The Grand Hypocrisy of Ebony Magazine's "Cosby" Cover - Kierna Mayo STILL doesn't care about Black Women

I love people who are bold. And there can be noone bolder than Kierna Mayo and her side kicks over at Ebony Magazine. I couldn't escape the coverage of the latest Ebony magazine cover featuring a shattered photo of the cast of the Cosby show. And if anyone other than Kierna Mayo and her pro-rapist sidekicks had put together this cover, I wouldn't be giving it the side eye. This blog audience is already familiar with Miss Mayo's work and we all know that this woman and her side kicks coddle rapists --- when it is the popular thing to do. 



Ebony Magazine has ZERO moral authority to purport to be airing the Black community's dirty laundry. Back when it was popular for institutions of the Black community to coddle sexual predators, Kierna Mayo, the current Editor and Chief of Ebony magazine was in charge of

If you will recall, Mayo and her online crew were the ones who published and article fawning over convicted child rapist Genarlow Wilson. They lied and said that he wasn't convicted of a crime when he was. When WAOD readers pointed out their error, Kierna Mayo and her subordinates said we were ignorant and didn't know what we were talking about--- despite the fact that we'd been writing about Wilson's case for SEVEN years at that point.

Kierna Mayo is unconcerned with predatory Black men. She is concerned with righting the sinking ship that is Ebony magazine. The only reason they ran this cover was because they probably couldn't afford a photo shoot for this month's issue. 

I am impressed by the Holy Boldness and the revisionist history of Mayo and her crew. Just two year's ago, they were pro-rapist and now they are trying to cast themselves as genuinely concerned about the impact of sexual violence in the Black community.

Don't be fooled.

You can call me a broken record, a broken clock, call me whatever -But Kierna Mayo used up all of her moral authority propping up Genarlow Wilson - She doesn't have any. 

There is nothing "courageous" about jumping on the anti-Cosby bandwagon to sell a couple of magazines. Courage is what WAOD readers have done for almost a decade - challenge the coddlers and defenders of rapists in the Black community while being mocked, criticized and browbeaten online. 

For those who forgot what Kierna Mayo did a few year's ago, here's your refresher.…/ebony-magazine-edito…

I'm still recovering, but I couldn't resist posting seeing this hypocrite parade around on CNN.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice!"

Updated with a comment from a WAOD reader on our Facebook Page:

More recently, Kierna Mayo was on MSNBC whitewashing and dismissing the misogyny of NWA and promoting Straight Outta Compton. - Denise

And as always, we provide receipts. Here is Mayo coo-ing about rapists and women-beaters NWA:


Collateral Damage: Black Victims of Violent Crime...Poor Muriel Bowser

For those who didn't know, major cities on the East coast are experiencing a surge in their murder rates. I'm not talking 10 % or 25% but a whopping 43% in Washington, DC. New York City is also experiencing an increase in its murder rate.

Poor Muriel Bowser, ran to be the Mayor of Washington, DC thinking she was going to be presiding over gentrification and the mass construction of more condo towers and now here she is stuck in an episode of The Wire.

She didn't sign on for this!

So poor Muriel decided to hold a press conference to announce how she is going to combat this murder wave and in the middle of it, she got interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists because a portion of Muriel;s proposal includes more law enforcement officers.

Bowser (D) planned to announce a wide-ranging, $15 million plan to boost both community programs and police presence in response to a 43 percent spike in killings this year. The plan includes financial incentives to keep police on the force despite a looming retirement bubble, as well as legislation that would increase some penalties for violent crime and give police the power to search the residences of violent ex-offenders.

But protesters linked to a nationwide movement that has mobilized over allegations of police misconduct erupted at her first mention of putting more officers on the streets. Community activists quickly joined the chants of “Black Lives Matter” with their own demands for jobs and recreation centers. Washington Post

Following the discussion on Twitter, the BLM activists want the police to completely withdraw from the "community" so the community can police itself... along with some funding for recreation centers and holistic healing. . . No, I didn't make that up. 60% of thos suspected of committing these murders were also suspects in other murders. Which means these are repeat killers that they want to "heal" and "rec-reate."

Nowhere in this screaming match between the Mayor and BLM activists is any discussion of what will happen to the Black victims of violent crime while they duel ( apparently several of the victims of DC's recent spate have also been White).

The most recent homicide in Shaw to draw widespread attention was the killing of Matthew Shlonsky, an American University graduate who was struck by a bullet intended for someone else as he exited a taxi on Seventh Street NW on Aug. 15.

At that point, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) and police officials already were scrambling to contend with escalating violence across the city, much of it occurring in the District’s poorest neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River.

Four days before Shlonsky’s killing, gunfire wounded three people at Seventh and O Streets NW. A block away, Tamara Gliss, 31, a mother, was killed by a stray bullet at an evening barbecue over Memorial Day weekend. Washington Post

Several readers have pointed out that the answer is somewhere in between attempting to create economic opportunity and enhanced law enforcement, but there doesn't appear to be room for nuance in this discussion between Bowser and the activists.

Regarding the position that law enforcement should withdraw completely from Black communities and leave us to fend for ourselves, my response is NOPE! Black people pay taxes just like everybody else, we are entitled to protection from criminal elements just like any other group of people.

And quite frankly I don't trust these activists and their allies to insure the safety of Black women and girls - Yes, I can see that many of these activists are Black women - and I repeat. I don't trust these activists to insure the safety of Black women and girls.

We know what happens when Black institutions are left to police themselves --- Black women and girls end up raped, tortured and killed and then they get blamed for where they were, what they wore and who they were with.

So as long as the number 1 priority is protecting Black criminals from excessive force by the state, Black people with a sense of self preservation are going to keep giving the side eye to the current ruckus. And any plan for reform that doesn't address Black victims of violent crime isn't a plan. It's a cop out (pun intended).

This blog will always exist in some form because of three groups: Black people who are the victims of violent crime, 2) the people who care about them and 3) Black people who are fearful of being victims of violent crime.

Hashtag warriors ignore those three groups at their own risk.

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