National Defend A Black Girl Day: Black People Ralley Around Amandla Stenberg

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National Defend A Black Girl Day: Black People Rally Around Amandla Stenberg

Like Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and the Super Moon, every once in a while, the Earth aligns with Pluto. The tides rise. Fish walk. And Black people rally to defend a Black girl in public spaces. It is such a rare event, that it is worth noting with some kind of monument, perhaps a placard or a certificate. I hereby  declare today National Defend a Black Girl Day.

On today we honor every grown Black person who rallied behind young Black actress Amandla Stenberg when she was attacked by the BRAVO network for comments she made to Kylie Jenner after Kylie sported cornrows and tagged her post #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter (*eyeroll*).  Andy Cohen, a fully grown man and BRAVO host,  called Amandla the "Jackhole of the Day" while two grown Black people, Andre Leon Tally and Laverne Cox giggled and joined in.

I'm no idealist. I know that this rare act of publicly circling the wagons in support of a young Black girl is due in part to

- a dislike of anything Kardashian
-a dislike of Andy Cohen
-a dislike of Laverne Cox
-a dislike of BRAVO
- a dislike of Andre Leon Tally

But I'll take it.

I was once an outspoken teenaged Black girl. Outspoken women, Black, White or otherwise tend to pay a heavy price for their boldness so it is refreshing to see a hedge of protection temporarily being placed around Amandla.

So mark this day on your calendars and let's hope it rolls around again before Halley's comet returns.

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