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Y'all Pray For Megan Williams:Four Ring Circus Adds 5th Ring

UPDATE: AL SHARPTON SPEAKS - criticizes local leaders for not aligning with Shabazz. Sharpton calls local ministers cowards gives Megan $1,000 for Christmas. It is still all about the men and not Megan Williams.

I previously posted about the circus-like atmosphere surrounding Megan Williams, the victim of a brutal rape and torture in West Virginia being surrounded by a bunch of leeches involved in a peeing competition. Well today they reached a new low.

In case y'all didn't know, since Rev. Sharpton didn't show up at their first rally, Megan's handlers decided to throw an encore. Small problem, the local black leaders are non too fond of of Megan's chief handler, Malik Shabazz. Seems Mr. Shabazz is fond of making anti Semitic statements and his organization has been designated a hate group:

On Monday, the Rev. Paul Dunn made a plea to other pastors in the community, asking them to support Williams through the rally. Dunn was the only member of the Charleston Black Ministerial Alliance to support the November rally for Williams. Other ministers cited past ant-Semitic remarks by Shabazz as the reason for not supporting the march. “We want this young lady to know that the community cares about her,” Dunn said. “We want to keep this focused on the issues.” SOURCE
If you want to keep things focussed on the issues Rev. then get rid of the distraction! Stay strong local pastors! You can care about Megan without standing side by side with Shabazz.

“We have invited everybody,” said Kenneth Glasgow, brother of the Rev. Al Sharpton. “We are here to bring about unity.” SOURCE
Then get rid of the folks causing the disunity. Sidebar - Al Sharpton has a brother? I guess he is Sharpton's lieutenant. Bout time he appointed one.

So basically they are saying that if you elect not to stand beside an anti Semite and associate your church with a hate group then you are not supporting Megan. If they are so concerned about "unity" then perhaps the prudent thing to do is to have the source of their reticence step aside. If the ultimate goal is to support Megan , which it is not, and the litmus test of supporting Megan is showing up at yet another march, which it should not be, then have Shabazz step aside, which he won't do.

How did this become about which church is going to show up to whose march? This girl was brutally attacked. Her mama didn't even know she was missing. She's been forced to retell her story over and over again. Shes got dozens of new strange men crowding in around her. She's being taken all over the place. New York, DC and if reports about her injuries are accurate, she still has wounds physical wounds that have not healed let alone the psychological ones and y'all having a press conference to call out folks for not going to your parade?

Since we are focusing on good news this week, the good news is that Megan will not be attending this rally, Carmen will be standing in for her, as Carmen should have done from the very beginning. I guess the DA put the fear of God in them.

FYI, y'all need to be reading these West Virginia papers and the reader comments. This DA has been sending out signals from the beginning that he had some concerns about his jury pool. I think he was right. This may not be a slam dunk case. Prepare yourselves and pray for Megan.

Reader Comments (4)

They are with out a doubt out of focus about the real issue here.
Shabazz needs to step aside.
That said if this is not a case of a hate crime what is?

Although with out the intention surropunding this case you can honestly wonder if this would be taken serious. But this has become a circus for real, even in fighting amoung the prosecuters.

If the jury can not make a righteous decision on what is supposed to be an open an closed case than the judical system needs to be put on trial.

December 19, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterclnmike

These fools are going to fuck around and make me have to come up there, and trust, I won't be happy about it. I'm absolutely amazed that they can turn what is essentially a basic little case into the clusterfuck of the century.

Anybody who knows anything knows there's nothing worse than a bunch of stiff-necked southerners. Leave them alone and in all likelihood they'll do the right thing. Start calling them a bunch of racists and whatnot on national television and that jury is liable to do anything. If these so-called supporters of Megan Williams really gave two good goddamns about her welfare they'd shut the hell up and let the system do it's job.

December 19, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterroslynholcomb

Tell me about it. I promise before holy Christ, the angels and all of creation, that if their shenanigans hinder the prosecution, I'm going to start campaigning against these so-called 'activists', for real.

December 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSheCodes

megan williams is doing fine will as her little sister shayla williams i had them a year due to abuse by carmen williams and matthrew williams it is more to it then people think like i said no rat dogg human poo no christa 216 stockton st. is where megan was taken from i am going to get the truth out i got five daughters myself please do not judge me help me get the truth out get back a.s.a.p

June 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNA-MAR=RAH SEAGAL

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