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Blogging Gumbo - Random Thoughts and Whatnot

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, but I did want to pop in to share some interesting things I have gleaned over the past few days.

First, our government has no clue about what to do in the middle of this economic downturn and appears set to make it worse and how stupid do the big automakers have to be to try to fake driving hybrid cars from Detroit to DC for their hearings? Just buy a ticket on Southwest airlines and call it a wrap. I could even tolerate first class.  We're not stupid, we know you don't actually drive around in a Malibu. Accepting a 1$ salary when you get millions in other benefits isn't impressing me either. That being said, why is it that the only people walking away with BILLIONS of my tax dollars with no kicking or screaming from congress are the bankers who created this mess int he first place??

Second, yes, I have been noticing all of the African American women who appear to be on track for high profile positions in the Obama administration. I am waiting until the New Year to do a series of features on them. I, like many people, have a bit of election overload so I am paying far more attention to the waning days of the current administration and the devaluation of the dollar than I am with the poor souls who will have to try to deal with it come January 20th.

Third, Carmen D from All About Race wrote a great peace called Mom Michelle Accused of "Letting the Team Down" there is a lively discussion brewing over at MOW.

Fourth, I absolutely love this time of the year. Its a time for reflection and transition. One of my friends and I always make predictions about what the next year is supposed to be about. We called 2007 as a year of completion- we were right. Feel free to share your predictions or make your declarations for 2009

Fifth, I read a great article over on cnn.com about how to deal with people who always ask you for advice, but never take it. For those of you, like me, who have a "fixer" personality, its a great read.

Sixth, mainstream media is SO APPARENT in their desire to see another Great Depression. Crisis is good for ratings and the MSM has perfected the craft of attempting to scare the heck out of everybody in order to boost ratings. mind you, these were the same people trumpeting the idea that if you didn't buy a house, any house. right this minute, you would be priced out FOREVER!!!!

Seventh, I've said about all I am going to say about the Jennifer Hudson situation for a while. I will wait for the process to get rolling, however, I am impressed by the restraint demonstrated by the Black blogosphere because there are probably 1000 blog posts worth of writing on the Julia Hudson - William Balfour "relationship,"

I finally finished the new posting guidelines for Michelle Obama Watch. If you sent me an email earlier and did not receive a copy, sent an email to the MOW gmail account. If you are interested in doing a weekly post, there's plenty of posting to go around.

Reader Comments (8)

I'm also tired of the media's constant scare tactics and fear mongering.

December 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLola

People need to turn off the news. If the media has shown anything in the past 8 years it is embedded with big business. They have created their own shopping holidays, Cyber Monday is not the biggest online shopping day of the year. Black friday sales are not the cheapest, the after holiday sales are.
After bombarding the American public with MTV Cribs, everyone can be a homeowner and that being a socialite is an acutual job now the media wants Americans to cry poor. Most of us were not living that high life anyway. Even Oprah was a part of the problem, now she has an inexpensive Oprahs favorite things. Dear Oprah no one could afford those things you were advertising anyway, people were just watching to see your audience act a fool.

December 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterNaima

I love December too Gina. It is a special time for celebration, reflection, and just giving thanks for making it through another year. I am a Dec. b-day kid too so that makes it nice. I am gearing up for my family's holiday celebrations. We do a big Kwanzaa event every year. This year is gonna be a lot of fun. We are celebrating on the day honoring NIA... purpose... well that says it all. I am looking forward to 2009. I learned a lot in 2008 and expanded my skills, connections, and creativity. You helped me do that when you interviewed me in March on your show. That was a huge blessing. You also helped me learn so much through WAOD, MOW, BWB conference, the DNC coverage you provided, and the Black Women's Roundtable radio show episodes. I am blessed to know you and Attorney Mom! Thanks. Blessings. Enjoy the holidays. Peace and Love, Ananda

December 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterananda leeke

I am so ambivalent about the economy and bailouts. I am at a loss.

I was against the first bailout and since its passing it hasn't done any good. I don't know what to think about a second one because of the depression threats - what if it does nothing as well and they fold anyway? Why aren't these companies more competitive?

Why would it be so bad if the money was given to new upstarts who were dedicated to energy independence?

Where are the new upstarts to fill the big three void?

If this is a free market I would think that competition would necessitate the creation of economically viable rivals that could take their place.

I am trying to save, don't know if I should invest, or what to invest in.

Does anyone have any good answers?

I do know that I want to see people punished. I think that would make great TV. A couple of roasted heads impaled on on sticks would suit me fine. We could start with the Treasury Dept and then move to the financial and insurance industries and then end with big three. The hearings must be public as well as the punishments.

Then for companies that want bailouts in the future we could borrow a page from the Romans. You want this money - kill this lion. All televised.

December 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterOshun

I'm still trying to figure out how the bankers got a blank check no questions asked while the automakers have to jump through hoops, swim upstream and the unions have to give away so many benefits for a loan. Didn't Obama speak to these knuckleheads more than a year ago and tell them they had to change their business model? Big gas-guzzling cars are not allowed in Europe for a reason. People couldn't afford new cars anyway. And sorry but I wouldn't buy a brand new American car. They depreciate in value too quickly. But I live in a city with public transportation. I am very interested to find out what Bush does the next 5.5 weeks. That's a lot of time to muck up! And I give big dunce cap award of the day to Clarence Thomas for even entertaining the thought of having the Supreme Court weigh in on whether Obama is a US Citizen.

December 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterFaith

The people who advocated this free market unregulated system are the same people picking our pockets now. Wall Street and auto manufacturers have effectively destroyed their own industries. And supposedly, these are our "smartest people in the room."

How much can Americans with sinking wages afford to buy items made overseas? Foreign governments have been loaning us the money to buy their stuff. It's a slow economic death spiral.

What do we get out of it? People trampled to death at Wal-mart. It couldn't go on forever. Not everyone can go to college or work for the government.

Hopefully, infrastructure jobs means the money circulates around the country a few times before it goes overseas. We are a country spiraling downwards. Our politicians and CEOs who caused this problem seem clueless as to why or how.

Listen or read comments by UAW president Ron Gettelfinger when you all get the chance.

Anyone who wants secure "investing": US Govt Bonds, CDs, and FDIC-insured (regular checking) accounts only. Everything else, like stocks, mutual funds will not be backed by the government.

December 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGoldenah

Hi Goldenah,

Do you think its cluelessness or do you think that it was done on purpose? I sometimes feel that this was done on purpose especially with regards to the financial sector. I think those mortgages were sold over and over and bundled on the stock market intentionally because they knew that a lot of them would end up as bad debt. There is a part of me that refuses to believe that they didn't know what would happen.

As far as the car industry goes it seems like poor management. If I recall they all have had a few woes going a few years back. It seems like they would have learned something from the Japanese and implemented lean manufacturing and six sigma to improve quality and profitability and made sure they were on the cutting edge of R&D as far as energy independence goes.

Thanks for the tips on bonds and cds.

December 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterOshun


Business people say they think longterm. I don't think it's truly possible. The mortgage meltdown sounds familiar. I worked for a firm that thought they were making profits - everything sent out the door was a "sale" - that was until the returns came in. It took them about 3 years plus, before the crap hit the fan. The "sales" were actually a bust.

I agree with you in this manner: it's all a combination of carelessness, being clueless, and if it made a person rich quickly - it was done on purpose. People want to get paid, and no one cares about what happens down the road.

The political and business leadership class that cared about America does not exist. I hope our next President can usher in a sea change, and get at least some of these folks to realize that we're all in this together.

December 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGoldenah

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