Another ABANDONED Child Killed By Mama's "Boyfriend"

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Dae'von Bailey can be added to the list of children who are allowed to fall through the cracks. Last week Banita Jacks was found guilty of murder after being found with the decomposing bodies of her four children. Next week it will be somebody else - let's get real here. We can talk about the DBR behaviors of black men. We can talk about the poor choices of the black women who get involved with them. It is the CHILDREN who suffer the worst. 

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Action Oriented Citizens Place Billboards About Missing Black Women

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North Carolina residents have been concerned about the whereabouts of some of the women in their area. Instead of talking about it but doing nothing or waiting for someone else to take the lead they did. They purchased billboard ads along the interstate and started an initiative called MOMS (Missing or Murdered Sisters). I think this is a brilliant idea and about time! It indicates to the criminals that their activity is being monitored. It lets law enforcement know accountability is expected in investigating what has happened to these women. It encourages residents to know that black women (and girls) are still VALUED. This needs to be a national campaign and in every town or city across the country. 

The billboard changes profiles every 8 seconds. The people that bought the ad space received a discount from the advertiser but will need donations to continue running them. You can donate to the Edgecombe County, North Carolina group by taking a check payable to "MOMS" to any Wachovia bank branch. The local branch number is 252-937-2854. I'm sure they will also accept a wire transfer or other transactions as well.

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