A Response to Those Who are Defending Nate Parker's Prior Bad Acts and Lack of Remorse

Fox Searchlight has launched a highly crafted campaign to explain why they gave $20 million to actor Nate Parker despite the fact that he played a role in a high profile gang rape case during his time as a student at Penn State. In addition, the co-writer of the film was CONVICTED in the case and only got off because the victim refused to testify during a re-trial after she tried to commit suicide. 

Times have changed and the views on consent and sexual violence on college campuses have changed in the 17 years since Parker's alleged crimes.

Fox Searchlight has reached the point in their promotional campaign for Nate Parker's film, Birth of a Nation, where they try to convince the American people and OSCAR voters that the fact that Parker might have participated in what many would consider to be a gang rape does not preclude us from buying a movie ticket or nominating Parker for an OSCAR.

To be honest, OSCAR voters don't have a problem voting for sexual predators. They've done it repeatedly in the past. 

The problem is that the marketing for Birth of a Nation relies almost entirely on sanctimony and Parker's moral authority. -- He has none. Not only because of what he did 17 years ago, but how he has decided to tap dance around the allegations as part of this public relations campaign TODAY.

He's brought his mother into this. He's hiding behind is daughters. He's hiding being his wife. He's using mealy mouth language to dance around the fact that he did things that many people would find morally repugnant even if a court of law decided that a prosecutor didn't meet the burden of establishing criminality. He's doing everything but apologizing to his victim and attempting to make amends. 

Now Parker's defenders are attacking Black women who have a problem with Parker's failure to accept responsibility for his bad acts and DIRECTLY address his treatment of the victim in his case by calling us a "mob" or unfair. As if we have no reason to be disturbed by a man that waives his friends over so that they can engage is sex acts with an unconscious woman who eventually attempted suicide. 

Parker's defenders would have us to believe that HE is the victim!!!

Don't fall for this mess!

Here is your response to Parker's deluded supporters:

NOPE! We don't don't have to prove his guilt. NOPE. We're consumers in the marketplace. We can choose to support or not support whomever we choose for whatever reason, or no reason at all.  If Parker wants my money he needs to prove something TO ME! You've got this twisted - this is not a court of law, this is a court of public opinion.

 I find his response to what happened troubling. I find his language manipulative and deceitful. As a result, I have decided not to patronize his work as is my CHOICE because the last time I checked, I'm a free woman who can do with my dollars what-EVER I please. There is no mob. Nate Parker is  a powerful, well-connected C-list actor making a ton of money and being feted by Hollywood elites. Fox Searchlight gave him $20 million. He's not helpless.

I remind you that HIS DISTRIBUTION COMPANY decided to make this a topic of conversation not US. 
They chose to give Nate Parker $20 million dollars knowing about these allegations. Just because they bought his story doesn't mean we have to. 
And I'm offended that they are attempting to cast Parker as a victim. Are you serious? A girl attempted to kill herself after what he and his friends did to her. His life ended up just fine. He should be grateful and have the common sense to just apologize profusely and make amends. 

Fox Searchlight should just save money on running this public reputation rehabilitation campaign for Parker and just cut Parker's victim a fat check along with investing in sexual assault awareness and assistance for victims. We want to see an apology and personal responsibility. The fact that Fox Searchlight is avoiding that tells you something about the intelligence and the character of the people who work there. 
This is a self-serving total waste of money. 

I'm not going to see Birth of a Nation. Wasn't going to see it anyway, but I'm firmly committed to not seeing it now. 

Fox Searchlight was arrogant to think that they could market a film using "moral authority" with a director and lead with no.moral. authority. And if Fox Searchlight didn't know about Parker's past, someone needs to be fired for not doing due diligence. 




Before You Go See Nate Parker's "Birth of a Nation"...

This is buzzing over on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page so I'm sharing on the blog as well-

Before you get on the bandwagon for Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation, read about his alleged involvement in a high profile sexual assault at Penn State. I'm unmoved by his interview with Deadline because it was part of a well-crafted campaign by his film distributor. He's only doing this now as to preempt questions during an OSCAR campaign. 

I might have felt otherwise if he had addressed the issue earlier outside the context of a marketing campaign. 

In other words, if they thought no one would make and issue out of it, he would not have said anything.

This appears calculating, controlling and manipulative. 

He shouldn't worry about how this will affect his OSCAR chances. Hollywood doesn't have an issue with rewarding actual or alleged sexual predators. WAOD Fanpage

WAOD Readers Responded with additional disturbing details:

What's interesting is that he's not even proclaiming his innocent by saying he was falsely accused of rape. He just said he was acquitted. There is a difference. In Nate Parker's interviews it's almost as if he's dismissing these questions about the rape case as an after thought. We all know that rape cases are notoriously difficult to prosecute and get a conviction. What probably hurt the young woman's case was that she had previous sexual relations with Nate Parker. Either way, I will not be supporting this film. I'm tired of slave narrative pain porn films. My heart really goes out to the victim. I hope she was able to get some healing. Part of me really hopes she comes forward and is able to share her story and get support. In my gut I believe her. - WAOD Fan Page

Readers provided DISTURBING details from the trial transcript:


" At trial, the woman testified she was intoxicated, unconscious through much of the encounter and upset to find she had experienced unwanted sex with Parker — though she acknowledged having willingly engaged in oral sex with him during an encounter the day before. More, she said she was shocked on becoming briefly conscious to find in her mouth the penis of another man, who was later identified as Celestin.

Read a portion of the trial transcript here.

In a phone call taped without the permission of Parker or his roommate, the woman falsely claimed to be pregnant, in what she said was an attempt to get him to identify the third sexual partner in the room that night. The police later monitored a second call during which both Parker and Celestin generally admitted the sexual encounter but insisted it was consensual.

“I’m not try, trying to be mean, but, I felt like you put yourself in that situation, you know what I mean?” said Parker. “I really felt like I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Read a partial transcript of the call here.

At trial, a third man, Tamerlane Kangas, testified that Parker waved him and Celestin to join him when they spied Parker and the woman having sex in the bedroom. While Celestin accepted the invitation, Kangas declined, and left the apartment. He was not charged with any crime. “I didn’t believe that four people at one time was — you know, it didn’t seem right,” he testified." 

S the other guy Tamerlane Kangas had enough sense to not have sex with an unconscious young woman but he didn't? Yeah I'm not buying it....He's gross - WAOD Facebook
The fact that the film distribution company is trying to repackage this is ridiculous. No personal responsibility AT. ALL. 
So I'll be skipping "Beyond the Lights" replays.