Dunbar Village Update: State Can Withdraw Plea Deals

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There will be no plea deal for Dunbar Village assault defendant Tommy Lee Poindexter, a judge ruled Wednesday. Public Defender Carey Haughwout asked Circuit Judge Krista Marx to force the state to make good on a plea offer of 25 years, extended in December with the proviso that Poindexter provide a truthful statement about the June 2007 armed gang rape on a mother and her son, 12. Poindexter, 20, also gave authorities information about three homicides. Sun Sentinel

Don't let a slight build  - or relative youth fool you. There are killers, rapists and other deviants walking amongst us in broad daylight. There are six more suspects that have yet to be apprehended. They look just like you, me, the next door neighbor or the kids down the street. It's time to get real, be prepared and leave these unsafe residential areas. Your life depends on it!

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When The Only Victims Are Male & The Only Oppressors White Black Women & Girls Get Discounted

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I know this post is sure to kick up the Black Male Protection/Denial of Any Pathology Reflex in many people. So my advice is to take a Valium and go sit in the corner. The reason why all of this accountability talk is so threatening is because no one has been held accountable. Generations are simply repeating what their elders did - or worse going backwards. Although there were significant social gains reaped in the '60's it has all but been completely squandered

Of course there's another component to this argument that is also rarely discussed. We are of course referring to HETERO black males in these narratives. The same DBR behaviors exhibited by some men and used against black women will also be expressed toward others based on their orientation or gender identity. Also some of the women clinging to their church totems, who may be never-married single mothers and are in misery sometimes focus too much on what some "phantom" gay person is doing because it provides a (temporary) release for them. Many of these blacks who are opposed to gay marriage for "religious" reasons don't even get married themselves! Not with a 30% marriage rate amongst blacks, an 80% OOW birth rate, a 70% unmarried status for black women and an HIV rate that's the number #1 killer of black women 25-34. 

I realize more and more men (who are thought to be educated "good" guys) belong on the other side of that DBR/No Value to black women line. How are we supposed to distinguish who's safe and who's wearing a mask in disguise? Is it based on musical tastes or income to debt ratio or religious practice? Surprisingly it doesn't take much to get them to reveal themselves but clearly they feel they can move without impunity. We can use that to our advantage on one hand but what of those that still consider themselves "decent"? No one ever admits to engaging in damaged beyond recognition behaviors! Others silently support them because they still get to benefit from it indirectly. Those who push a limited view of blackness (i.e. anti-intellectualism or gross materialism) also continue to be a disservice. We can't let ourselves get tripped up in the process.

When we discuss divesting and leaving this mentality behind what will it be replaced with? We need to be thinking about that. Of course leaving the unsafe physical areas and modifying certain situations immediately is key here. We see there is no mass push at defending black girls and women. Any mention of this is met with complete silence. The latest reinforcement of this indoctrination is in the typical reaction from many blacks in defending the actions of Skippy Gates against the police. Even the President supported him. With each reveal it becomes clear Gates was acting in his own self-interest and largely caused this problem for himself. Yet some men act as if it was a violation that had happened to them personally but they don't apply that same reasoning when it comes to valuing the treatment of black women.

The "black community" indoctrination of dysfunction is so insidious, so pervasive I want to wash my hands of many people completely just to keep some order. In the meantime black girls are still being attacked and are defenseless against the onslaught of criminal activity and apathy. Thanks to the glorification of that lifestyle blacks don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about police malfeasance but they don't get that.

Oh - and white people do not care to hear any more complaining about racism because there's a black man in the White House. So the majority of blacks are shooting themselves in the foot by not addressing these internal pathologies and consequences. The symbolic payoff of having that "black" President comes attached with many strings. Sadly I don't think the correct analysis or change in behavior is coming.

What is somewhat surprising to me is the intelligentsia and elite classes seem to be just as clueless. Aren't they supposed to be "better, harder, faster, stronger" and know more than the rest of us? When I was willing to discuss DBR behavior in black men I got a lot of grief. When I sought to bring it full circle by addressing the choices some black women are making I got grief. I can't win for trying. If people have their heads stuck in the sand, what type of generational, mental, financial or quality of life growth can reasonably be expected?

The misogyny and homophobia prevalent in the black community has me on pause. It's not that other groups don't have similar issues but they also have safeguards in place to ensure their growth and/or continued domination. Blacks collectively have nothing in place but discussing the evils of white racism as it pertains to black males.

The lack of racial and ethnic pride amongst many African-Americans has led to all sorts of behaviors that work against the interest of the collective. If people are not fighting discrimination across the board then blacks will not progress any more than where things stand now. 

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