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Dunbar Village victim's grueling testimony: suffering voiced in detail

Local cameras gearing up. Local cameramen gearing up.

C.B. Hanif for WAOD:

Both the victim and an admitted participant in the violent Dunbar Village sexual assault testified today that none among the assailants, and any time, said "Stop."

The highlight of the trial of two who have been charged came when a mother described how she and her son were forced by gun-toting teens to perform sex acts, including on each other.

Weearing dark glasses, dressed a white lace suit, with a strong Creole accent, the 37-year-old mother voiced the lurid details that have roiled passions in the community, around the country and around the world for two years:

"The one who had sex with me first and make me suck his penie (sic), and the other had sex with me in my anus."

Then, she said, a different two assailants did the same.

"Did the six of them have sex with you either in your anus or your vagina?" questioned Assistant State's Attorney Arleathea McRoberts.


Were they calling you names?

"They kept calling me a 'bitch' " — and threatening to kill her if she did not comply, or  if she or her son reported them to the police.

Was anyone laughing?

"All of them."

Prior to her afternoon testimony, 16-year-old Avion Lawson already had testified for the state to much of what she said, in a plea deal admittedly aimed at lightening his sentence.

He personified the youths' unthinkable trespass.

She personified her suffering.

He had talked of the grisly steps taken by the youths in an attempt to hide their crime.

She spoke of her agony in experiencing them: Liquid alcohol "in my rectum." Ammonia in her and her son's eyes. A bar of soap forced inside her.

She cited transgressions that have elicited outrage and prayers. The chemicals poured with intent to set her afire, except no lighter was found.

"They made you get on your knees and suck (your son's) penis?" "Yes."

They attempted to force her to have sex with her son.

"He didn't want to stay on top of me. I told him to please stay down, cuz they will kill us."

Several times during her testimony and cross-examination, she seemed close to breaking down. As when Public Defender Carey Haughwout, attempting to shift blame from her tall-ish client, defendant Tommy Poindexter, repeatedly queried her about the "shorter person with the big gun who tore your clothes off."

"I just said he was the shorter...I can't remember," the woman said. After Haughwout pressed, the woman paused, placed a hand on her bosom, and while receiving water from a sheriff's deputy, took two minutes or more to compose herself.

At times later she became almost combative. As when she told Haughwout:

"You want me to remember everything. I have been suffering for two years now. I am tired to remember everything."

Or when she more than once told Robert Gershman, attorney for co-defendant Nathan Walker, that when they met during her depositions in May, "You were twisting every word that I said."

It took her a couple of minutes to leave the witness stand. She moved slowly, gingerly, assistant by several sheriff deputies.

It evoked their gruesome walk to a hospital, and the lingering pain she told of her and her battered son suffering.

It also evoked the two years that it took prosecutors to bring a case against any of the assailants.

Meanwhile two participants whom Lawson named in his testimony, Melvin Young and Gus Fontaine, have not been charged. Yet.

Officials respond to questions about the two and other alleged assailants by saying their investigation is ongoing.

Their evidence may not be, raising questions about other bases for legal action.

In the morning, West Palm Beach Police officer Dave LaFont is due to finish his and the prosecution's testimony, citing Poindexter's confession pointing blame at 17-year-old Jakaris Taylor, who will be tried in September.

Fingerprint expert Jack McCall and court reporter wait as Judge Krista Marx, Assistant State's Attorney Craig Williams and Nathan Walker attorney Robert Gershman confer. Fingerprint expert Jack McCall and court reporter wait as Judge Krista Marx, Assistant State's Attorney Craig Williams and Nathan Walker attorney Robert Gershman confer.

On the defense side, Gershman lost his bid to bring evidence aimed at discrediting the woman. But he plans to call her former boyfriend to testify, as well as Walker's mother.

It is not known whether Haughwout will call witnesses.

That suggests closing arguments Thursday or Friday.

The case then goes to the two separate juries who have observed the evidence presented.


Jurors could do the heavily lifting to sort out whether these first two to be tried  is guilty, and if so to what degree.

Jurors also could decide all are guilty, of everything.

Reader Comments (28)

This is a nightmare to read and I cannot imagine the nightmare of living through this. This woman and her son will be in my prayers forever. Thank you for reporting and thank you WAOD. Lord have mercy.

August 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

It's nice to read the woman is "defiant" it means she's fighting to regain some semblance of a life for herself. This could have easily led her to go insane.

August 27, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFaith

No amount of settlement money this lady gets will ease this horror! Having said that, she deserves multi millions to ensure her at least living comfortably because mentally, it is going to be a lifetime struggle.

I don't care what anyone thinks, thems crimes are worthy of DEATH! These "teens" formed intent and attempted murder, (or serious bodily/crippling injuries - still depraved indifference and FELONY) not carried out only because there was no lighter? WTH is that? OK, calming down. As I said, this is worthy of death. Life without parole is the next best thing. If they want to throw the one who told a bone then life with parole at age 99. No mercy for them as they showed no mercy for their victims.

Who knows, this poor woman's son could have grown up to be the president or some other successful member of society! He still may, but now he will have years of therapy and even then, he has this trauma to deal with for life. The mother is stronger but also has this to deal with most likely on a daily basis. And the therapy and treatment for her physically will only serve as reminders. Can she even have children again?

I can not imagine the horror this woman and her son experienced during the kidnapping and rapes and reading just the little I have here evokes outrage and sadness for the victims.

What can perp's mothers say to possibly excuse their son's behavior? NOTHING!

Btw, I hope the jury isn't swayed by the victim's inability to properly articulate. She is not saying "raped me" she is saying "had sex with me". This is common with people who are not comfortable with the word rape, some for whom English is a second language, or who simply don't know. The word was rape not even in the Eskimo language until a few years back. Those women would testify against a rapist by using the words "made love" because there was no other English equivalent word to use for rape. Not very convincing with an ignorant jury who were clueless about others' culture/language. Don't think anything close will happen here though. Too much evidence and testimony against these subhuman perps.

Thanks C.B. for covering.

August 27, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLorraine

I can't read this testimony. I have a young son, and the horror of someone invading my home and forcing me to do these things is a living nightmare.

August 27, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRoslyn Holcomb

I would like to express great sympathy to the victims especially the child in this case. However; I ask of everyone to stop a take a deep breath and ask yourself can these teens be reformed or saved in any way? Their behaviors are unexceptable, but I have faith that these teens with the proper assistance: conseling, classes and possible mental treatments to dig deep to find out what exactly caused this acts. Satistics show the greater percentage of teens/adolescents that perform or assist with acts of violence are from broken homes (no father or male role models) poor or lack of structure in the home, mom is never there and have to reside with grandparents due to losing a parent to drugs. I guarantee the vast majority of these teens had absolutely nothing or no one in their lives that constantly showed them love and told them how they loved them. They were judged from the beginning because they resided in Public Housing so you can't expect too much from those suffering living in poverty on a day to day journey. I'm sorry 11 life sentences is over exaggerating that fact that these teens will most likely not remember all of this when they are older or fully understand the extent of the consequences. I do think they deserve time, but 11 life sentences....NO!!!! Especially when you have mothers killing their own children/babies/husbands get probation or a few months in jail and they continue on with their lives. Also, what about adult child molesters? All they have to do is register as a sex offenders. These are all ADULTS, but let's not try to reform the teens. Not making excuses for their actions but nobody got killed in this crime. However; Nathaniel Brazil the 13 yr old student that shot & KILLED his teacher (who will never come back to be with his family or recieve counseling for the trauma caused by his death at the hands of a middle school teacher) that student is going to be a free man approximately at the age of 25 or 30 yrs old. However; in this case yes there was terror and life long horror follows behind it but everyone survived the situation. Putting this children in prison to die will not and cannot undue the damages caused by the night of June 18, 2007. In 10 years with eternal probation some counseling, education and understanding I do believe they can be reformed and fully except the responsibilities of their actions and also educate and encourage other youths or adolescents the price of rape and peer pressure of being at the wrong time with the wrong people. Kids are oftern dared by to do things and are often criticized and bullied because they did not please their friend, sometimes it's an ego or a gang related oath. Nevertheless, I want everyone to keep in mind that these teens probably had to motive at all to do what they did and once again as previously stated when you reside in Public Housing where crimes are doubled then in any other neighborhood this is very common because of the legacy of the projects make our teens today very bored causing acts so as this and many others. If they can be reformed over the next 10 and influence today's youth and make several stand ups at school and local community to prevent this from happening just as the ATL based rapper T.I did a show T.I redemption to influence the minds of teens/adolescents to get the guns off the streets and how living a non-violent lifestyle is healthier. It was a plea to lower his sentence of 10-20 years for attempting to purchase firearms/silencers illegally due to being a convicted felon. My point is that by locking them up and not going to solve an epidemic everyday issues that teens are dealing with so why not reform the to prevent future deaths and/or vicious ideas. Locking them up and throwing a way the key will not solve anything at all. These kids need to know and mentally except what they have caused a mother/son for the remaining of the natural life and then become productive, self-sufficient lives with the mandatory order to prevent other youths about this and various topics along with being on probation for the rest of their lives! This wll have more of an effect on youth today rather than locking them up with 11 life sentences. I did a lot things at 13 and I simply cannot remember every detail. The thirteen old that shot and killed his teacher at age 13 have a second chance but the Dunbar Village suspects get 11 life sentences although 1 life sentence and all the natural human expectany, what the hell are we talking about humans are cats? This is just a ridiculous! What about the suspects parents? do you all know that this is trauma for them as well for them to endure not to mention the embarrassing comments people pre-judge them as parents/guardians and NOT all children come from broken homes, some parents try to raise my children but they are influenced by the company they keep! Children are not born with a manual taped on their bottoms neither can we return or exchanged the rotten kid in the bunch, we have to deal with challenges that they burden upon us everyday. Please pray for both families the victims/suspects and their families that are burden too by these accusations.
May God Bless and keep everyone in their minds and believe everything is going to work itself out.

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterT.M

@tm in al likelihood, you are a predator. You certainly sound like one. They can still seek redemption... behind bars. Let them train seeing eye dogs. Learn how to do some woodworking. Learn how to read and write. write a book...behind bars.

Your minimixation of thiscrime ignores the fact that these little monsters MEANT to kill her! They were just too lazy to look for matches.

So take you war criminal apologizing somewhere else. Jail is where the chose to be. Nobody threw them there they walked.

No I don't need to understand your point of view. Your point of view seeks to kill steal and destroy. The only way to deal with your mentality is to defeat it. Beat it back and drive it into the ocean.

You're not saintly or godly because you ask for liniency. You are the MOST unjust of all. These monsters out numbered and used violence to torture the weakest among us and for that they will burn in Hell.

God forgives, but not without repentence. Repentence is NOT saying what you did was "No big deal" or not that bad.

You are an enemy of Black people everywhere and no amount of flowery prose can hide that. Repent and retreat or prepare to be destroyed because we are no longer willing to let you and your ilk devour us.

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered Commentergem2001

These guys made their choice and they chose to trade their freedom for life behind bars. It really is too late for them. If they get HABILITATED (let alone REhabilitated) then they can give back by counseling other youths. As for saving the youth well that would be OUR job so that maybe the sociopathic behavior will not take hold to those who are currently at risk and the next generation who are in desparate need of the ideas TM talks about.

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMabiliO

Gem2001, go workout and stop responding to my response to the previous internet users! First of all, I am a black mother of 5 children and which I am very well pleased to be, I never once portrayed myself as a predator you @ss! I said that if we have parents that are consciously killing their OWN children getting off with plea bargain with the plea of insanity and they are ADULTS why can't these children have a second chance at life. No one is denying the fact that the victims deserve justice in this case at all. All I am saying that 11 life sentences is way too extreme and I know, understand and respect that we all are not going to agree on each others response, that's why it is called an opinion (what you think, is not a FACT). The fact is mothers that are adults (most of them) are killiing their innocent children get plea deals "oh it was post-partum depression or she suffered from bipolar disorders or better yet let's use the most frequently used term to get off INSANE" If these adults are getting a plea bargain why can't some kids that got bored and decided to do a vicious act get a break in their sentencing? Not a slap on the risk but, 10 years followed by sanctions with the laws. I am not going to open a can a worms in try to chain nobody's opinions or beliefs but just as I respect previous comments by people that commented before me, please allow me to comment without you are anyone else attacking me as a character when I am a perfect stranger with different beliefs. If the kid who killed his teacher in 2000 can continue a life at the middle age of 30 why can't these other teens be reformed citizens. I have children and I pray something like this calls for their assistance/attention, but if I was that parent I would have the same similiar response. Yes, they commited a crime! yes, they deserve and will go to prison! However, 11 life sentences what does that teach them if they can never go back and have a second chance to redeem themselves to be self-sufficient productive young men? It has no positive outcome at all. I want children/teens/adolescents such as the teens we are discussing to one day educate other teens about violience and the dead end road it will lead them if they continue. These teens have the potential to one day save another teen like themselves from robbing someone like you and I or repeating the same crime to someone like you and I. Teens listen and learn most by someone who has had experiences not by literature in a book that someone wrote that never when through anything wrote just to make money. I am a preschool teacher and I back up my comments to the fullest. If you have nothing positive to reply to my comment, please do not respond to me as a character, but the topic about the terror that a mother and her son had to endure. You are losing focus, my dear! The focus is the trial of the suspects involved in the crime, not my comments that I am allowed to voice my opinion of speech as the Declaration of Independence says so!!!! Stick to the topic of how YOU feel and NOT how someone else feel about the situation, NOT individuals!

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterT.M

my apologies but after reading all of TM's post it is disturbing for TM to use the logic: NO ONE DIED. This is really beside the point because they considered setting the victims on fire. They really could have been charged with attempted murder but they were spared that burden.

Also, there was talk of the so-called Knotty Heads gang who are known for their dreadlocks. I am interested in following up on that angle because we may began to unravel the mess at least in WPB and Dunbar in particular.

This is a massive problem exascerbated by sub-human living conditions but is occurring in all walks of life. there is a current case in Tampa, FL regarding 4 middle school student awaiting trial for sodomizing a fellow classmate with a broomstick and hockey stick while others held him down. This went on over time. They are all from middle class families. Two Black, two white. Who knows how many students stood around and egged it on. There is a decayed value system but they did not just pick it up from each other it is on display all around them.

There have been a number of teen gang-rape and robbery stories in recent years. Some in which elderly women were terrorized.

Society may be displaying sick values to the youth but we cannot be polyannie and naive. The system failed to recognize the need for the defendants' habilitation but society cannot soften the sting of fair justice in the face of horrific violence.

If TM and others want to save these guys I would suggest visiting them in prison if they are sentenced to prison and learn what made the attack possible in their minds. That really is all that can be done for them at this point.

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMabiliO

@TM: It's interesting that you think these people deserve a second chance to live in society. The sheer depravity of their acts qualifies them for lifetime inprisonment, IMO. If they had killed this woman by actually setting her onfire would that have been horrific enough to qualify for a life sentence to you?

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterZooPath

TM - perhaps you could volunteer to have them housed with you and your children after a mere 10 years in jail for the heinous crimes they committed. The crimes committed by these "boys" are inexcusable and go far beyond teenage mistake made where a second chance is warranted. The mother and her son will not receive a second chance at life - so why should they?

I don't want these subhuman pieces of trash anywhere near me or my loved ones. As GEM2001 they can be rehabilitated in JAIL or in HELL which ever is the most expedient.

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAJ

As previously mention people, what about the 13 year old that shot and killed his teacher that will too one day be a free man and live a normal life? Now the victim's widow and children are without Mr. Berry Gruno forever they will not have a father again and she will not have her husband again (at least not Mr. Gruno) now the student can relocate and have a second chance although, the Gruno's do not have chance. We have a situation of Rape, not murder! I truly believed without or with a match/lighter if they wanted to kill the victim and her son they could have anyway. HELLLOOOO!!!! they had guns remember? Hell with the lighter, they could have killed them by strangling them and/or with beating them with objects other than the guns they had. The only positive outcome is that the victims did not DIE!!!! Attempted and actually doing it is too different things. I'm sorry but I refuse to spend all they long trying to change others opinions/beliefs. I was allowed to voice my opinions and IMMEDIATELY because I have a different belief I am not being judge and criticized by strangers they are replying to my response instead of the topic. Please reply to the TOPIC and not me!!! This is harrassing, I am free to voice my views just as anyone else is and NOT everyone is going to think, belief or agree the same which makes us all unique and different in our own way!!! Tha is your American right! We are different, so please respect that and focus on the TOPIC of a woman and her son being victims of gang rape and leave me the hell alone just because I think/believe differently please?

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterT.M

TM-you are the one that keeps getting off topic by attempting to compare this to a totally different crime. The topic of the hour here is on the the VICTIM and PERPETRATORS of a vicious gang rape of a woman and her son by predators within her community.

BTW - none of us participating on this blog have any RIGHTS except the ones given to us by our benefactor (the blog owner). Just as you are able to freely voice your opinion - so can anyone else participating.

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAJ

TM you are comparing apples to oranges. I was upset by the teacher's shooting because my sister is a teacher and it spooked me. But that is no comparison to the home invasion, robbery, gang rape, forced incest and the joyride afterwards. This is more comparable to Abu griab or the Congo or Rwanda or the Sudan. You have to recognize these guys were not acting out they were engaging in torture. That is a far cry from bringing a gun to school and shooting a teacher.

If you listen to the defendants tesitmony and analyse what they did they clearly expected they would get away with it. They most likely didn't want to kill but probably would have if she had fought more or if someone else had intervened or if they had actually found a lighter since the impetus was to use chemicals are anything to cover up the evidence.

And please do not get upset we are all responding to the topic at hand. You must allow free expression and have a thick skin about it. No one is angry at you we are just reacting to your statements. Nothing wrong with that.

stay strong

August 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMabiliO

I agree 100% with you TM. What these teenagers did was abhorent, wrong, vile, disgusting and all the other negative adjectives you can think of. But to slap them with eleven life sentences is excessive. What does that achieve? Does it undo what happened to the victim and her son? Does it allow these teenage boys the possibility of redemption? The answer to both these questions is no. Thirty years in the slammer would have been plenty of time to suffer, repent and be redeemed for these depraved acts. The victims would have justice and these teenage boys would have the lion´s share of their lives deprived to them. Incarceration into their early fifties would have denied them access to their family and freinds or start families, made starting a family of their own or pursuing a meaningful career impossible. Being caged for three decades is plenty suffering for one night of horrible decisions. Justice would be served. For those of you who say that eleven life sentences is appropriate for heinous acts of cruelty committed by immature teenage boys, all I can do is pray for you. I pray that we can all summon up compassion and forgiveness for all involved in this deed. The victim and her son both deserve our compassion and desire for justice and punishment for their tormentors. Yet, I argue that the agressors, these teenage boys who made the terrible choice to carry out these gross acts, deserve forgiveness as well as their punishment. I read once that forgiveness is a condition of the heart. Have our hearts grown so hard that we call only for punishment and retritbution? Are we so stone-hearted to not allow for the possibility of redemption and forgiveness? TM you are right in my opinion. Twenty-five to thirty years would´ve been just right. Eleven life sentences is cruel and sadistic and serves nothing nor nobody except society´s spite and vengance.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLarry Loper

"Yet, I argue that the agressors, these teenage boys who made the terrible choice to carry out these gross acts, deserve forgiveness as well as their punishment. I read once that forgiveness is a condition of the heart. Have our hearts grown so hard that we call only for punishment and retritbution?"

First of all don't you come on here lecturing US! We didn't torture, rape and attempt to kill anybody. Second, the precondition to forgiveness is REPENTANCE! Third of all, I don't know what Bible you are reading, but being sent to jail isn't inconsistent with rehabilitating your life. If I recall, Paul sent a whole lot of time in JAIL.

You are the one who lacks compassion. You are the one with all the signs of being a predator. You are the one who not less than 24 hours after we get a verdict we've been waiting for come on here demanding that we not feel LEGITIMATELY Relieved that these monsters will be incarcerated for the rest of their lives.

Don't pray for us, you need to pray for them! THEY need to SEEK forgiveness from God. I don't have a need to forgive anybody. I wanted justice, unfortunately in this country we no longer execute rapists, I'll have to settle with life in prison.

Yes, Larry I said EXECUTE rapists. That's the sentence they should have gotten, but they can't So seriously, you ought to be grateful for 11 life sentences because if I had my way, they'd have gotten death by public firing squad. That. Is. All. Now go away.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered Commentergem2001

Chance #2
There was no father or older brother with a shotgun nearby.

Chance #3
Our sex crimes laws are so lax, there was no death penalty on the table

Chance #4
They get to spend every day of their lives in prison wondering about the merits of their decision.

These young men will be rehabilitated when they wake up IN PRISON and realize that they DESERVED DEATH for their actions but instead were given LIFE and are grateful for our generosity WHILE REMAINING (because we're so kind) IN PRISON (at taxpayers expense).

They'll be fed, clothed, and will have a generous healthcare plan that they haven't paid for and as of yet, aren't worth.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterYme


Quote: "But to slap them with eleven life sentences is excessive. What does that achieve?"

Are you nuts? It achieves two less rapists on the streets of America.

This ain't rocket science.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterYme

Specifically written for TM, Larry, & Concerned:

Return to Dunbar Village and other like minded places...tell the people....black folks have gotten sick and tired of the foolishness. The gig is up.

We're returning for our communities. Tell the drug dealers...it's time to leave. Tell the rapists...run. Snitching is encouraged. Tell the NAACP... the cameras are outside and waiting for them. No need to tell Al Sharpton, he'll already be talking to Wolf Blitzer.

Tell the preachers...the offering plate will be empty UNLESS they are on the front lines of this battle removing the riff raff from our communities.

Tell all of the "baby daddies"...their fun is up. Young women are beginning to recognize the power that they possess.

We're no longer accepting excuses for bad choices. This charge will probably be led by black women...and a few good men. But, if we must live alone and raise our children in these places....then gosh darnit, they might as well be safe places, protected by us.

TM, Larry, & Concerned....do what you will BEFORE WE GET THERE to save the DBR group? Just don't be in the way, when we get there.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterYme

GME2001: Characterizing people who disagree with you as predators is an interesting tactic. Just so you and everone else on the foroum know, I´m not a predator. I have never killed anyone, never been to jail, never raped or molested anyone, never carjacked or robbed anyone. I´ve never even shot a gun. Attacking my integrity might make you feel good, but it won´t change the fact that your reasoning is faulty. I´m as outraged and disgusted by this attack as anyone, and I beleive that severe punishment is in order. For me, thirty years of hard time is sufficient punishment for a young person whose made the terrible decision to commit such vile acts. Eleven life sentences is mere spiteful vengance, which isn´t even possible given that we´ve only got one life. We can disagree civilly without resorting to debasing and insulting each other. Peace unto you.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLarry Loper

No, spiteful vengeance would have been to tie all four of them down and invite the woman's relatives to do to them what they did to her. Justice would have been public death by firing squad. 11 life sentences is a palatable compromise. Again, your diminishing of the nature of this crime would indicate you have predatory tendencies. I will view any man coming on here saying "at least she's still alive" as having a predator mentality.

Yes, Larry ( if that is your real name) there are things WORSE THAN DEATH! being forced to have sex with you own child to keep him alive- WORSE THAN DEATH. Being brutalized and having you internal reproductive system burned by corrosive chemicals - worse than death.

Getting to spend the rest of your life getting three hots and a cot- Not worse than death and thus makes the law unjust and unfair.

So you can keep coming here trying to minimize rape as a weapon if you want to, but each and every time I will call you what you ARE and that's someone with a predator's mentality. It just "no big deal to you."

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered Commentergem2001

And another thing genius, the sentences will likely run concurrently not consecutively so your precious angels will get out in time to collect social security benefits

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered Commentergem2001


Quote: "Just so you and everone else on the foroum know, I'm not a predator."

I would like to read sensitivity into this...but the risks that some like you are willing to take that THE REST OF US will have to deal with is astounding.

Let's say, we take your advice...give 'em a few years (also known as a slap on the wrist). Then they come out and do what other rapists do...rape again.

Where will you be then, Larry? A safe and snug male standing around shrugging your shoulders going..."Gee, I didn't see that coming.

I don't know. I wonder if you would be the type of male to assume that if your girlfriend got pregnant, she was trying to trap you (innocent bystander) or if a "buddy's" date later screamed rape...she probably just couldn't handle a good time.

No, I say we take our own advice. Lock 'em up permanently. They repent and realize that they deserved death for such a heinous crime, but the citizenry chose to give them a second chance...life in jail. If they come out as old men, maybe they'll either 1) have a story worth telling to young men trying to follow their path OR 2)too slow to catch the next victim.

Regardless, two less rapists on the streets of America, every night they remain behind bars. Yeah, the victims are alive, but not because of any "generosity" from their tormentors.

I don't think you're a predator. I think you're an enabler.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterYme


What would you want done if you were sodomized by ten teenagers a gun? Would you be think 30 years is a decent sentence?

30 years gives them enough to come out rape again... maybe your daughter, mother, sister, aunt. Conceivably they could track down the victim and rape her and her family again - I mean in 30 years the oldest felon would be 48, no biggie right?

Florida has a reputation for being tough on child offenders - deal with it. Let them die in prison... or get damn near close to dying. I want prison to rob them of the innocence they deprived a 12 year old boy who will NEVER be the same again. I want prison to rape and torture them as they CHOSE to rape and torture a single black mother - old enough to be their own mother.

You wanna do something about the way the criminal justice systems treats young black offenders?

KEEP THEM AWAY FROM IT BY TEACHING THEM HOW TO VALUE LIFE. Those little amoral bastards are going to burn in hell.

And stop invoking religion as a means to undermine the VICTIM. She and her son are VICTIMS. Jakaris, Avion, Nathan, Tommy, Augustus, Melvin, and John Does 7-10 are victimizers. You let Jesus worry about being merciful and fair to them; the judge will determine that JUSTICE is served.

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBLKSeaGoat


I just returned from overseas less than 48 hours ago. I'm jet-lagged like a muh-fugga :-| and prone to major annoyance until my body clock is reset, and I come back to read this utter BULLSHIT from the trolls... I mean Larry and TM and Concerned?????

I'm too jet-lagged to even waste my energy. I need the little bit of energy that I have to get back to my normal sleeping pattern. :-| So all I'll say for now is if you haven't already, PLEASE ban these trolls. How DARE they defend those dirtbag kids. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

September 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSpinster

After reading this, I felt very much disturbed with how extreme the case is with troubled teens involved in the crime. How could young men be doing this to a mother and her son, when they have mothers themselves. These troubled kids should be brought to a residential treatment center for mental health assessment, no normal kid would do such a thing. I really feel for the mother for having experienced such kind of emotional and physical abuse, especially for the son who might just be having an emotional trauma because of it. I hope both of them got through with the experience and as for the troubled teenagers, that they have served the crime that they performed and learn from their mistakes.

January 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAngelica, Turning Winds

11 life sentences isn't the answer. Death is. For want of a match, these victims escaped (barely) furtherutilatuon, humiliation and (worse) scars/wounds... ALL of you who plead for leniency- you are the PROBLEM. These acts were unspeakably evil and the gang deserves torture/ mutilation and death. An eye for an eye and all that. FRY the bastards. There are PLENTY of "success stories" of individuals who came from projects/ public housing. These kids are EVIL and deserve the worst that can be given.
Any arguments- BRING IT. I DARE you to defend these "dogs"...they are a waste of carbon and may God judge them, after the state FRIES them (I wish). If I had been walking by and happened upon this, I woulda "buckwheated" them- stick the barrel of my gun up their keister and pulled the trigger.
If you are gonna cry about their "rights"- SHUT UP. They have their "human. Rights" up when they acted like ANIMALS. They should be put down, but not euthanized- they should get bleach funneled up their butt cracks and have them blow each other, then arrange them in a sodomy circle and let them get a taste of their own "methods"...
Nuff said.

January 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterArt Finklestein

Years later I am still so hurt with what these boys did. The psychological damage . No way do they deserve to be forgiven. I send the mother and son love and kindness. They need to know how much I care about them and I know they will recover. I am so so sorry for what you went through. Bad bad bad humans, they are. Shame on you. Laughing and hurting another being who is helpless and degraded. I hope your nights are filled with darkness. I spit on you. You are bad.
To the mother and son, Please know how powerful you will be because of this. I think about you a lot and you are in my heart

April 12, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMichele

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