Your Relationship with Shea Moisture is Inappropriate. STOP IT!

Last week I got a good chuckle out of the Shea Moisture trending on Twitter for an entire evening. I think it was Monday night because it outtrended Basketball Wive and Love and Hip Hop Horrors. I was even more amused because Gary Vaynerchuk's Vayner Media was responsible for the ad debacle. Now we're a week out and the CEO of Shea Moisture is still making the rounds on major media platforms. Gary Vee could not have planned this better. I would almost think that She Moisture manufactured the controversy on purpose so that they could get millions of dollars of free press.

Shea Moisture has been a sponsor as several blogger events I've thrown over the years. I've always had a great experience with their marketing team.

After listening to one too many interviews by the CEO. 

Shea Moisture believes that Black women consumers are not enough for them to be sucessful. They have defined success for their company as one that can go toe to toe with any other cosmetics giant and they way they define toe to toe is having consumers who are not african american with coarse curly thick hair. 

We are not enough for them... and that is okay. 


Shea Moisture is not my boyfriend. They are not my bestie. They are a company with investors and their supreme loyalty is to produce a return on investment. That is all that they are. 

Shea Moisture is not a leader of a movement. They are the beneficiaries of the natural hair movement. They are a profit-making enterprise and you are a consumer. That is all. 


If their products work and you believe that the benefit outweights the cost, then keep using Shea Moisture. If on the otherhand you've been grading them on a curve and buying their products out of missplaced loyalty, then you need to reexamine your consumer decisions. 

Shea Moisture never made any promises to me. I never made any promises to them. I usually purchase the cheapest and most effective hair products available when I go to the store. I have zero brand loyalty. I go with what works for the cheapest price. 


Before You Go See Nate Parker's "Birth of a Nation"...

This is buzzing over on the WAOD Facebook Fan Page so I'm sharing on the blog as well-

Before you get on the bandwagon for Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation, read about his alleged involvement in a high profile sexual assault at Penn State. I'm unmoved by his interview with Deadline because it was part of a well-crafted campaign by his film distributor. He's only doing this now as to preempt questions during an OSCAR campaign. 

I might have felt otherwise if he had addressed the issue earlier outside the context of a marketing campaign. 

In other words, if they thought no one would make and issue out of it, he would not have said anything.

This appears calculating, controlling and manipulative. 

He shouldn't worry about how this will affect his OSCAR chances. Hollywood doesn't have an issue with rewarding actual or alleged sexual predators. WAOD Fanpage

WAOD Readers Responded with additional disturbing details:

What's interesting is that he's not even proclaiming his innocent by saying he was falsely accused of rape. He just said he was acquitted. There is a difference. In Nate Parker's interviews it's almost as if he's dismissing these questions about the rape case as an after thought. We all know that rape cases are notoriously difficult to prosecute and get a conviction. What probably hurt the young woman's case was that she had previous sexual relations with Nate Parker. Either way, I will not be supporting this film. I'm tired of slave narrative pain porn films. My heart really goes out to the victim. I hope she was able to get some healing. Part of me really hopes she comes forward and is able to share her story and get support. In my gut I believe her. - WAOD Fan Page

Readers provided DISTURBING details from the trial transcript:


" At trial, the woman testified she was intoxicated, unconscious through much of the encounter and upset to find she had experienced unwanted sex with Parker — though she acknowledged having willingly engaged in oral sex with him during an encounter the day before. More, she said she was shocked on becoming briefly conscious to find in her mouth the penis of another man, who was later identified as Celestin.

Read a portion of the trial transcript here.

In a phone call taped without the permission of Parker or his roommate, the woman falsely claimed to be pregnant, in what she said was an attempt to get him to identify the third sexual partner in the room that night. The police later monitored a second call during which both Parker and Celestin generally admitted the sexual encounter but insisted it was consensual.

“I’m not try, trying to be mean, but, I felt like you put yourself in that situation, you know what I mean?” said Parker. “I really felt like I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Read a partial transcript of the call here.

At trial, a third man, Tamerlane Kangas, testified that Parker waved him and Celestin to join him when they spied Parker and the woman having sex in the bedroom. While Celestin accepted the invitation, Kangas declined, and left the apartment. He was not charged with any crime. “I didn’t believe that four people at one time was — you know, it didn’t seem right,” he testified." 

S the other guy Tamerlane Kangas had enough sense to not have sex with an unconscious young woman but he didn't? Yeah I'm not buying it....He's gross - WAOD Facebook
The fact that the film distribution company is trying to repackage this is ridiculous. No personal responsibility AT. ALL. 
So I'll be skipping "Beyond the Lights" replays.