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Fourth Dunbar Village Suspect Arrested... Local Congregations Embrace Dunbar Village

“We’re in support of Michael as a human being,” SCLC president Charles Steele said. “Right now, he’s feeling discarded, ostracized by people who are rushing to judgment. It’s our responsibility to save him.”(Source) SCLC Preseident, Speaking about Multimilliionaire Michael Vick.

Umm Mr, Steele, how about saving Black women and girls in West Palm Beach, Florida. Y'all e-mail Mr. Steele and ask him about the SCLC's silence on Dunbar Village and see if he responds., this e-mail does not work.... why does that not surprise me? Call instead Tel:404.522.1420)

A fourth teen in the Dunbar Village gang rape was arrested. He's 18, the previous three arrested were 14, 15, and 16. Six more remain at large.

On another front, at least 1000 local church members plan to form a ring around Dunbar Village on Saturday.

I hope they are signing up to register to vote and vow to elect a Mayor that values the lives of all of the citizens of West Palm beach and won't purchase expensive office furniture while sections of town fall into anarchy and Black middle aged women and their children are turned into prey. Theya re having a 2 hr. Prayer march on Saturday.

"I am going to challenge our pastors and our people," Hobbs said. "It's not enough to pray and go home. The Christian community has been idle and AWOL here and thought that government would take care of this."


"The church at large has neglected its responsibility to take care of the poor, the fatherless and widows," he said.


"We need to really show the community at large that something as horrible as this should not go by without someone speaking out against it," he said.

Wow, so I am not the only one. In case you haven't figured it out by now. One of the main purposes of the League of the Immorally Indifferent was to point out that ordinary people can be leaders. Ordinary people MUST be leaders. This means local pastors and grassroots activists and ordinary folk like you and me, not globe trotting ambulance chasers that come on the scene and then swiftly move on once the glare of the cameras goes away.

I KNEW that nobody on that list was probably going to say a dayum thing about Dunbar Village until someone in the National Media puts them on blast, but each day they remain silent, the case for ordinary people stepping up to the plate to help each other without the aid of any "leaders" and organizations is made stronger. Come on! We got the NAACP to admit that they don't care about Black on Black crime and admit that had the Dunbar Village gang rape been carried out by white teens instead of Black, the NAACP would have become involved at the national level. That is a pretty damning piece of evidence in making the case that these folks and their organizations are out of touch.

Each day ordinary folks step up to the plate while these folks remain silent also makes them more irrelevant and appear more incompetent. So the next time we have one of our quarterly discussions about is organization X still relevant, we can point to the League of the Immorally Indifferent and say "Hell NO!" and "Give me my dues back!"

You can help the victims of the Dunbar Village gang rape. Read about my experience donating at a Wachovia branch in my town:
Checks can be made payable to the Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund-St. Ann. They can be dropped off at any Wachovia branch or mailed to: St. Ann Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401. The church’s phone number is (561) 832-3757. (SOURCE)

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D.L. Hughley still D-Lusional....And an Attention Ho'

If you needed evidence that D.L. Hughley attacked the Rutgers team because he is an attention whore, now his P.R. people and Cap City Comedy are hyping WAOD to reporters too bad this reporter had already found me himself. BUT THANKS ANYWAY DL! BTW, its not a "protest" its a demonstration. I won't be sending out press releases afterall. Not needed when D.L. and his people are doing the work for me. Sorry Capital City :(

The day after I interviewed Ms. McCauley I got an e-mail from D.L.'s publicist that read, in part:

"You should be aware that there is an internet blogger based in Austin who has started a campaign against D.L. in response to some comments he made as a joke on The Tonight Show back in early May. She is trying to get some kind of protest together of D.L.'s show at Cap City. Please feel free to ask D.L. about this, as he has quite a bit in response to it."
I'd actually never heard of the whole "DL Hughley controversy" until someone from CapCity Comedy Club, where D.L. is performing this week, called me about it. They were worrying aloud--in other words, fishing for coverage--that the same thing might happen here. It was their suggestion that it might make a good story for the Austin edition.

You would have thought that it would have been Essence Magazine that would have confronted D.L., but alas it was a White guy that had to do it. (WHY? WHY? WHY?). I haven't read the interview that is in the print version which is supposed to include quotes from me, but the online version where the reporter talked to Hughley is out now and it has already received some national attention. Apparently D.L. JUST found out that the Rev. Al Sharpton called him a has been and our truculent tyke was not happy.

Anyway, I double dared the reporter to ask D.L. Hughley, who has been hiding behind the First Amendment to attack anyone who takes umbrage with what he says. Well shockingly, the reporter took me up on my offer. Make sure you read the resulting comments to the online interview, it ends up being somewhat contentious, readers attack the reporter and they include a portion of my interview.:

AVC: You've said before that this is a free-speech issue.

DLH: Yes. I agree with the French playwright and poet Voltaire. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

AVC: Ms. McCauley has challenged you to recite the first five words of the First Amendment.

DLH: Look, I don't know all the words of the Bible, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God! [Laughs.] I don't know all the words of the Constitution—that don't mean I'm not entitled to it. I've got a GED, so there's a lot of things I don't know, but what I do know is, I'm one of the best comics in this country, and I'll keep being one of the best comics in this country. I challenge her to cite one example of me not loving black women in their natural state! Here's the truth of the matter: I know women, and I know hoes. I know black men, and I know niggers. I know bitches and I know friends. I do! And I won't pretend that I don't. My gig is to call it like I see it. So she knows the first five words, so what is that? What does that accomplish?

What that accomplishes is that it blows all of your hemmin and hawin' to smithereens little man. He can quote Voltaire, but he can't quote the First Amendment when he's been running around saying he is defending the First Amendment. Y'all I ain't gone give you the answer, but look up the first five words of the First Amendment and tell me he does not know what he is talking about when he says his attack on Black women has First Amendment implications..Tell me how you claim to be defending something you have not read? Since he is quoting Voltaire, why didn't he defend the right of the protesters in Ft. Worth to gather and assemble instead of calling them clowns and buffoons?

I especially love the part where he says he has more people at his shows in the strip malls of America than people visit this blog. Maybe when we first started that was true, but it ain't anymore thanks to his current employer's foolishness.

AVC: To the protestors, at least, one key difference is that people feel like it's not just these women you're talking about, but all black women. Obviously the joke came at a very sensitive time for black women—

DLH: It's ironic to me that I'm listening to a white reporter tell me how black women feel. It's one chick who's upset and who's pretending to speak for a lot of other people. On her blogs, she's got a couple thousand people. Okay. I'll do that in a weekend. Even if they're all protesting tomorrow, what are they hoping to accomplish with this?

I find it ironic too D.L. I find it ironic too. In another place, he calls the blog an email page. So smart he is.

Unlike Mr. Hughley, I've read the First Amendment. So even if it is just me and the man holding the John 3:16 sign, I'll be there exercising my First Amendment right to disagree with the truculent tyke. That doesn't make me a buffoon or a clown, it makes me AMERICAN. As such an ardent defender or the First Amendment, he OUGHT to know that. Read more details in the right sidebar.

OOPS! I hit the wrong button and ended up rejecting comments from Bronze, Eddie, and Heavenly when I meant to accept them. So here is a creen capture of what they wrote, I don't know how to retrieve deleted comments. I was however able to hit the back button, but couldn't undo what I had done. Click on the picture to read them

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Much love and a big shout to the creator of this blog, Ms. Gina. I have accepted her gracious invitation to serve as an occasional contributor to this blog. It's safe to say that we have complimentary styles, but our purpose is the same - to speak up for and protect the image of Black women.

I go by the screen name of Content Black Woman. And with the demands on Ms. Gina's time, I've decided to use this opportunity to add my two cents concerning the recent developments of Don Imus and his media status resulting from his ignorant comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team as well as the law suit filed by Kia Vaughn, one of the team members.

As expected, cyberspace is buzzing once again concerning the controversy of Imus now that he has settled with CBS regarding his suit for breach of contract. Basically, he believed he got fired for what CBS radio hired him to do. Reportedly, he was suing for $120 million and CBS settled for $20 million which some say is not true. Either way after the first $3 - 4 million in settlement money, who other than really greedy people are still counting anyway.

Interestingly enough, Kia Vaughn, Rutgers women's basketball team member is suing for defamation of character and a few other things claiming the incident harmed her presumably psychologically and otherwise.

Of course the same sexist and racist bloggers want to say she has fallen into a victim mentality.

Let me drop some knowledge on some folks. Don't fall for the psychological B.S. designed to make Black women look like we're crazy when we decide to stand up for ourselves and our daughters. Granted, who else are standing up for Black women lately. It's not Jesse. It's not Al. It's us having to protect us.

Now, if we went off somewhere in a corner and whined about it and said, "Whoa is us," then to be characterized as victims would be appropriate. However, that is not the case. Kia Vaughn has made a personal decision to get some recourse on having her life unfairly disrupted. This is not what she signed up for. So, instead of taking an AK-47 and taking out folks, she decided to exercise her constitutional right to have her case heard in a court of law. Sounds like pretty civil behavior to me.

Yet, in order to defend the indefensible, there are those who are quick to refer to a Black woman - or hell any woman for that matter - who decides to say one just can't characterize us anyway one chooses just because one has the power of the microphone. With that kind of power - whether one wishes to acknowledge it or not - comes responsibility and consequences.

So, take note, the ones who are quick to refer to us as self-proclaimed victims when we decide to use civil means to defend our honor and dignity are the real whiners and babies. They are the "victocrats." They are the true self-proclaimed victims.

Message to those whiners: Grow up! You are so quick to tell everyone else to take it like a man, start showing us how a man is suppose to take it and then - and only then - we might consider that you have some advice worth taking. Show respect and dignity to the givers of life upon this earth.

We are here to stay. Get over it!

Your permission is not necessary to exercise our basic human and American rights for self-preservation. Now that's not the talk of a victim.

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Al Sharpton and David Banner in a Cage Match... Who Wins?

Just when I thought I would never laugh again after the subject matter I have been covering recently, my favorite pompadoured preacha' rides to the rescue again.

For those of you new to the blog, our original focus was the negative portrayal of African American women in popular culture, Hip Hop in particular- Hence our first T-shirt: Stop Funding Foolishness- Stop Misogyny in Music. We have digressed from that original purpose, but that's a good thing in my eyes.

Anyway, I've laid off of the Hip Hop Industrial Complex in the past month and a half or so because I was otherwise engaged battling a certain amoral television network and a certain show that shall never be named on this blog again. However, where I have left off, the good Rev. has picked up and the Hip Hop Industrial Complex is not happy and they are speaking out... and they are directing their ire at my favorite preacha, the Rev. Sharpton. Recently David Banner, young fool that he is decided to take on the Rev. Al :

The next time you see Al Sharpton, tell him I said @#*$ him and he can suck my @#*$, " an animated David Banner told "I might change the name of my album from The Greatest Story Never Told to @#*$ Al Sharpton. I hate Al Sharpton. This is the kind of @#!* that I'm talking about. They're killing kids in New Jersey and all across the country and all a @#*$% got to talk about is rap lyrics? @#*$ that about they're our elders and we gotta respect them. I'm tired of this. They're like the parents, but the parents are crucifying the kids. (SOURCE)

So young, so gifted, so Black, so articulate! Joe Biden would be proud. However, this is Al Sharpton who grew up on the mean streets of NYC or thereabouts. This Man of the Cloth wasn't going to take that. Oh No he was not!

From time to time we do encounter people that have sexual fantasies about Reverend Al Sharpton, but they are always women and Crump’s proposition is a first. However, in keeping with the National Action Network’s Decency Initiative, I am sure Rev. Sharpton would not call Crump the “N” “B” or “H” word. And, despite Crump’s personal request, I am sure Reverend Sharpton would not call him a f-g–t. He would just pray for him. We at NAN are pro civil rights for everyone, even Levell Crump who has not had a banner year since his debut album in 2003. Kirsten John-Foy, a leader with Sharpton's National Action Network and the head of his Criminal Justice Initiative (SOURCE)
SNAP, they pulled out Banner's given name ( the one on the birth certificate) and er' thing. Oh. No. They. Didn't! (Yes. They. Did!)

Now Hip Hop heads, let me remind you that while he sports a relaxer, the Rev. Sharpton is no C. Delores Tucker. There will be no weeping or lawsuit filing out of the Good Rev. when you call him out of his name. You are his meal ticket right now and do not doubt that he will trample you and small children in order to creep out of the shadow of his arch nemesis the Rev. Jackson and young up starts like a certain candidate for President that will not be mentioned on this blog for the foreseeable future.

Let me also remind you that his hustlin' and camera-whoring tendencies aside, the Rev. Sharpton is no wimp and he ain't stupid either and if he has to stomp each and every rap artist into the ground to get one more dollar or one more minute in the glare of the camera lights, he will do it. So while I question his motives, I don't question his dedication to achieving his goal of world domination. In other words Hip Hop Industrial Complex, if you wanna fight in the gutter, the Rev. Al is more than happy to hop down there with cha, or atleast send out his subordinates to do it for him.

Now those of you who think that David Banner could take Rev. Al in a cage match, let me remind you that there will only be hand to hand combat. Mr. Banner and his generation are used to weapons of the firearm variety whereas the Good Rev. is probably well trained in the art of fisticuffs. Not to mention the Good Rev. served hard time in federal prison. He didn't do the Jesse Jackson, released on your own recognizance kinda protest where you never make it past the booking Sergeant's desk. Rev. Al got a prisoner number and the uniform to match courtesy of the Bureau of Federal Prisons. So the Good Rev. has done more hard time than most of these Hip Hop "artists."

Y'all know there are about 25 Hip Hop" artists" in the studio right now cranking out dis tracks about the Good Rev. That is their M.O. Like I said. Rev. Al is no C. Delores Tucker. His counter offensive was stone cold folks, he struck straight to the heart of every homophobic Hip Hop artist r by basically saying that David Banner wanted to have sexual relations with the Good Rev. OUCH! Rev. Al is not playing with y'all. You better ask somebody! (BTW. What women are having fantasies about Rev. Al?? WTH? MIND BLEACH PLEASE! Kirsten John-Foy is on crack for providing us with that visual! )

Now I thought I was going to be selling tickets to see the "Showdown in Chi-Town " now that Rev. Sharpton has expanded the Sharpton Brand and set up shop in Rev. Jackson's backyard, but alas this may be even better.

So in a cage match between ANY Hip Hop "artist" and the Good Rev, I got $20 on Rev. Al.

We'll get back to gloom and doom and man's inhumanity to wo(man) later today, but man I needed this. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever laugh again for real. I am sure some of y'all were wondering too. But thanks to Rev. Al, I hope we all realize that babies are still being born, people are still kind and compassionate, folks are still falling in love, and the ocean still laps at the shore.

Speaking of the Rev. Al. D.L. Hughley finally was read a portion of the statement the Good Rev. issued to us about four months ago after Sharpton Watch.... DL. Was not amused. The reporter actually posed questions I raised directly to DL which was refreshing. You will note that DL could not recite the first five words of the First Amendment that he is so dedicated to protecting. That question came straight from moi. I challenged the reporter to ask him and he did. He called WAOD - one lady with an e-mail page. BWAH! My question is this, why couldn't sisters have gotten this kind of interview out of Essence Magazine?

Let me remind you that you can help the Dunbar Village victims by donating to their Victim's Assistance Fund. Read about the ease with which I was able to make my donation at a Wachovia branch in my town.

Checks can be made payable to the Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund-St. Ann. They can be dropped off at any Wachovia branch or mailed to: St. Ann Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401. The church’s phone number is (561) 832-3757. (SOURCE)

WARNING: This post may be dripping with sarcasm. So let me save you the trouble of chastising me "boo birds". I don't care. Keep moving along, you will get no carrion here today.

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11 Year Old Black Girl Raped By Up to 20 Men While Adults stood by and did.....NOTHING!

Warning: If you are already feeling lousy after reading about Dunbar Village and Newark, skip this post and return to it when you feel better.

Remember when I mentioned this crime in my post "The Five Stages of Grief?" Why the hell didn't we hear about this horror? UPDATE: OH wait, this just gets worse.

I guess all of y'all who don't believe in statutory rape are going to say that the 11 year old was just being fast, right? Hmm one of the perps pulled out the R. Kelly defense

He went to a locked bedroom in his house in the 3700 block of N. 6th St. where he heard "moaning" from inside and eventually was let into the room, where he saw "12, 13 or 14" other men and teens present. He said the girl was freely having sex with several men during the hour he was present, but another man in the room had told her not to have sex with Gurley. She eventually acquiesced, he said, at someone else's urging. The criminal complaint says that person was the 15-year-old boy who is charged.

"I thought she was a boy's girlfriend," he said.

(hmmm where have I heard THAT BEFORE)

So as long as she is a "girlfriend", sex with the underage girl is okay?

He said that he never spoke with the girl and that he didn't think about using a condom. The police officer who arrested Gurley broke the news that the girl was 11, and he later learned the girl had been born with HIV.

It wasn't just men participating in this horror, but they had a 16 year old female instigator:

[T]he girl told police she went to Gurley's house to visit the 16-year-old girl now charged in the case. That older girl suggested the victim perform sex acts with several boys in the house, the victim told police, and she did so, sometimes with more than one person at a time. Some records suggest the older girl directed the victim;

Seriously, this is utterly ridiculous! It is time to declare an end to open season on Black women and girls. Let the battle between Black folks with common sense and those without commence. We might not be victorious, but we have to at least try.

Why aren't we seeing articles on the crisis of the young Black woman? Why do we always seem to be marching on behalf of those accused of crime, but say little or ignore completely victims of crime? Is this poverty's fault again? Not trying to start nuthin', I'm just asking.

UPDATE: Well at least now we know what Rev. Sharpton has been busy doing instead of issuing a statement about crimes against black women and girls. For those who say the Rev. Does not know about Dunbar Village, one of my readers called into his show and I have exchanged e-mails with his indecency initiative chief. So he knows, he just doesn't care as much about this issue as much as he craves getting into a cat fight with a Hip hop "artist."

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