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Dr. Dorothy Height Featured on Women on the Web/CRIC Membership Fees

Women on the Web did a feature about Dr. Dorothy Height. The writer opens the feature by admitting to complete and total ignorance about Dr. Dorothy Height, but redeems herself in the end. She's 96 and still kicking.

Dr. Height recounted her first meeting with Mary Mcleod Bethune and Elenore Roosevelt:
“I was assigned to escort Eleanor Roosevelt into a room for a meeting that Mrs. Bethune was having at the YWCA in Harlem. (Mary McLeod Bethune was the founder and president of the National Council of Negro Women). When Mrs. Roosevelt was leaving, Mrs. Bethune asked me my name and asked me to come back to work for her because, as she said ‘we need you.’ From that day forward, both of those women — for the rest of their lives — were friends and mentors of mine. Women on the Web

On Barack Obama's inauguration and her dreams for his administration
Today, Dr. Dorothy Height, still with a voice powerful, clear and precise, works on behalf of the homeless and to make our world “a community of equals,” she says. And she has a new dream now – for Barack Obama to carry on not only her mantle, but also the civil-rights pioneers’ collective vision, for a more just society. “His presidency will be better for all people and in a sense for the world,” says Height. “His presidency is transformational. I’m really looking forward to January!” Women on the Web

I hope she gets a front row seat and a blanket because it is going to be bitterly cold on January 20, 2009. To all of you who are traveling to the National Mall, take plenty of photos and beam some to me as I sit in the comfort of my home watching in HDTV, it'll be just like being there...only warmer.

I shan't be writing any checks, but if you are interested in joining the NCNW in its modern incarnation, membership is $30, that's twice the price of the NAACP "Prison" membership, but you don't have to go to jail to get a discount. No, that is not a typo, there is an NAACP "prison membership" its $12. There are NAACP prison chapters. Didn't know that.

If you throw on a few more bucks the NAACP will give you "premium" benefits:
Depending on the level of membership, individuals can receive a variety of gifts - from jackets and iPods to special receptions with NAACP leaders during conferences or conventions. McCauley says the organization is also working on specialized customer service treatment for premium members. Special staff will be assigned to them and answer their calls personally. SOURCE

So THAT'S why I always get voice mail.

Reader Comments (2)

Dr. Height and countless other women pioneers of the Civil Rights Era have lived to see that their legacy will possibly continue with others. Gina your site is a voice of reason and truth in this new technology age. You speak the truth just as these women have and they know that you have millions who will get the word out if they ever attempt to silence our voices! My Mother has lived to see this great day in our History and she will be attending the Inauguration also.

December 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterYvonne C.

Greetings from a Southern City:

Please find the time to read Mary Bethune's
"Last Will and Testament".
It is going to privledge you to a better understanding
and knowledge of what this 2009 Inauguration means
to African Americans.
This is our challenge to "pass the torch" by becoming
more responsible American citizens!

January 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKay Wicker

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