Dunbar Village Prayer Vigil - WAOD Readers Making the News- Mayor Lois Frankel of WPB is Demented and Dumb ( yes, I said D-U-M-B)

News about the prayer vigil at Dunbar Village Saturday morning. It was a diverse group of folks out there.
Read about the laziness and ridiculousness that is the governmental leadership in Florida and West Palm Beach.

Two days after the shooting in Newark, Mayor Booker announced a $50,000 reward for information. It grew to $150,000. Within a week, three suspects were arrested, and a warrant issued for a fourth.

In West Palm Beach, two months after the Dunbar assault, six of 10 suspects remain on the loose, and the fourth suspect wasn't charged until Thursday.

It gets WORSE folks. Seriously this is ridiculous.

On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine visited the surviving victim and the elementary school wall where the four were shot.

Will the city help the housing authority with $100,000 to hire a consultant and apply by November for a federal grant of more than $20''million to overhaul Dunbar? Mayor Frankel's open to "discussing" it, but, she said, it's "a lot of money. my earlier interaction with this woman. She ain't all there.

Now in Texas, the Governor has an entire office of people that do nothing BUT help people and organizations apply for federal grants. The train you, they will even review the application for you. An entire office dedicated to bringing the federal income tax dollar of Texans back to the state in the form of grants and this Idiot in West Palm beach can't do the math and figure out that $100,000 ( I doubt it would cost that much and somebody would probably donate their time and do it for free if this dimwit made a public plea.) Hell maybe the people at MY Governor's office would do it since Florida apparently has some issues.

E-mail the Governor of Florida and let him know ( it is a shame he doesn't seem to know this already) that he has a Mayor that is so incompetent that anarchy is reigning in a section of Florida and the Mayor is doing absolutely NOTHING to protect Florida residents in her jurisdiction therefore the State of Florida MUST INTERVENE. Tell him that within a two week span two Black woman were set upon by two different packs of teenage boys. Tell him about the 717 police calls from one housing project. Tell him about the 15 murders in a place with only 334 residents. Tell him that this is happening on his watch and Lois Frankel is doing absolutely nothing about it. I'm drafting my letter now. CC a copy of you e-mail here for a local reporter that talks with the Gov. once a month. Read my letter to the Governor at our overflow site (y'all know I get long winded over here)

Included in the article is a reference to Symphony's YouTube clip. Girl, keep plugging away, you are having an impact. Symphony is going to be the third guest contributor joining the WAOD team. Her first post should be sometime this week... as the article indicates, she's been busy launching a multimedia assault on the League of the Immorally Indifferent.

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Demonstrating and Matchmaking.... All in a Day's Work ( the unannotated version)

Fear is a thief that robs us of our destiny. Joyce Meyer

I can't tell y'all how much I was dreading having to go out there and stand on the side of the road to exercise my First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and express myself. I really was just really dreading and would have rather have had a root canal without anesthesia and I cursed this blog and my big mouth a thousand times over the past week, but months before I started this blog, pissed off with all aspects of my mediocre life, I made a vow to live an amazing life, including living fearlessly. I definitely overcame my fears, I just said I don't care if I have to sit out there by myself, I am doing this if for nothing other than to conquer the fear of the unknown, but I took my trusty whistle and a Bar-B-Q fork as anti-foolishness devices just in case. I drove across town cursing this blog at every stop light, but determined to just gut it out, alone if necessary as my penance for opening my big mouth in the first place.

All of my fears were unwarranted and the Universe sent me someone who was more afraid ( really afraid. " Girl, I told you the PO PO wasn't coming to get us! Besides, I would have bailed you out!) to be out there so that automatically triggered my protective instincts and *poof* my fear was gone.

The demonstration was awesome! Nobody bothered us. In fact, a ton of people walked up to us as they were going in to ask us why we were demonstrating. So we got to educate a ton of people including one girl who was a student athlete. Sorry brother, we didn't mean to mess up your evening. People stopped in their cars to read our signs and folks visiting the strip mall kept walking up to us asking us why we were out there. Some folks rolled down their windows to ask us what the deal was. Each time I told them, they said that they didn't know and looked shocked. We didn’t chant or shout anything, in fact, we waved and smiled at folks and I think that just drew folks to us out of curiosity so we could actually have a conversation. We even gave some out of town folks directions to Wal-mart.. It didn’t rain and I don’t know the capacity for the club, but he had a good turnout, but we also got to talk to a bunch of folks.

One of my protesters (there were two besides moi) was absolutely terrified*note her posture in the picture above* ( see, nobody stabbed or shot us! We're still alive.) when she got there, but by the end of demonstration she was holding her placard high and walking back and forth . She’s addicted now. An off duty peace officer scribbled his digits on the back of that placard. ( I let her take it home as a souvenir and I didn't want her to transpose any numbers). GIRL YOU BETTER CALL THAT MAN! He was fine and had nice teeth! He wrote on the back of a perfectly good placard that could have been recycled, but he had nice teeth. It is possible that he is NOT a serial killer as we discussed at dinner. Stop watching America‘s Most Wanted by yourself..A good time was had by all. Austin is such a cool town. I won't lie, when you can go through the day without seeing more than five Black folks, including your coworkers, its actually nice to see and talk to a ton of your people in a two hour span.

I treated everybody to a celebratory Chinese buffet. Their choice. Not mine, “her royal- cheapness” would have even treated them to Pappadeaux's as relieved as I was, but the buffet was all good ( and less expensive. I fed three people for the price of an entrée’ at Pappadeaux’s)

As to why I didn't call the news... At the point at which D.L. Hughley's publicist and the comedy club start calling up the media and directing them to my site with FEARS about a protest, it is pretty clear that he is using this to drive his D-list career and make him seem more edgy than he really is. Normally he would have gotten a blurb, now he is being made a feature story talking about being "unapologetic. "If the blog is so inconsequential, why are they hyping it to reporters? However, I got an entire feature article beside his article as well. THANKS DL’s PUBLICIST! The Chinese restaurant carried the entertainment paper with the articles and I grabbed a copy I was actually a shock to see my name in huge print. Like 24-36 point letters with lengthy quotes.

I accomplished my original goal. I know folks want an apology, but I really don’t want one if it is not sincere. Originally, folks didn't call him on his crap, now it seems that the controversy is all reporters want to talk with him about. The worst punishment for an attention whore is that they do not get any attention. He is using this controversy to make himself appear to be more than what he is: a D-list comedian whose only relevance is that this blog and its readers think he’s a disrespectful D-list little twit. I think we’ve established that.

This was a test for moi. There will come a time when far more is at stake when we are going to have to take to the streets again. Except the next time we won't have to battle the fear of the unknown to do so.

I got over my fear of street demonstrations, learned how to construct placards from Styrofoam poster boards duct tape and a wooden stake, educated the community, met some cool folks, got a tan, laughed a bunch, and got to play matchmaker for a very sweet lady(I played a more active role than I have described in this post.). . Did I mention he had nice teeth? Girl you better call that man! I did not get a “chop her up into tiny little pieces and bury her in the back yard” vibe from him. Generally crazy recognizes crazy, but I make no guarantees, I've been wrong before. Do you want my anti-foolishness Bar-B-Q fork?

SO what is the lesson from this? First, feel the fear and do it anyway. Second, sisters forget church, the grocery store on Tuesday nights, the club, the post office, and work. If you want to meet a brother, go pick up a placard and start marching!
I have a full recounting tomorrow. I may even do a special edition of the Black Women’s Roundtable, our podcast.

Now that this foolishness is over, we can move on to more important things again now that I don't have to worry about this twit..

I’m exhausted. G’ Nite!

P.S. If you click on the picture with the strip mall signs in the background, you can see the other "establishments" sharing space in the strip mall with the comedy club. That alone ought to make you laugh. Oh how the mighty have fallen. When they say "Labor Ready" they mean it.... whoever is ready. "Work Today. Pay Today" I especially liked "Rent -n- Roll," apparently people rent their hubcaps/rims. Who knew?Imagine if instead of renting rims, they made contributions to a Sharebuilder account? SMH Another day.

For people wondering why it is so light outside, his show started at 8:00 Ticket Sales at 7:00. This is Austin, not New York.

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D.L. Hughley Returns to Texas.... God is not Pleased.....And the Thunder Rolls..

Folk keep asking how the weather is out here. Well we were doing JUUUST fine until about 15 minutes ago and now it looks like Armageddon out there. I took a picture of what it looked like about ten minutes ago. Hopefully these are swift moving storms, most of the ones spun off from Tropical Storm Erin have been. They dump a ton of rain and then move on. At least in this area. Folks in San Antonio have been hit really hard. Y'all know I live int he flash flood capital of the country right. Anyway, I'll have my portable radio with me and short of a tornado warning from the National Weather Service, I'll get this dadgum protest over with.

The fact that the Comedy Club and Hughley's Publicist have been hyping the protest robs me of some of the joy, hence why I did not issue any press releases or call the TV stations.

Don't worry, I grew up on the coast of Texas, rain won't kill you unless you drive into a flooded creek or something. Now the lightening sheesh. The club is in an area without any tall buildings so that might be a problem... Talk about being a lightening rod.... but anyway, y'all should be more concerned about these paint and marker fumes from making these signs. Let me go open up a window.

The good news is that the bad weather MIGHT suppress attendance as it did in Ft. Worth when he came the last time.

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Fourth Dunbar Village Suspect Arrested... Local Congregations Embrace Dunbar Village

“We’re in support of Michael as a human being,” SCLC president Charles Steele said. “Right now, he’s feeling discarded, ostracized by people who are rushing to judgment. It’s our responsibility to save him.”(Source) SCLC Preseident, Speaking about Multimilliionaire Michael Vick.

Umm Mr, Steele, how about saving Black women and girls in West Palm Beach, Florida. Y'all e-mail Mr. Steele and ask him about the SCLC's silence on Dunbar Village and see if he responds., this e-mail does not work.... why does that not surprise me? Call instead Tel:404.522.1420)

A fourth teen in the Dunbar Village gang rape was arrested. He's 18, the previous three arrested were 14, 15, and 16. Six more remain at large.

On another front, at least 1000 local church members plan to form a ring around Dunbar Village on Saturday.

I hope they are signing up to register to vote and vow to elect a Mayor that values the lives of all of the citizens of West Palm beach and won't purchase expensive office furniture while sections of town fall into anarchy and Black middle aged women and their children are turned into prey. Theya re having a 2 hr. Prayer march on Saturday.

"I am going to challenge our pastors and our people," Hobbs said. "It's not enough to pray and go home. The Christian community has been idle and AWOL here and thought that government would take care of this."


"The church at large has neglected its responsibility to take care of the poor, the fatherless and widows," he said.


"We need to really show the community at large that something as horrible as this should not go by without someone speaking out against it," he said.

Wow, so I am not the only one. In case you haven't figured it out by now. One of the main purposes of the League of the Immorally Indifferent was to point out that ordinary people can be leaders. Ordinary people MUST be leaders. This means local pastors and grassroots activists and ordinary folk like you and me, not globe trotting ambulance chasers that come on the scene and then swiftly move on once the glare of the cameras goes away.

I KNEW that nobody on that list was probably going to say a dayum thing about Dunbar Village until someone in the National Media puts them on blast, but each day they remain silent, the case for ordinary people stepping up to the plate to help each other without the aid of any "leaders" and organizations is made stronger. Come on! We got the NAACP to admit that they don't care about Black on Black crime and admit that had the Dunbar Village gang rape been carried out by white teens instead of Black, the NAACP would have become involved at the national level. That is a pretty damning piece of evidence in making the case that these folks and their organizations are out of touch.

Each day ordinary folks step up to the plate while these folks remain silent also makes them more irrelevant and appear more incompetent. So the next time we have one of our quarterly discussions about is organization X still relevant, we can point to the League of the Immorally Indifferent and say "Hell NO!" and "Give me my dues back!"

You can help the victims of the Dunbar Village gang rape. Read about my experience donating at a Wachovia branch in my town:
Checks can be made payable to the Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund-St. Ann. They can be dropped off at any Wachovia branch or mailed to: St. Ann Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401. The church’s phone number is (561) 832-3757. (SOURCE)

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D.L. Hughley still D-Lusional....And an Attention Ho'

If you needed evidence that D.L. Hughley attacked the Rutgers team because he is an attention whore, now his P.R. people and Cap City Comedy are hyping WAOD to reporters too bad this reporter had already found me himself. BUT THANKS ANYWAY DL! BTW, its not a "protest" its a demonstration. I won't be sending out press releases afterall. Not needed when D.L. and his people are doing the work for me. Sorry Capital City :(

The day after I interviewed Ms. McCauley I got an e-mail from D.L.'s publicist that read, in part:

"You should be aware that there is an internet blogger based in Austin who has started a campaign against D.L. in response to some comments he made as a joke on The Tonight Show back in early May. She is trying to get some kind of protest together of D.L.'s show at Cap City. Please feel free to ask D.L. about this, as he has quite a bit in response to it."
I'd actually never heard of the whole "DL Hughley controversy" until someone from CapCity Comedy Club, where D.L. is performing this week, called me about it. They were worrying aloud--in other words, fishing for coverage--that the same thing might happen here. It was their suggestion that it might make a good story for the Austin edition.

You would have thought that it would have been Essence Magazine that would have confronted D.L., but alas it was a White guy that had to do it. (WHY? WHY? WHY?). I haven't read the interview that is in the print version which is supposed to include quotes from me, but the online version where the reporter talked to Hughley is out now and it has already received some national attention. Apparently D.L. JUST found out that the Rev. Al Sharpton called him a has been and our truculent tyke was not happy.

Anyway, I double dared the reporter to ask D.L. Hughley, who has been hiding behind the First Amendment to attack anyone who takes umbrage with what he says. Well shockingly, the reporter took me up on my offer. Make sure you read the resulting comments to the online interview, it ends up being somewhat contentious, readers attack the reporter and they include a portion of my interview.:

AVC: You've said before that this is a free-speech issue.

DLH: Yes. I agree with the French playwright and poet Voltaire. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

AVC: Ms. McCauley has challenged you to recite the first five words of the First Amendment.

DLH: Look, I don't know all the words of the Bible, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God! [Laughs.] I don't know all the words of the Constitution—that don't mean I'm not entitled to it. I've got a GED, so there's a lot of things I don't know, but what I do know is, I'm one of the best comics in this country, and I'll keep being one of the best comics in this country. I challenge her to cite one example of me not loving black women in their natural state! Here's the truth of the matter: I know women, and I know hoes. I know black men, and I know niggers. I know bitches and I know friends. I do! And I won't pretend that I don't. My gig is to call it like I see it. So she knows the first five words, so what is that? What does that accomplish?

What that accomplishes is that it blows all of your hemmin and hawin' to smithereens little man. He can quote Voltaire, but he can't quote the First Amendment when he's been running around saying he is defending the First Amendment. Y'all I ain't gone give you the answer, but look up the first five words of the First Amendment and tell me he does not know what he is talking about when he says his attack on Black women has First Amendment implications..Tell me how you claim to be defending something you have not read? Since he is quoting Voltaire, why didn't he defend the right of the protesters in Ft. Worth to gather and assemble instead of calling them clowns and buffoons?

I especially love the part where he says he has more people at his shows in the strip malls of America than people visit this blog. Maybe when we first started that was true, but it ain't anymore thanks to his current employer's foolishness.

AVC: To the protestors, at least, one key difference is that people feel like it's not just these women you're talking about, but all black women. Obviously the joke came at a very sensitive time for black women—

DLH: It's ironic to me that I'm listening to a white reporter tell me how black women feel. It's one chick who's upset and who's pretending to speak for a lot of other people. On her blogs, she's got a couple thousand people. Okay. I'll do that in a weekend. Even if they're all protesting tomorrow, what are they hoping to accomplish with this?

I find it ironic too D.L. I find it ironic too. In another place, he calls the blog an email page. So smart he is.

Unlike Mr. Hughley, I've read the First Amendment. So even if it is just me and the man holding the John 3:16 sign, I'll be there exercising my First Amendment right to disagree with the truculent tyke. That doesn't make me a buffoon or a clown, it makes me AMERICAN. As such an ardent defender or the First Amendment, he OUGHT to know that. Read more details in the right sidebar.

OOPS! I hit the wrong button and ended up rejecting comments from Bronze, Eddie, and Heavenly when I meant to accept them. So here is a creen capture of what they wrote, I don't know how to retrieve deleted comments. I was however able to hit the back button, but couldn't undo what I had done. Click on the picture to read them

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