would pay a dime for an ad spot on a network in steady decline, with only 30% of the viewers it had in 2007 and a young audience with no disposable income? Few. Advertisers and audiences have moved on to richer opportunities and so should we.

November 22, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterbrian

It's about time that BET got hit in its pockets. It's well past time for a take-over (of the good kind of course).

November 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSpinster

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